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April 30, 2002

Not a damn thing to complain about

You honestly didnt expect a big raise, did you? I mean, most people are happy to even HAVE a job at this point. I continue to be befoddled by the way you talk about your job, your responsibilities, and your pay rate.

I'd still say you're being paid damn good for what you do. I mean, you're still ONLINE every day, for gods sake, which means you cant be THAT busy.

So suck it up. Some of us arent as lucky as you.

April 25, 2002

Grumpy SOB


Yeah, I know, not really, today. Last night, however, was a different story. Nothing I did worked. At all.

I had a lab due today, and nothing was working. Period.


And I couldnt concentrate, which was amplified by the fact that nothing was working. A perpetuating cycle of irritation.

But, today, that all was fixed. I got to work, everything was working, and I got my lab finished in no time flat.

And now, I'm finishing as many projects as I can in one day. Bam bam bam.

BAM BAM BAM. Today, it's not my head on my desk or my fist against the wall... it's the music from my speakers. Ska blasting out of my computer at high volumes.

April 23, 2002

No time to write

I really do have a lot to write about, but free time is near non-existent. It's killing me.

I know I have about 4 hours of homework for tomorrow. AAAArgh.

April 21, 2002

Billy's Bday Party Part 2

There were so many memories surrounding last night -- Naladahc has some of them over at naladahc.com, and I have mine still mostly in my head, but it was very nice to have friends old and new partying like we did when we were underage.

And Austin didnt make me horny, he just made me wish I worked out more.

Thank God for good friends, lots of beer, Germans, and a golf club (for which a surprising number of people got the gag).

And the mullet-man was definitely on Jen's team. But then again, so was the leather-skirt lady.

Did I tell you how much I miss those guys? Penni, Krista, Kristen, Anita, Billy, et al...

Happy 30th Billy... May you have many many more as thrilling as this one.

Billy's Bday Notes, part 1

I am OH SO GLAD we went to my friend Billy's party in Cinci. The look on his face when he saw friends from high school was well worth it. Even moreso when he got my gag gift... even moreso when he had to lick a sundae off the stripper's ass. Fuck yeah. In a trailer-park clubhouse. Ohio style.

I can't even explain the extent of "Ohio style" at this party. It just FELT like home. In a good way.

More later, still processing.

April 15, 2002

What do you wear to an 80s party

So... a whole week went by without my updating. I'm really tired and I haven't had the time to update like I want to.

This week could very well be quite hellish, with all sorts of work for my class, and additional work at my job, and the fact that I feel like I'm coming down with something.

AND... I need to come up with something to wear to this 80s party on Saturday. So far I think I'll be wearing a jean jacket and maybe pegging my pants. Maybe.

My 80s are better off forgotten. I never had the fad clothes that everyone else did. Or even the general "look" that everyone else did. We were poor, and that's how I looked: like a dirt-poor pimply-faced four-eyed farm boy. And that's something I would rather forget, and part of me even wants to avoid the party.

April 8, 2002

20 Percent Done

I realized what I really hate about taking classes: homework. Now, at the beginning of week 2, it has hit me full force. But, you see, in another 4 days, the quarter will be 20% gone.


Tonight, my Design homework, followed by my C++ homework, followed by SLEEP.

April 4, 2002

Workforce Reduction Migraine

Three days down as Workforce Reduction Week continues.

And the migraine is still here.

April 1, 2002

Workforce Reduction and Workstation Migration

Day One of Workforce Reduction Week is over. Hallelujah. One down, four more to go. I figure if I make it till Friday, I might be safe for another year.

Worrying about such things is not productive or healthy, and if the market were better for aging web geeks, I'd think about trying to find something else. As it is, I'm gonna suck on the money as long as it lasts, and enjoy the benefits of good pay and good insurance and free tuition till the day I no longer work there.

I love my job, mostly, and I love the people I work with. And, my assistant, who reminds me daily what a great great worker he is. And how I wish I was about 8 years younger.

Migrating the servers to Windows 2000 is going to be fun. Fun, I say!

Speaking of migrating, Nala has just moved to a content management/blog system. How cool is that?

Much more to talk about, but the freetime is dwindling. I need to work ahead in my c++ class, and also finish some coding on the other sites I manage. So, as always, until next time.