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can nbc4 count?

While I'll agree this IS news, I think NBC4's editors better quit sensationalizing. 66+15 = 81. Not 100.

And what dumbasses APD were... come on. You bring in extra cops EVERY OTHER YEAR to help with the celebration. Where were they this time? Jesus.

I'm not condoning bad behavior, but I'm being a realist. "Oh my god, it was so bad we couldnt handle it." Well you can handle the time-change riots with brute (and excessive) force, why not Halloween you stupid hicks! Do you forget from year to year what it's like?

Now, of course, it could be the reporting (which I already said was flawed), but honestly, you couldnt go 20 feet without bumping into a cop when I was there at Halloween.

Dumb asses, all of them. Students, friends, cops, reporters.

Praise to the State Patrol though. They kicked ass, if you believe the last part of the article.

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