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February 28, 2003

One good thing: Food

One good thing about where I work: once every couple months, we have a potluck, usually when someone retires. Last year, I think we had 8 or so. The first one of the year is today, and I blanked on it.

The potluck seems to be dwindling as a type of social gathering. Nobody wants to take the time to cook. If you really look at what you get at a potluck, though, (a good one, that is) you'd be pleasantly surprised to see a variety of all homemade items representing all sorts of cultural differences.

My favorite potlucks were staff potlucks at OU-Eastern. We would have so many different types of food: Middle-Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Cajun, Hungarian, Irish... and all of it homemade.

Nala and I are supposed to play host to a potluck dinner in mid-March. I, personally, cant wait.

February 27, 2003

Time to change hosts?

Perhaps it is time for change. Currently, this site is hosted with Screen Savers sponsor OLM.net, where I've been for years. Back then, it was the best deal for the money. And, over the years, I've had very few complaints. Often, I dont even bother worrying because the problems usually fix themselves in a few hours. (Email pop accounts not connecting, etc). However... they no longer are the best deal for the money.

Why not? Well, they're currently using GD 1.6.2 and I want GD 2.0 or better. I sent their techies an email to ask if/when they were thinking of upgrading. The answer I got back was less than grand, and it basically said "No plans to upgrade. If you want it compiled for you, then talk to our sales department."

Now, my other hosting company offers a better deal in every form except for one: phone support. Sometimes, when my site is having problems, I want to be able to reach out and touch someone. This other host doesnt offer that, but does offer "unlimited" bandwidth, "unlimited" storage, pop accounts, forwards, MySQL databases, PHP, etc. for less than $10 a month.

How much is this worth to me?

El Vaquero Owes me a Coat

So, as usual, I decided to sit in the smoking section at El Vaquero for lunch today, and much to my surprise, they were in the process of renovating. Literally. They'd yanked off all the plaster and stucco around the arches, through which you must pass to get to a booth.

When I got up from my table to pay the bill, my coat snagged on the now-exposed wire which will, eventually, hold plaster. Now I have a hole in my new down jacket.

Fuck you, El V. Your cheese dip was not even hot, and the veggie quesadilla was burnt. And the rice was dry.

Oh, the scripts that I've written

I love PHP, especially when GD2.0 or above is installed.

Why, you might be asking, is that?

Oh, dear reader, it's because I can generate random graphics like this on the fly:

See that? How did I generate that? Using GD2.0 and PHP, I took a photo of me and some drunk friends, resized it, put it behind a png of a parallelogram (with a properly formed alpha channel), then flattened the two into a new jpg.

Go, me! I'm finally gonna break that box that my site is in!

February 26, 2003

Snowmen and Wacko Jacko

How is a snowman like Michael Jackson?

It's white.
It attracts children.(?)
Every couple days, its nose falls off.

I don't write em, I just repeat em.

Courtesy of ACRN. Please don't sue them.

And now, from the other end of my day

And the other (south) end of downtown Cowtown... Now I'm blogging from Cup-O-Joe in German Village!

Oh, and of course, logging into the servers from here, endangering OSU CIS dept security. Muahahahahahahahahahaha.

And I have a GIANT mug of decaf. Or as Nala would say, a regular sized cup. It's gotta be 20oz of java goodness.

And! I'm getting a damn good stream from ACRN. How cool. Seems to be a retro show. "Your Parents' Music". Coolness.

Bloggin from Class

Hell yeah! Bloggin from class. Well, the classroom, anyway. Class hasnt started yet. I guess I could be working on my lab while I sit here bored out of my skull. I could also count this as on-the-clock work time, if I answer email while here.

This rocks. $2/month is worth it.

Oh, by the way, Mister Slave cut off his scruffy beard. Gotta find a way to at least record audio from the mic. Wish he would write legibly.

CT/Queue/Kernel_1.h (just so you know what I'm doing)

He's JUST NOW going over requirements for the lab due tomorrow @ midnight. What the fuck. I hate this class. Why cant anyone teach the stuff you need to know when you need to know it?

When Can I Sleep Again

Ugh. Feel shitty. Slept shitty. I didnt have quite as disturbing dreams as somebody, but I can tell you the one I remember from last night was a very strange one indeed. P-Diddy was there. It was some sort of fashion thing (Damn Nala for watching Joan "my daughter has no talent" Rivers yesterday), going on in a mall, that apparently I lived above. With my ex, Jason, Nala's friend Scotty, and a host of people I don't remember, but in the dream, knew who they were.

And then, things got weird. Lots of running around. Everyone was after someone or something. Jason was healthy again, looking like he did 12 years ago. Scotty had cut his hair and his beard again.

I woke up around the time Nala got up. And again at 4:45. And then I just huddled deeper under the covers and hoped I wouldnt get up the strength to come to work.

And class.

February 25, 2003

To Not Give Up.

My finger is on the proverbial trigger to try some retail therapy like Mike.

Aside from the DVDs (thanks, Mike, for pointing out the Are You Being Served collection. You bastard. Now several hundred dollars worth of spending to be done, what with South Park, Buffy, and Sopranos to be had.), I've been itching since Christmas to get one (or even two) of these. (If I like the first one, I'll get one for work, too.) And, I'd also like to get a digital camera of my own. Those prices seem to be going back up, though.

