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ciw or not ciw

who exactly came up with certifications to be a webmaster? all of a sudden, I started seeing classes and tests to be a "certified webmaster", and now it's become a status symbol.

Are you certified? Why yes, I am. Certified to have 10 years experience. Which, I realize, may not always show, but that's the nature of client sites. They get what they want. They don't listen to reason.

So... Let's just see how much this thing is going to run me, eh? $125 per test. Plus self-study materials. Oh you've GOT to be kidding.


you should see what it costs to become certified in webct - $2,200 class, and $300 a year to renew (that's if you pass the first time). Plus, all the documentation of professional development, etc.

Oh pitiful! I'm rolling with laughter as you read this. Followed with some eye-rolling. But I definitely agree... the clients get what they want. I'm not always proud to say "hey I did that" because it's so not my taste, but they're paying for it. And I never had to get "certified".

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