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October 19, 2001

Peeve #9: Users of

Peeve #9: Users of a system which has never been actually used in over 2 years, who come to you with problems, which you have to drop everything to solve, compounded by the fact that there is no user's guide, no administrator manual, and NO documentation in the code. So, not only do they not know how it should work, but there's no way of telling from either commented code or any other documentation, because there is none.

October 15, 2001

Pet Peeve #8: Hosting

Pet Peeve #8: Hosting Clients

Hosting clients who blame you for their lack of knowledge in HTML when their pages won't display in one browser or another.

October 4, 2001

Pet Peeve #7: The

Pet Peeve #7: The Phantom Client

You know, the one who signs up for a project, then disappears for, oh, a YEAR, then comes back with ideas, which you respond to, and then disappears for another few months, only to whap you in the face with their own mock-ups and a deadline for the following week.

October 2, 2001

I can make any

I can make any web administrator shudder in their shoes just by saying two words:

Microsoft Vulnerability

Pet Peeve #6: People

Pet Peeve #6:

People who call and or email the wrong department after repeatedly being told who is in charge of their project. Specifically, web problems and requests being sent to the Systems department. And vice versa. Not even TRYING to get ahold of the right person, just contacting the WRONG ones.

And before you say, "oh, they just forgot" -- if they were that forgetful, they'd forget where they worked.