So, I guess I'll keep on studyin'. At least till the final's over in late March.

Freeware Utils

Ok, first of all, I found a freeware webcam called macam. It works with my ZoomTel ZoomCam USB, which never was supposed to work on Mac. Well, big friggin deal. I can save the pics. Woohoo.

So, I did a search and found a slightly better, more polished version called BT Cam. It's based on macam (90%). It works ok, but sometimes it stalls and says there's not a cam connected. This could be a cam error or a bad cable, I suppose.

Then, I was looking for a freeware desktop capture utility, and found screen dump. I think Courtney uses this one. It's cool, from what I can see.

But, you ask, how did I get the neat little thumbnails, in addition to the bigger graphics? Why, through the magic of PHP, of course!

I love PHP

Have I said that lately? Oooh baby. Thumbnail images on the fly.

What does that mean for you, dear reader? That means many more gallery images, since I wont have to create 2 batches, AND a trendy webcam and desktop image, much like Mike and Courtney.

Oh, I LOVE the PHP!

I hate car payments

More specifically, I hate the account statements I get from my loan company.

It says:

Amount Due on 3/1/2003: $224.68
Total Amount Due: $68.00

Now, supposedly, I only owe $68 this month, since I've paid ahead, but you wouldn't know it based on this confusing statement. I never understand this crap, so I always pay at LEAST the amount due. I am paying the car off quicker, but it's annoying.

It's down to $7200ish. It will be good when this is all gone.

Oh, and here's the Kelley Blue Book Value.

Does Anybody Know

Does anybody know how to keep your iBook "awake" while closed? This would be a necessity if I'm to capture Mister Slave, my CIS teaching assistant on video. I could leave my laptop in my backpack with the cam in the backpack's headphone access hole.

Oh, yeah, changes are afoot on gigamatic as well. Another redesign. I can tell how excited you are. Yes indeedy.

Meanwhile, I need to finish the changes to a site at work before Senor AskMe50TimesInOneDayWhenMySiteWillBeDone comes around again. Back in an hour or so.

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad is 59 today. That's the youngest age I remember my grandma ever being. Scary. And in 30 more years, I'll be that age.


And on this bitter cold day in 2003, I noticed MSN goofed up on their website, and I got a screen cap of it...

pour posture?

I suppose "pour choice of words" will be the culprit?

[Note: As of 12:30 Eastern time, they had fixed their own blunder]

February 24, 2003

Homer Strikes Again

I am the 'ow' in the word 'Now'.

Like having a weatherman

Like having a weather man in your menu bar, that is...

I just downloaded and installed a bit of freeware called Meteorologist, and I have to say I LOVE HAVING THE WEATHER AT MY FINGERTIPS. Not only can I check the current weather HERE, but any number of cities, apparently. I added San Francisco, Palo Alto, Edgewater, Boston, and Barnesville.

You know what REALLY sucks??? That it's 70 degrees and partly cloudy in the city where my parents and I will be buying a house. Will be. As in future.

Oh, but this is so sweet... And just the start to finishing my updates on Lapras.

Monday Mission 3.08

1. Has anyone ever told you that you needed to lose weight or change something about yourself physically? Who told you and what impact did it have on your life? Your perception of yourself?

I was always bone skinny all through elementary and high school (aside from maybe first and second grade when I wore "husky" jeans.) I had really really crooked teeth. I also had bad acne and cheap, ugly glasses. I'm still self-conscious about the teeth, even though I had those fixed by braces, they're still a little off, but at least I dont look like Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel was my dentist. I grew out of the acne, but now I still get upset when I get even a single pimple. I bought myself contacts. I've gained some weight by going to the gym, and some by just eating wrong, and I'm trying desperately to stay in shape now. Very conscious about all that. Now, people've got me worried about my hairline, which has been receding apparently, though during the process I never noticed. And I'm scared I'm thinning on top.

Who said something? Who made me change? Over time it was the people around me growing up who made me into me. And, occasionally a friend or companion would make some off-handed comment which made me conscious of some aspect.

2. Do enjoy the snow and cold weather?

Yes, as long as I'm not driving and/or shovelling.

3. Visualize the perfect winter evening. Are you alone or with someone? How does the evening start? How does it end, and everything in-between.

The perfect winter evening? Hmmm. I'd say it would be something like a candle or oil-lit night in a wood-heated room, playing cards or chess or some other board game while the snow fell... followed by a cozy night under layers and layers of comforters and blankets with the one I love.

4. Do you think that technology has had allowed relationships and human interaction to become less personal? Is this a good thing?

Not necessarily. It can make certain relationships more personal. Instantaneous communication over long distances is possible. But, in some senses it's less personal, since it's harder to convey the intended emotion through text.

5. Is there anything you've been meaning to learn, that you can learn, but haven't? (or maybe you have?)

I would love to have the time to finish learning several different programming languages. But , alas, I never have time. Even for one. I'd also like to learn Flash. And Director. And become a Photoshop wizard.

6. What skills or talents have you wished that you possessed that you most likely never will? Are you content with that?

I wish I had the talent for real web artistry, like my friends Annalisa and Matte, and the creativity of Nala or Dave Browning. Everything I do, compared to them, is lame and uninspired and unoriginal.

