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if walls could talk, ohio style


This weekend, I was trying to figure out how to fit our dvd collection into the closet, and how best to build in shelves which wouldnt disrupt its use. I discovered an exposed stud and shims on the inside of the closet doorframe.

As I ran my hand up the inside of the wall, toward the current shelf, my hand hit a small cardboard box, wedged between the stud and the shelf. I carefully pried it loose, and discovered a name, a date "1951", and the abbreviation "Dent", printed on both the end and top of the box.

I questioned myself whether I should open it. I did, of course, only to discover quite a few fake teeth, 3 real teeth, and some other small dental-ish thingys.

It was a very cool surprise. Someone who lived in our house was in dental school.


...or a crazy person.

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