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Frequently (and Infrequently) Asked Questions: Updated August 18, 2002

So, why "Gigamatic"?

A few years ago, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends in Columbus, when we realized there were six of us named Matt. The girls were helpful in finding nicknames for each of us (Lestat's Matt, Long-Hai Matt, Resnick, Frat Matt, Geek Matt, and Fritchie.) We tried things other than Geek Matt, but we couldn't use Athens Matt, since there were 2 of us. Same with Frat Matt, really. And using last names for two of us didn't work either (Latham and Lehman). So, being a technophile, I ended up with Geek Matt. Later attempting to help me lose this persona, (I'm more than a geek, dammit!) my friends shortened it to GMatt, but that looks kind of odd as a domain name. So, the search was on to find a techie-sounding prefix starting with 'G', and so Giga-Matt became Gigamatic.

But, wait. Didn't you used to go by "Matrix"?

Well, uh... yeah. But I think we all know that Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishbourne totally fucked any chance of my using that nickname ever again. The movie spawned 50000 other matrixes which to this day fill my email box with mistaken spammage and self-pics.

But why "Matrix"?

In 1993, my online persona focused on a childhood family nickname, "Jake". My friend, Will Kerr, didn't like it and branded me "Matrix" one day. From that day, until the movie, even some of my friends called me Matrix. It was also my airname at the radio station and the name of my second web firm.

So, what happened to DJ Matrix?

During my Ohio U days, I enjoyed college radio fame as DJ Matrix, focusing on late-night shifts and fill-in gigs at Ohio clubs. I've done some mixes of my own, digitally, which have long since been lost to dying hard-drives, but most of my work was done on-air and survives in my remaining cassette tapes. Someday soon though, I hope to take to the airwaves again on the Underground, at Ohio State.

Changing subjects... What's up with your Psyducks?

Psyduck, the clueless-looking duck Pokemon with a never-ending migraine. I relate to that. I kinda like Pokemon, and it's easier to focus a collection aaorund ONE than to try to collect all 250. And I have 9 different varieties of Psyduck at the moment... with more on the way, I hope. I have over 50 different Hasbro Pokemon Battle Figures, including all the available American trainers, and the one Japanese Nurse Joy. I have other toys, too...

Like what?

I recently started a Powerpuff Girls villain quest (only Mojo thus far)... and a Batman: Animated Series collection. So far, I have about half of what I call the "classic" figures... those representative of the actual shows (not those Borg Laser Eye Batman and Deap Sea Torpedo Batman).

So, you really are a geek, Matt?

Duh. Why else would I spend so much time on my website, writing answers to silly questions regarding my collecting habits? And, yes, I like science fiction and comic books, too. Ever since I was little, and used to watch shows like Bionic Woman and Doctor Who, and my dad would bring home a comic book from the news-stand every week with his Sunday paper.

Why do you fear the Fembots?

Because they're scary and evil and take their faces off. And, Sarah is a Fembot.

Sarah? Your mom? Your mom is a Fembot?

Yes, she's a sex-crazed evil android. She was dancing as a showgirl in Vegas back in the 70s before she came to rural Ohio and replaced my biological mom, the original Sarah. Apparently, though, Fembot Sarah is a good kisser, though, as she slipped Toddmichael the tongue when Jim wasn't looking, last spring at the Yard Sale.

So Jim's your dad?

Yep. Who's going to suspect a baby-boomer church-gooing retiree of being a Fembot? Even Jim doesn't suspect anything! He just figures her excessive purchasing of motor oil is for all the farm equipment.

So you're a farm boy? Did you ever...

Oh come on... No. Not so much as making out in the hay loft.

Have you ever counted how many barns there are in your hometown?

42. I'm kidding, of course. Actually within city limits, I'd say maybe 2 or 3. Otherwise, they're all scattered across the countryside. However, there are (about) 14 churches for the 4500 people. Not many Catholics though, and no Jews or Muslims. Oodles of Methodists, though.

That's like 325 people per church!

Amazingly enough, none of them were ever crowded. The Presbyterian and the First Methodist could easily hold 500 people, and the Catholic probably held 300 or so... most of the rest held about 200. Like everywhere, about the only time they're at capacity is around major holidays, and if it snows, that's iffy.

Did you ever go to church?

Yep. Not till junior high, and not actively since 1997. At one point in 1993, I even considered becoming a minister, but then realised I'm really a non-conformist when it comes to religion. (Always the troublemaker.) I was in Christian youth groups till senior year of high school, got involved (very very very loosely) in some campus groups after that, and when I moved home in 1993, I was active in a few campus bible studies, and led the campus Christian student groups. I also took over as youth director at my church for over 2 1/2 years. I was Superintendent of Church Schools, and sat on the Administrative Board and Pastor Parish Relations committee. I was super-active.

Wow. What happened?

More than I want to discuss. Suffice it to say that I am a non-conformist, and I don't play politics well. I also believe religion is very personal. You decide what you want and what you need to believe. Lots of people in organized religions do not like that at all. And now, with that, I'll drop the topic.

Ok, changing subjects, how long have you been working in web-related fields?

Since 1993, scary enough as sites were back then. Pre-Netscape. Beta-Mosaic. Lovely. Gopher was much more popular then. I did a few school, non-profit, and community sites, and when I moved to Athens, I worked on my personal site, and my fiancee's site to get my skills up, and went into business. I've persued it as an occupation ever since.

Did you say fiancee?

Yes, again... another long story.

Who is the person you admire most?

Ugh. So many. Some of whom are probably reading this... so I'll mention a few who won't be readers, and whom almost no one knows. Lest anyone get offended. B, for her perserverance at age 77, continuing to challenge herself to grow and learn. My old friend, Shawn, for his strength through his pain, knowing the end would come soon. (He passed away this summer.) My grandmother, at 92, refusing to quit. My father, through all of his mystery illnesses.

That's it for now...

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