7. What do you think of the concept of "AudioBlogs?" Would you like to hear the voice of your favorite bloggers occasionally? Would you rather listen to or read your favorite Blogs?

I think AudioBlogs are ok, but the format is a little odd. I mean, if the person has a great narrator's voice, sure. I'd love to hear, say, an audioblog for Patrick Stewart. Or Avery Brooks. Or Peter Cullen.

BONUS: How deep is your love?

Bahahaha. We're living in a world of fools. That's all I have to say.

News? We dont need no stinking news!

So, I finally took the time to click on some of my news sites. The first link on the first one was GOP swayed by powerful Ohio duct-tape lobby. Yes, I realize it's from last week, but I found it funny, and now you can too.

And this Akron Beacon Journal article about an "indecent" snow-woman is yet another strike against Ohio. Of course, it got picked up by a Miami newspaper. Whatever, freaks.

And this from kottke about the "Lomo" effect in photoshop.

Tabbed browsing in Safari (thinksecret appears to be down).

A blog with my favourite bar name of all time. And favorite bar I never frequented.

Nigerian slain by Czech over email scam

Isn't it time you gave up on AOL?

Monday Changes

Well, he was sleeping when I left, which is good I think.

Snow sucks. 4"+ already, since 4am, making roads, sidewalks, and steps treacherous. It literally took me 45 minutes to get to work. YUCK. FYI, taking the back way usually takes 10.

I'd made a comment to his blog but somehow it disappeared. Which is fine. Loopy bastard. Cant wait till he's off the meds and no longer in pain. Hopefully, there wont be any long term effects, like there were with Wilson. His insanity was permanent.

February 22, 2003

Ass Master

Tim's last entry made me remember the boy Kelmeister, Max and I refer to as the Ass Master. He is the Master of the Ass. Short, cute, a tad on the softer side, but has a perfect ass, and knows how to move it while he dances on the boxes at the club.

I see him every time we go out, and he's having fun, by himself usually, dancing on the boxes, shakin that ass, shakin that ass...

By the way, the animation in Metropolis is amazing.

Now I'm trying to decide whether to call Max and go out.

I am an eBay and Half.com junkie

Make it stop!

I just bought Six Feet Under first season. Now I'm after the Austin Powers trilogy. And South Park season 1. And the Star Trek seasons. And after that, Buffy.

Oh, what was that about saving money? Ha.

Saturday, Saturday

Happy Saturday. No sleeping in for me.

Inlaws will be here SOMETIME today. So, I had to clean. And clean and clean. In fact, I should still be cleaning, but I took a break.

So, at some point I'll get some food and they will come and go and life will return to normal. Nala called them an hour ago and got no answer.

Oh, and I just converted April 2002 to Movable Type.

February 21, 2003

Friday Five, All about clutter

1. What is your most prized material possession?
Hm. The antiques from my grandmother's house, which all happen to be in my attic, in an antique suitcase. Then, family photos from before I was born. My computers come in a close third.

2. What item, that you currently own, have you had the longest?
Thinking... There are things that I own that are not in my possession, like the stuffed animals from when I was a baby. Teddy Squash-You-All-Flat, and Homer, the floppy-eared dog. I still love Homer. He's the size of one of those longer roll-pillows, and I used to fall asleep hugging him. Now, I have a bigger, different kind of Homer, but he snores a lot. Aside from these, I still have my alto saxophone, which I've had for 18 years. I cant think of anything I've had longer, but if I do, I'll post it here.

3. Are you a packrat?
Recovering, yes.

4. Do you prefer a spic-and-span clean house? Or is some clutter necessary to avoid the appearance of a museum?
God, I would LOVE to have a clean house with everything in its place. But, alas, every time I get it to that point, someone else doesnt follow the unwritten rules of putting stuff back. This includes me, and definitely includes being lazy. This is why I'm often seen running around like a madman before a parental or neighborly visit.

5. Do the rooms in your house have a theme? Or is it a mixture of knick-knacks here and there?
No themes, but not many knick-knacks, really. Knick-knack central is definitely the office, with all sorts of toys. The rest use them sparingly, which I like.

Wireless classrooms my ass

Well, apparently they arent done with the install in the building where I have class, because I could find no signal in the lab. None.

So, I will try on Monday in the classroom. Hopefully, that's 2 more days of them configuring the system in that building. I'm skeptical though, since their site seems to not be updated with new info like they said it would be.

February 20, 2003

A Random 10

Here's the deal. Load up your mp3 player with your entire library and hit random. See what comes out. Document the first 10 songs. [via Tim who got it from Max who got it from David who apparently got it from someone named Paul]

Papa Fritas: Way You Walk
Reel Big Fish: She has a Girlfriend Now
TATU: All the Things She Said
Donna Summer: I Will Go With You
Jucifer: Lambs 4
Poe: Five and a Half Minute Hallway
Machines of Loving Grace: Richest Junkie Still Alive
Moby: We Are All Made of Stars
Deadeye Dick: Like a Shadow
Thermbee and Stratosphere: Stoned Trance
Big Ass Truck: Heavy Petting Zoo
Angelmoon: He's All I Want
Garbage: Shut Your Mouth
Johnny Cash: Dark as a Dungeon
Tom Jones & Cerys: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Solomon Burke: Flesh and Blood

Yes, I know I went over. Screw 10. 16 was a better representation.

