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gaming memories

Since I've been in touch with a lot of people I used to play RPGs with, I've thought about some of the lame characters I used to have.

We once played a totally LAME round of Marvel Super Heroes. If you've ever played, you know how lame the made-up characters can be. My character was Zamfir, and about his only real power was turning into an ungodly loud and irritating Pan Flute, which one of the other players would have to play to disarm/distract the enemies. My god, the silliness of it. My roommate, Dru, really got into that one though, and while my character didn't see much action, he did get a lot of bonuses for being so incredibly lame and difficult to play.

When running Villains Unlimited, I played a cyborg/martial artist/assassin named Hotfoot, whose gimmick was a flamethrower in his foot. He did pretty well, surprisingly, despite the psychological penalties.

Today, my friend Danny pointed me to the "hero generator" and for fun, I recreated Hotfoot, with a few upgrades. Now both legs and both arms are bionic, and he's bought a bit more tech. And, he had the flamethrower moved to a more practical location.

[image to follow]


I know nothing about video games past, say, 1986. But, my roommates apparently can relate. Our apartment: Dark Age of Camelot all-day, everyday. I suggested they install quarter machines on the front of their PCs -- recoup *some* of the cost of the bandwidth they use because of Battle.net or whatever it is.

Er... video games? What're those? Roll 10D6 to save against geekitude...

Oh... thhoooosseeee kind of RPGs. Shows how in touch wtih the gaming world I really am.

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