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The political activists are at it again, this time getting a little more active in their activism. Over the past couple weeks, tires of SUVs have been slashed. Most recently on Wednesday, when all the SUVs on Weber were hit. All. From cars that are barely SUVs (the Honda CRV) to Jeep Cherokees (not GRANDE Cherokees, mind you) to the real gas guzzlers.

How long before MY car gets targeted: the poor man's sedan. Unless you can afford $14k or more for a car, typically you get the least fuel efficiency. My car gets 18-20MPG when using the defroster or the a/c, 22-24 highway without it. That's WORSE than the Honda CRV. A hair better than the Cherokee and the Explorer 2WD.

Now, of course, I understand environmentalists. I would much rather be driving a car which was efficient, but I cant afford it. I dont need an SUV, so I dont have one.

But my friend Dan, who has a wife and two kids and frequently tows a camper and goes off-roading, got hit by these bastards. Three of his tires were slashed. You know what that means? That means not only does he have to pay the insurance deductible, but also pay for his own 4th tire, and as you might've guessed, those arent the tires you get for $20 at WalMart. Four new tires is about $400.

Merry f*cking Christmas, jerkoffs.


That sucks the major balls.

Wow. I didn't see that in the Dispatch (but I'm not thorough when I read it). Where was this published? This is quite shocking. Clintonville seems radically left but I never thought they'd be this stupid. Too bad.

Anecdotal, really, from the cops up there to my coworker.

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