Tried it again. Here's 10 more:

Urban Dance Squad: Good Grief
Guided By Voices: Chasing Heather Crazy
Interpol: Say Hello to the Angels
Julie London: Mickey Mouse March
Garbage: Breaking Up the Girl
Ryan Adams: New York, New York
Bassment Jaxx: Rendez-Vu
Big Ass Truck: Lil Tico
Fatboy Slim: Star 69
Liz Phair: Whip-Smart

PS. I wouldve pinged the guys I stole this mini-meme from, but they dont seem to have trackbacks. Boo.

Realizing: Damn, I really need to listen to the random list more often. Minus the house music and Donna Summer. Those are best saved for nights when I'm feeling especially gay. Yuck.

OSU Goes Wireless

Announced today, for less than $2/month, any OSU-affiliated staff or student can go online wirelessly (currently in limited areas). However, it's run through the OSU phone and networking guys, not thru the Office of Info Tech. That's why it's a pay service.

However, wireless classrooms are (supposedly) free. But they're sparse.

I signed up and will be testing it tomorrow, since Dreese has coverage in all classrooms. Hallelujah. This means I can sneak in a camera and stream out photos and sound of my TA, Mister Slave.

The ovals will be wireless as well, through the wonders of the Blue Light Specials. Will wonders never cease?

And these guys are Mac guys. Woohoo!

Cool Doctor Who News

Brad points out two sites for Doctor Who fans to find "lost" episodes.

You'd think everything was back to normal

Well, despite the percs, you'd swear Nala was back to his old self, pre-surgery. Not that that is necessarily a good thing, but I do think if he makes it through the next couple days, he'll be fine.

I'll let him fill you all in on any details now, and keep you abreast of any changes. I'll now return you to my regularly scheduled drivel.

OhioJay is back in Florida and reports that Birds of Prey continued to suck its way into its finale. Aside from Mia Sara. I swear they all gave up about episode 7, except for her. Brilliant casting, and a shame to not see her on the screen anymore.

The one other good thing I can say from this show is, I always hear Dina Meyer when I read Oracle's character in the comics. I also hear Ashley Scott when I read Huntress. However, I will not miss the Black Canary's daughter's whining. Thankfully I will never have to hear it again!!! Alfred has been tolerable to this point, and I can say that although he was written poorly, I liked Reese. And Agent Skinner as his dad. Yeah. *sigh* Birds of Prey sucked. If only they'd have picked up some better writers. I'd love to see more from Laeta K, a woman who seemed to have the right ideas but with the wrong implementation.

Oh, and on another topic... the fog this morning is thicker than I've ever seen it here in Columbus. Ever.

February 19, 2003

he's coming home

you know, you gotta love these up-to-the-minute updates. I'm leaving now to go pick him up.

Tired of waiting

So, I called the hospital, and after I got transferred through half a dozen people, I finally got the answer that he couldve gone home already, but is currently knocked out by the pain meds and the anti-nausea meds. And the doctors want a couple more things from him before he leaves.

At least another hour till he will wake up again, and who knows from then. I asked the nurse if he would be home today, and he chuckled a "yes, we expect so."

I hate being cryptic, but what they need from him they WONT GET today, and I can say that for a fact.

Still waiting

It's 2pm (almost). Still no call from Nala. I'm heading to a meeting with my boss and praying that I get paged out of it.

Waiting some more...

Well, I just received a phone call from Nala. The surgery went well, apparently, and he should be released in a couple hours (hopefully). He sounded in good spirits, and drugged. I also called his parents and emailed his coworkers with an update, as per his wishes.

So now, I wait some more.

Waiting and Waiting

Well, off I am to lunch, and to pick up comics for the One Who Will be Drugged Up for the Next Few Days.

More updates later.

No new computer for me

Nope. I did the math.

With my tax checks and about $500 more, I can be completely out from under my bad debt. And by bad debt, I mean defaulted debt. And current consumer debt. I can be completely debt free aside from my car.

And, I'll need to save another $1600 by August to assure myself an apartment.

So, the next couple months will be spent trying to find a way to speed up my dual 450, and my iBook. At least to get another year out of them.

Early Morning Hospital Run.

When you're on campus at 6am, nobody else is around, and you can get from the hospital to my office in 5 minutes. Amazing.

I delivered Nala to the hospital patient drop-off at 6:15. He has 2 hours of paperwork and prep before surgery, then 2.5 hours (at least) of surgery/recovery time before I have to go pick him up.

Can I think about anything else? No. Quite frankly, I should've just taken the whole day off instead of just part. I won't get anything done.

For now, know that he was calm and collected when I left him. He seemed to sleep ok last night, despite his anxiety. He spent a good 40 minutes with the Hoont while I got ready for work. The cat was nowhere to be found, of course. I gave him my assurances that everything will be fine, and then we went.

And now, I wait.


On another topic, he told me that last night as he was preparing the chicken for the soup, an unprecedented event took place. Ziggy and Hensley sat quietly side by side, waiting for him to give them some chicken. Or at least drop some. Or go away so they could get it themselves. But, the point is, they were so focused on the chicken that they were sitting side by side. Freaks.

February 18, 2003

You no sense make.

Nala: I actually think the old time bloggers (1995 - 2003) will slowly stop blogging over the next few months.

