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August 23, 2001

Pet Peeve #5: When

Pet Peeve #5:

When a marketing director (who is not in charge, by any means) forces changes down your throat (because she can manipulate everyone to get her way) and then, because she hasn't proofed her content or even considered that it doesn't work with existing text, she ends up having to make changes on three separate occasions, making each "top priority".

Um, yeah, that makes sense. If you'd actually proofed your content beforehand, you wouldve saved a bunch of problems. And money. And you'd have followed your own advice.

August 14, 2001

I'm working my ASS

I'm working my ASS off because I just fired my assistant (yes, needed to be done, I know), and of course, as soon as I do, then the walls start to cave in and the work just piles on and on.

"Where's this? Is that done yet? When is this other thing gonna be done?"

You know, asking doesnt make me work faster. Grr.

Pet Peeve #3: When

Pet Peeve #3:

When a potential client asks you to do several mock-ups for a project that will be starting within a week, and then you never year from them again, for over a year. Then, client comes back to you and expects you to remember every detail of every mock-up. When you dig out the old emails, re-send them, and the client claims to never have seen THOSE mockups. Scheduling a meeting with the client's new "web team" is the only solution.

Pet Peeve #4:

IT Managers that are supposed to be at meetings so they can discuss server platforms and scripting technologies for future projects, but they never show up. Nice. Instead they send an "assistant" with a tape recorder to record the meeting. Yeah. Nice. Um, no. Instead, I got wrong answers from the assistant, and then an email full of attitude from the IT Manager, telling me he's washing his hands of all of his current duties, including server hosting. "Buy a new server and put whatever you want on it, but I'm not touching it."

But, y'are, Blanche, y'are.

I don't live in that town 2 hours away and I'll be damned if I'm going to waste 4 hours every time a server belches.

Ok, so that's more than a pet peeve.

August 13, 2001

Pet Peeve #1: People

Pet Peeve #1:

People that ask you to register a new, shorter, better, easier-to-remember domain name, but never update any of their materials to identify themselves with it. For instance: one of my clients is a trade show which takes place here where I work. The trade show is sponsored, in part, by 3 different divisions of my department. Two of those divisions have updated their websites to point to the correct website. One has not. Guess which one? The one who asked for the changes to begin with, and also the one whose site I have no control over.

Pet Peeve #2:

People that copy faulty files from the website of aforementioned trade-show and host them on their own website, rather than focusing traffic at the trade-show site itself. This old copy of the file lists incorrect contact information for registration. Lovely.

Welcome to the Disgruntled

Welcome to the Disgruntled Web. For now, you'll see only my disgruntled experiences here at work, but I hope to add other authors soon enough. This site should become a forum for voicing troubles and finding solutions to the issues that plague web developers, designers, and managers daily. I hope to provide some sort of healthy outlet for frustrations, in addition to providing information on anger and stress management, web-related gatherings and groups, training and seminars, and other handy links.

So, for now, sit back and enjoy the ride, or if you'd like to start contributing, email the webmaster.