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a half day left

i have only 3.5 hours of work, and one of those is in a meeting. woohoo! the turkey is thawing, the tables are set up, the rug is in. i'm taking my final shopping list with me today to stop on the way home.

yeah, the dining room isnt to the state I would've liked, but it's time for me to let it go. almost.

nala says the area rug is my 30th birthday present. yeah, i cant contain my excitement :)

once the food is on the table and the candles are lit, it is going to be fab. that's all that matters, I guess.

this afternoon, much cleaning and preparation awaits me.

clean clean clean :) busy little bee. i am SO ready for this :)

see some of you tomorrow! you have the address, you have the phone number. I didnt send out directions or a mapquest link yet, i know. slacker.

my friend geoff always tries to get me to realize that nothings worth stressing over. it never has worked :) but once in a while, i stress less. today is one of those days.

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