The symptoms are out there for everyone to read.

When AOHELL delivers their blogging tools to their subscribers, the whole things will seriously change the face of blogging and online journals in general.

God... I remember when AOL unleashed their mindless masses onto IRC and USENET... everything went down hill and I think a lot of us old school people ended up leaving much of those areas behind. (Then again, USENET has become nothing more than a SPAM haters nightmare.)

Me: I sort of disagree. When blogging got "popular" in the last 2 years, we didnt see as huge of a jump in the blogging masses as was expected. Not because people didnt try it, but because people tried it, got bored, and quit.

You have to either enjoy it, or see it as a means of communication, or both. You cant just type endlessly without motivation.

You may see people quit, but not because it's getting crowded, but because they see no point in it. Much like you saw zillions of people "making websites" (that sucked, usually) and then never updating them in the last few years.

Nala: Pot. Meet Kettle. Kettle. Meet pot.

Me: As usual, I have no fucking clue where you're coming from. I cannot find (and believe me, I've spent the last hour trying) ANY way of making sense of your "kettle" comment.

Monday Mission 3.07

1. What do you like to eat for breakfast? Do you even eat breakfast?
I answered this a week ago within a Friday Five. If I eat breakfast, it's usually a can of SlimFast, and occasionally 2 very dry pop-tarts.

2. What was the song that "blew your mind" and is etched in your brain forever? Recall the moment and why it remains in your mind.
Kelly, singing that Pink song... Damn her. I'll start your party, Ohkay?!

3. Do you like to gamble? Have you ever won (or lost) big?
Gamble. Yes, I suppose I do like it, in small doses. It's a thrill to win, but a let-down when I lose. Only been to Vegas and Detroit for traditional gambling, although I have played the lottery a few times. Usually when it's a big jackpot. I've never won or lost big.

4. What do you turn to for comfort when you are troubled or worried?
More who than what. My family, I would say. Sometimes getting buried in the comforters with my cat. Sometimes spending time with him. Sometimes playing with the hoont.

5. When was the last time you felt apathetic? What was it about?
Apathetic, eh? I alternate between apathy and frustration with work and school.

6. I just read that Google bought Pyra Labs (Blogger.com). [...] Is this a good thing?
Don't think it's a bad thing. Don't think you'll see THAT many new bloggers, at least after the initial peaks. Hell, half the people I used to read never blog anymore anyway.

7. What did you do with all your freetime before you blogged?
Free time? What's that? Oh, probably shopped online for computer equipment or planned for building furniture. Or some such.

BONUS: Should I stay or should I go now?
If you go, there will be trouble...

Gigamatt, Homeowner?

Well, not yet. But, I did decide to help my parents out on their upcoming mortgage. Dad wants to definitely buy a house in Florida, and I figure that I can eat out a couple meals less and pay $100/month (more than a quarter, but shy of a third of their mortgage). This gives me: a) a vacation home and b) a long term investment, as the prices of real estate in Florida continue to soar. And, as my dad said "It'll all be yours when we're gone."

So, I started looking in the places they might want to live: Edgewater, Port Orange, and New Smyrna Beach. Not a whole lot of choices that I can see in our price range that meet my criteria of looking good and having a large amount of square footage, and my dad's criteria of being made of concrete. Yes, concrete. Blocks, presumably. Stops termites and hurricanes from destroying your house, among other things.

Another benefit of having a house down there is that my mom will be closer to at least one of her siblings, my uncle, Tom. Tom's over 60, married, retired military, and pretty much the same sort of down-to-earth person that both my parents are. Even though he's the oldest, he's the closest in mindset to my mom. I cannot stress how good it will be for her to be close to him. Finally, my family will start to be geographically close again.

February 17, 2003

Reflection is Fun

I just added another month of archives (May 2002) and I had to laugh, because he referred to me as "Tittie Junkie".

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Jessica and Jen, my favourite tittie-shakers!

Snow. Snow day. Day off.

So, having an extra day off was nothing more than an excuse to a) have breakfast together, b) see a movie (not as bad as we thought), and c) go shopping @ Target.

Now, digging out was another story. This was the third time we'd shoveled out and my shoulder is now killing me, along with my back.

We managed to get both cars out despite the 2-foot deep snow surrounding them, and the fact that none of our surrounding streets have been plowed or otherwise maintained.

Thank god this will mostly be gone by Wednesday.

Now I just have laundry and homework to do. *sigh*

February 16, 2003

Jay's Return to Mid-America

Well, in the last few days, I've heard 2 new terms that will now forever be added to my vocabulary: Auschwitzian and dildonic.

As in, "Back in 1995, everyone thought you were fuckable, but auschwitzian." (bone skinny) And, "Your brother-in-law is dildonic for telling your sister on her birthday that he was leaving her."

It's been a long time since I could be described as Auschwitzian.

February 14, 2003

Another Friday Five (Black Friday)

This week's Friday Five:

1. Explain why you started to journal/blog.

It seemed like a cool idea at the time. I was still working at the consulting firm, and developing a low-end content management software, so I needed test material. I'd kept a paper journal back in my college days. Reading it makes me shudder more than reading even all of the last few years of these. Should say something about my life, I guess. Maybe it's time to burn those.

