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May 31, 2002

Email of Shame

I want so badly to talk about the email I just got and the various wrongs I see in it, but I don't have time. Class, work, and this damn yard sale coming up have taken just about every waking minute. Maybe after finals I can start writing again.

May 30, 2002

Yard Sale Prep, Part 2

Must buy tags. And beer. And mac salad. And whatever mom and dad want to eat. And sassafras tea.

And rent the movie "spiral" (uzumaki).

And finish my homework, do reports, clean the office and the middle bedroom.

And that's just the start.

Yard Sale Prep... Parents coming

I need to clean part of the pantry to put stuff from the front room in it... then file the mail that's on the couch, move the coats into the hall closet, put air in the bike tire and move that outside (after I find the lock). Lock the grill down... Put together a bookshelf. Move the metal bookshelf up to the middle bedroom.

Re-stack my boxes in the basement, clearing a table or two to use to sell things this weekend. Bring said tables upstairs. Bring all misc end-tables/coffee-tables out of the basement. Clear basement of all sale items.

Move all sale clothing from attic to front room. Deconstruct and reconstruct clothing rack from attic, outside. Pull all collectibles from attic and put in front room for pricing. Move desk from attic to front of house. Move twin bedframe from attic to front of house.

All non-working computers will be sold for parts or scrapped. Same with stereos. All cassette tapes will be sold (hopefully). CDs. Videotapes (at least the ones now available on DVD).

Plates and dishes. Baking pans. Pots and pans. Possibly the big black rack from the kitchen (I want a baker's rack instead.)

Futon frames (also from basement). Misc junk belonging to former roommates.


May 29, 2002

A Long Week. A Long Talk.

Oh, I can't wait for this week to be over.

It was good hanging out with Jamie at Lowe's, buying stuff for our houses. Then forgetting to stop for ice cream for Naladahc and leaving my iBook's power supply with Kelly.

I'm so tired. I can't think. And I still have so much work to do!

Some day, I'll post the details of my discussion with Mom and Dad, but for now, just know that everything seemed normal when I left.

May 27, 2002

The hardest thing to tell them

So, I told my parents that I'm a homo.

The reactions werent violent or sad, although Mom kind of looked like she might cry, but lately she cries at the drop of a hat. Dad was very cool, sort of shrugged and shook his head, "You live in different times."

I explained that the reason I finally told them (since I never really thought it mattered) was that they were going to meet his parents, and I wanted to say something before they did.

That and I was being completely unfair to him, his parents, and myself. We deserve to be one big dysfunctional family and not 2 disjointed ones.

On a sidenote, my mom and aunt are not speaking. From the backstory I got, it sort of makes sense, although I don't want it spoiling the reunion in August. I want to see Gram and my cousins. I do not want to see my mom and aunt taking separate corners of the party to themselves. Actually, I think Mom isnt even going.

I just don't understand.

May 20, 2002

Nightmares and vacations

Ok, so I really do have a lot to say and no time to say it so I'll keep this short.

1) Vacation can't come soon enough.

2) Don't know why but nobody has returned any of my email sent from Hotmail. Either I've distanced my friends too much, or it's getting filtered to their junk mail.

3) My car smelled like cigarette smoke this morning. And I don't smoke.

4) I've been having bad dreams/nightmares for over a week. Mostly about buildings on fire and me trying to get out. Or things chasing me.

5) For the next month, I need to work on nothing but abs. And eating better.

May 17, 2002

SF Casserole Party

Discussing our vacation plans for San Francisco, and the fact that our Boston Ohio friends will also be there at the same time...

Christine: It's gonna add up to some hard core, ohio style partying! owwww

Naladahc: And while we are there... I think Annalisa should make some green bean casserole

Me: Fuck yeah! Casserole party!!

Christine: Ok A- the challenge is on! Casserole cook off at chez moi.

Annalisa: You're going to be really sorry that you threw down that gauntlet, Christine. Because I have a SECRET WEAPON, scanned cover attached. Oh yeah!

Me: Secret weapon... ha! Don't make me bring Preston's famed cornless cheesy cornbread casserole recipe!! (courtesy the Mohawk and recipe.com)

Christine:YEE-HAWS. I feel a good a good ol fashion cook off comin on. i'm ready, mama. i'm ready.

Naladahc: My god. This sounds like an event in the making!!!! I think I'll make my special Cherry-flavoured Halls & Cream dessert.

Deb: I'll make the cocktails!

Christine:Or you could make [Deb's bf] cook something up for you. I know he's got a little WT in him.

My god, the silliness that happens when you get a bunch of displaced Ohioans together in a far-off city...

May 16, 2002

Lewis and Jay

Ok, apparently Ohio Jay got that rumour wrong. Sturt is performing at UCB but is not working there. Bah humbug.

Lewis Black tonight...

And the upcoming Casserole Challenge..

