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i've watched my mood go from good to defeated in 5 seconds. i'm feeling deja vu from 3 years ago. remember, jay? when had 10 people confirmed for Thanksgiving, and just us 3 cooks showed up for the meal?

my hosting a dinner seems all about making food for half to one third as many people as say they will show up. never, EVER, does anything I plan ever go right. this is why i dont celebrate my birthday. i dont think i could deal with the rejection if people said they would come and didnt.

my blood sugar must be too low. i'm having the mood swing from hell.

i give up. i must type up the notes for the presentation tomorrow.
and feed and poop the hoont.


I understand - happen(ed) to me all the time. Note the past tense, as now we have child *and* obnoxious dogs, which means no one ever comes over to our house anymore.

Plus, people get freaked out by my cooking. Have to remember that most people in cowtown get freaked out by my snooty food.

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