2. Do people you interact with day to day or family members know about your journal/blog? Why or why not?

Well, my friends outside of work know. (In fact, Jay kept saying "I READ THE GIGA! AND I READ THE NALA!" last night as we were talking. He was a leeetle drunk. But, no, they don't know, which is fine with me, because sometimes, even though I try to maintain the anonymity of the people I gripe about, they would still probably resent some things.

3. Do you have a theme for your journal/blog?

What do you think? However, I do have a few "themed" blogs. One for all the weird emails I used to get at my Hotmail account; one for tracking my weight gain/loss, calorie counts, etc; one for web worker frustrations (that I might as well give up, since the other two people never post)...

4. What direction would you like to have your journal/blog go in over the next year?

I suppose it would be nice to clean things up. Get my galleries in order. Get my archives back up. All that good stuff. And, of course, get through a good redesign.

5. Pimp five of your favorite journals/blogs.


anaphase (currently fuxored)
daring fireball
and many many more.

best rediscovered weblog? chromewaves. I lost my bookmark to him, and now it's back.

February 13, 2003


Well, I actually did pretty well today. 1600+ calories. Although, I had over 60G of fat.

I suppose I can afford to have ONE drink tonight. a 9oz martini would be about 500 calories.

February 12, 2003

Ham, Ram, Sheep and Mutton, revisited

You might remember my post a few days ago about the rhyme I had stuck in my head. "Ham, Ram, Sheep and Mutton, eat them all and be a glutton"

Well, my dad remembers my grandma telling him that rhyme when he was little. He was sitting talking with her in her room, and out of the blue, recited the little ditty, and she laughed... and then, he asked her where she heard it. "My grandpa told me that when I was real small," she said. So, that would be my great-great grandfather West. Unfortunately, the secret of the Ham and Ram seems to have died with him.

If you know the secret, please fill me in. I'm dying to know the origins!

Juneau, it's really too cold.

So, talking to my parents last night, I found out the following 3 tidbits:

My dad has not bought a television or a new piece of television-related technology in almost 18 years. He has no idea what front and rear AV-inputs or S-Video are (nor does he need to). He just knows his TV died and he needs a new one, with a coax input. Thankfully, they still had a 5" black and white, so they didnt need to buy one immediately. But, they found a 20" today for $109. I have my doubts as to whether it's stereo.

Next, their trip to Alaska has been cancelled. Too expensive, Dad says, and too cold. They're simply too old and too poor, according to him. One dream written off. "So, I guess you don't need that new camera you wanted for the trip, then?" I asked. 'Nope. Not now. Save your money,' he said.

Thirdly, they're really going ahead with plans to move to Florida 6 months out of the year. That's right. Looks like they'll be buying a two-bedroom house somewhere in a decent neighborhood somewhere in central Florida. The kicker to this one is my dad wants me to invest $100/month in it with him (25% of his mortgage). "It assures you a return on your investment. When I die, it will all be yours, and it's only going to appreciate over time." Yeah, Dad. In 30 years, you will be 89 and I will be 59 with decrepit houses in (at least) two states. Still, in 10 years, if he's still alive, I imagine we'll be making those indeterminite plans to sell at least one of them. At that point, my mom will be 67, and likely be looking to move closer to at least one of her siblings. Or me. Oh GOD I do not want to become them, and now I'm looking at my life as theirs has been. I'm shutting up now.

Why not give up?

Sure, I did better than 2/3 of the class that I'm in. Sure, I got a solid C, without the curve. But, it really really sucks when I can argue my points till I'm blue in the face and it makes no difference.

I did 6 points better than last quarter, and I studied my butt off.

Was the test "harder"? No. Did I not learn the material? Of course I learned it. Then why did I do so poorly?

You really want to know my opinion? It's a weed out class. I was discussing this with Nala last night before I went to sleep... the questions are a) misleading, b) written poorly, and c) downright unreadable when you're under time constraint.

It was, and continues to be, apparently, a 1.5 hour midterm in a 48 minute timeslot. There is no room for checking for missed punctuation, mixed up variable names, function calls, etc. And switching assumptions (printed on page 1) halfway through a multi-part problem that's printed over pages 1, 2, and 3... that's just plain shifty.

No, I'm not saying there werent a couple speed demons in this class who got everything done in record time and got near 100%... I'm saying there were a LOT of good programmers who got left behind. Way behind.

February 11, 2003


Aaargh. Well, I can reclaim at least 8 points on this midterm, since I can point out in the book where I've gotten my answers. That gives me a solid B, if the TA decides to give the points back to me. The rest of my missing points are because I didn't carefully read the fine print. Changing assumptions about questions in mid-stream is a little shifty if you ask me, but hey, that's why this is a weed-out class. Thankfully, my logic was all correct, even if my variable names werent. And I missed 5 points on the long program for either getting the procedure name wrong (Insert(), not Add()) or calling a procedure that I didn't NEED to call.

So that's that. Teeny mistakes add up.

I have a meeting on campus, and then it's time to go home and work on my labs.

February 10, 2003

Sidebar and archives

But not like before. Aww.

It needs some adjustment, but the links are back.

I also started copying and pasting old GigaJournal archives into MovableType. I realized the importer didnt parse HTML correctly. Lovely. So, now June 02 is up. Only a few more years to go.

Ebay is evil. Like Target.

Thanks, Mike, for reminding me to Ebay.