May 14, 2002

OhioJay's Season Finale

Ohio Jay: in the last 24 hours i have learned of:

-one wedding
-two impending births
-one new job
-one new love
-two upcoming moves
-one conviction

this lead me to realize that this is my season finale. everything is coming down on one day. i'll see ya'll during the fall season

The new job is my friend Sturt who will be joining Upright Citizens Brigade. Congratulations!

May 10, 2002

Concert Notes

To clarify my notes from Wednesday's Garbage concert:

Shirley: "I'm a high-maintenance woman!" (she says, after getting eyeliner in her eyes from all the sweat -- a good 80-85 and humid inside the venue)

she sang "happy birthday, dear whoever you are" to a guy in the audience holding an "it's my birthday" sign

also told the story of a young gay couple (in Columbus) who told them before the show that they lost their virginity to "Cherry Lips"

She admitted "We made a weird-ass record this time!"

Later, read another audience sign to her band-mate: "Duke, some boy says he wants your big hard Garbage cock!"

She went from Parade into an impromptu Missy Elliot "Get Your Freak On" ...

They ended the show with "Only Happy When it Rains" (which was perfect since there was a tornado watch that day)

And, at the encore, she announced that nobody had told her she'd been prancing around stage with a rip in her pants.

Such a great show... if you get a chance, go see them. And please, if at all possible, skip TicketNazi.

May 8, 2002


"I'm a high-maintenance woman!"

eyeliner in eyes -- don't sweat it

"happy birthday, dear whoever you are"

gay virginity to go baby go

"We made a weird-ass record this time!"

"Duke, some boy says he wants your big hard Garbage cock!"

Get Your Freak On.


MrSmith: All that running around letting webmasters touch your boobs can take a lot out of a girl

Jessica: yeah, that's what my mom said... well, not in those words.

You know it's bad when you're known for breast appreciation.

Crotch Grabbing Guy Strikes Again

Ok, this was me yesterday:

Stupid people piss me off.

For instance: C-double-G. For months, (MONTHS!), I have repeatedly tried to explain that a division has its own website and have given him the address.

Every time CGG asks me, my answer is the same. It has a website. It has had its own site since last fall. It not only HAS a website but it has its OWN website. Not part of someone else's. It belongs to THAT division and NOBODY else. again, it's at [address deleted].

Quote from CGG: "I'm sorry to bother you again, but [so and so from the Office of Info Tech, which sort-of oversees the licensing of the products that division uses] just asked me when this division is going to be taken off [another division]'s site and moved onto [yet another division]'s site. Is that something we can do right away???"

My reply: "Excuse me? What the fuck? How many times do I have to tell you it's NOT ON the [first division] site and it NEVER WAS (no, really, it wasn't). It does not need to go on the [other division] site since it has it's own site (as it has had) detailing where it is available, and all the other data."


I had really had it. Have I detailed CGG in the past? Do you know who that is? I cant remember. Suffice it to say he doesn't breathe enough when he's speaking to hear what comes out of his mouth, or he's too stupid to realize it.

He also has a "crotch grabbing" problem, hence the name "CGG" -- Crotch Grabbing Guy.

And with that, I must get back to work.

May 6, 2002

Family Reunions and Ends of Eras

My auntie Mim is planning a family reunion this summer, in Maine. She just emailed the entire family, which, while I think is an effective way of communication, doesn't seem proper somehow.

But, I guess I can say, "HOW COOL IS THAT?": my family is ALL connected via email. All 10 grandchildren and all of my parents' generation.

So, I guess I know where I'm going for one weekend this summer.

Been crying a lot lately -- most recently due to the demolition of my old hangouts and workplaces: the bars of south campus. All of a sudden, Friday, on my way home, the street was blocked, down to one lane, and the bulldozers were tearing down my bars! MY BARS! It just... hurt. Like ripping part of my soul out. And yeah, I realize it's silly, since they'd been closed for a few years. But really, nothing had changed, yet, at least by the looks. Now they're actually gone.

Mustards. Co-ed's. The Edge, formerly Purity Mining Co. Sloe Moe's, formerly Crazy Mama's. Maxwell's will be next. And Panini's.

*sigh* Time to go to bed.

The phantom client finally

The phantom client finally paid us. Wahoo.

Things here are weird. Enough said for now. Lots of work, not much time.

May 3, 2002

Work really sucks

So, work is hell. So much so that I'm now behind in my school work. So much so that, yes, despite my efforts to do my best and lose no points to absence, I've now lost 1.2% of my grade.

This angers me, but I should not stress.

Should is a weak word. Should holds no weight at all.

I should be happy. I've been on a downward spiraling moodswing all week. Last night, I got mad.

I don't wanna talk about it. Not on here. Suffice it to say that someone's Jedi mind tricks will not work on me. But they wear at me, and I'm tired.

It's sort of like that at work, too. And it's getting old. I refuse to take it anymore. I'm finally speaking up. Stupidity is something I cannot tolerate. In this nightmare, whoever screams the loudest is being heard. I simply cut through the crap and the screaming stops. Eventually.

I love my boyfriend, let me say that now. Love love love. No matter how frustrated I get with anything (work, school, house), I love him, and that's what matters.