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wow. seven of us enjoyed a huge, but non-gluttonous meal in our dining room around a not-so-bad-looking table, if i do say so.

i felt bad for my TA, not knowing anyone, but i think she had fun, too. at least the food was good, and she didnt seem to be moping.

this morning, I got up to go buy a tree, but then decided against venturing out. i'm not agoraphobic (sp?), but i do dislike crowds to a high extent. several other deals were also passed up: cheap lcd monitors, a new desk, etc.

i guess we might go see a movie tonight. it's very weird to have a day off, and not be venturing to the outerbelt to shop, or be working on the house. it's raining/snowing, and impossible to work outside.

i should do my taxes again. i should go to the bank.
i should plan my new office, moneywise.

but, i'm a lame-o, so i might just watch tivo.

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