Evil Ebay.


Well, as I noted before I wasnt feeling well this morning. However, I now have been thinking about why I wasnt feeling well.

I ate Poopa John's Pizza last night. About an hour later, I had really really hard hiccups forcing every muscle in my body to spasm. About an hour after going to sleep, I had THE ABSOLUTE WORST heartburn I've had in months. It woke me up. I tried to go back to sleep but couldnt. I could do nothing to ease it, so I got up and found some Tums, which only slightly deadened the pain, which allowed me to fall back asleep. However, about an hour later, it had returned, with a vengeance, and I added more Tums to the mix.

So that explains the nausea and other discomfort. And the hours spent awake explain the dead-tired zombie that I was for the first couple hours today.

Monday Mission 3.06

It's a Monday Mission

1. In the states, every citizen is expected to perform their civic duty and serve on a jury at some point. This week, I am on jury duty. Have you ever had to serve on a jury?

Nope. I did get a forwarded letter once, from the county court where I grew up, very upset that I didnt show up for jury duty. But, I had gotten no notice, and I hadn't lived there for years, or even voted there in years. So, I had to send them a letter back saying "You goofed. I'm not a resident."

2. If you were to ever serve on a jury, would you be able to give someone the death penalty?


3. One thing that concerns me about jury duty is what my life would be like if I had to convict someone. I'd always be worried about some sort of retaliation from the convict, or their family. Has fear of negative consequences ever kept you from reporting a crime or voicing your opinion?

Yeah, it has. Truthfully, it's more on the reporting a crime side. I just made his life miserable instead. I'm fairly free with opinions, except at work.

4. When it comes to convictions, I've never even been convicted of speeding (accused yes, but heh, never convicted). Have you ever been accused of or convicted for breaking any laws? What's the real story there?

Yeah, sure. Speeding. 5 times. And running a stop light (which I swear to this day was YELLOW)... that was on my birthday so that sucked. I've been accused of a LOT more, and maybe I'll blog about that later. The accusations were all back when I was in high school.

5. It looks like I will have a lot of time on my hands this week in the jury pool. I may get called, I may not. If not, I go back tomorrow. Rinse, wash, repeat. How would you pass the time if you had to sit and wait around from 8am-5pm for 5 days?

I imagine, without the web, I'd be doing a lot of studying or just reading.

6. One thing I do like about this "civic duty" is that it will be at the downtown courthouse. I LOVE downtown. There is just so much life there. What part of your town is your favorite to visit? Why? What makes it so special?

Downtown is fun since nobody really goes there who doesn't work there. There's plenty of good restaurants and bars, coffee shops, parks and such. And of course, the statehouse, the art museum, and a few galleries.

7. I'm not that outgoing around strangers, so I doubt I will be meeting many new people this week. Do you have any problems striking up a conversation with someone you don't know? Have chance encounters with strangers ever led to interesting new relationships or opportunities?

Um, friendships, yes, I suppose. I mean, that's how I met my friend Jay, as far as he and I can remember. I'm really shy without liquor, and really the opposite with it.

BONUS: So if I tell you that you're really something baby, will you stay or will you go away ?

I'll go away. But maybe come back later.

Monday Monday

Hey ho...

Yesterday was a totally blah day. Started with my dad calling, needing help with his computer. He just saw ScanDisk for the first time (Yes, he's still running Windows 95. Yes, I want to upgrade him. But, he doesn't really want to upgrade. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.)

So, I talked him through that, and then we ended up at Polaris to get greasy lunchtime sandwiches with Jen and Vijay. Mmmm, greasy beef-and-cheesy goodness. Followed by a hefty vanilla milkshake. Can't remember the name of the place, so if one of you guys reads this, comment, please.

Then, I tried in vain to nap.

I basically spent the rest of the day in bed, talking to friends on AIM.

This morning, I feel like total crap. Almost like I have the flu. But, I went to work, and here I sit. I even had to dress up again today for a rescheduled meeting which I must attend. I think I may take a partial day sick afterwards.

February 8, 2003

A remembered rhyme

Ham Ram Sheep and Mutton
Eat them all and be a glutton.

Where... where did this come from?
I remember my dad telling me this when I was little.

Lamb Ram Sheep and Mutton
makes more sense to me.

So, I called my dad, and after he said hello, I said
Ham Ram Sheep and Mutton
Eat them all and be a glutton

He laughed, and I said "where did that come from?"
He didnt know, but he had heard it when he was little. And then he asked my mom, who had not heard it till she heard it from him.

So, if anybody has an idea... let me know.

Wow. Ohio Girls Like Anal.

That illicit fifth base, an editorial in Ohio U's student paper.

home late, early risin'

got home at 9:30ish. my part of the server migration was to check and make sure no connections were broken between the webserver and its coldfusion implementation and the file server. We checked two of the connections before I left, and the rest of the gang had instructions to call me if they needed me.

Apparently, they didnt, which was nice for me, since I got to sleep.

February 7, 2003

heigh ho, heigh ho

i'm still at work. it's almost 6. Whee! who knows how much longer. the guys said they want to leave for dinner while the second batch of TIFs gets copied over (something like 400GB, if I recall. Yes, I said Gigabytes. Yes, I know that's like a half Terabyte), since it's gonna take a while.

But, it also means we'll be here longer.

And I'm sitting here waiting to do my part. Blah. I'm so bored that I'm blogging and running WebTrends reports for January.

Maya and Ken and MaxPower, if you're listening, drink one for me. And Nala, please please feel better soon.

friday five

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you didn't have breakfast, why not?

I had a late breakfast of hot chocolate (vending machine) and two iced cherry Pop Tarts. Only because I was COLD. Otherwise I would've had my requisite Slim Fast.

2. What's your favorite cereal?

Honestly? Frosted mini-wheats or Cheerios with added sugar, or BooBerry. I wasn't allowed to have sugared cereals growing up, so I just had BooBerry a couple years ago thanks to Nala's mom.

3. How often do you eat out? Do you want that to change?

Out of 19 meals, I usually eat IN for 8 or so. The others, whether salad or steak, fried or baked, I try to find relatively cheap and healthy, unless I'm craving something. I've been eating way tooooo much garbage lately. Fries, steaks, gravy. Bad bad bad. At least I've been keeping my portions down for all but 2 or 3 meals... I wish somebody could do the same.

4. What do you plan on having for dinner tonight? Got a recipe for that?

No idea. I probably should just finish the leftover chicken breast and mushroom sauce in the fridge. But, alas, they will probably go to waste too. Ack... the fat. We could end up at one of the usual places though. It is Friday, after all.

5. What's your favorite restaurant? Why?

Favorite restaurant? Hm. What meal? And does it have to be local? I know, just answer the damn question... Bean Bag Cafe in SF, dinner, pastas. They had a prawn and cream sauce pasta dish that was FANTASTIC. I want it again so badly I would almost spend the money to go NOW! I'm hungry!

In Columbus, it all depends on the food... and the meal. If I want gyros, I hit Apollos. If I want breakfast, Annies makes the best French Toast, while Tommy's has the best overall breakfast. If I want generican, Mac's burgers, or Mohawk's eclectic menu. If I want steak, Marshall's or Hoggy's. Italian? Well, I'm working on that. Taj Mahal has good Indian. Haiku, Restaurant Japan, and the Japanese Oriental Restaurant have good sushi. Japanese Steakhouse has great hibachi-cooked food, but again, I've only been there once. Japanese Oriental has good Korean too. Mexican, El Vaquero. Pizza by the slice? Flying Pizza. Homestyle greasy eclectic diner with really good lentil soup? Blue Danube.

Whew. I worked up an appetite.

nervous and sick and pissed off


Midterm in 2 hrs. 10 mins.
1 hr. 40 minutes left to study.

Woke up with a sore throat. Damn cat left the bedroom door wide open, and the cold air just whipped in. GOT to start locking it. Seriously.

Well, that, and finishing putting plastic over our windows.

Glanced through my email. Nothing good. Stupidos over at the alumni board decided not to play nice again. I'm sick of it, but I'm also not done testing our Ikonboard setup. (Note to self: try locking out different forums to different members, and registered vs. unregistered.)

Which reminds me I need to release that to a few more people. Erik, Ken, and maybe Josie and ... a bunch more. Including the 2 troublemakers.

Ok, time to let the hoont out and get back to studying.

February 6, 2003

train wreck

oy. wacko jacko. that's all i have to say. i cant believe we're watching this.


"That's the best you could come up with? Weeks of downtime, and that's it?"

Yes, of course, it's all about pleasing my fans. Ha.

Frankly, I don't give a damn whether anybody likes it or not. I sure don't, but it's back up. I still have a ton of coding to do, but at least it's back up now.

Like, for instance, I need to convert it to PHP.
And, add back in my links.
And, the content from my other sites.
And, the photos.

And add some color. And visual interest. Let's face it, the two rectangle layout has been done to death.

I'm tired. Tired of studying. Tired of coding. Tired of school and tired of work.

That made me think of Dead Dog's song, Grr Argh...

"I hate work, I hate school, I hate my friends, I hate my life,
Kill me, kill me, kill me, get it over with."

For the alumni site, I need to open it up to more testing, add some categories, and see if I can merge the two databases. I should be able to.

I'm heading home. At least for a little while. I need net access to finish some things.

Maybe I'll hit Cup O Joe in a bit. But it's always so crowded.


Can I express to you my need for coffee? I took the day off from work to study, and for the last 20 minutes I've been catching up on emails and web message boards. And, I checked on this download I've been inching along at for days. Stalled at 488M. So, I double clicked to download, but instead of hitting "resume" i clicked on "overwrite". Meaning it's starting all over again, and I'm now at 30M of 588M.

I need coffee. And perhaps some eggs and toast.

February 5, 2003

It's new, but boring

Ok, so I finally put SOMEthing back up on this site. Know why? Because I was tired of it being down. It's not pretty, and it's not fancy. It just is.

I'm back.

February 4, 2003

what i want...

The next piece of equipment I shall buy (aside from a new Airport) is: this 4-port USB KVM Switch with shared hub. No, it's not sexy like some of its counterparts, but it's also $50 cheaper.

I still need to set us up the bomb. Er, I mean, set up the 8-port router/switch from pre-Christmas. It's 100Mbps, and it has a built in firewall.

Kickin ass and takin names. One of these days. Post midterm. Yeah. Just like I'll finish these site redesigns. And the new ACRNalumni site. Yeah.