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my wishlist

well, i've decided to finally make my wishlist for Christmas and birthday:

1) a fully-paid optometrist appointment (i made this already, Dec. 12)
2) a fully-paid dental appointment (made this too, Nov. 25)
3) a haircut
4) new comfy dress shoes (1pr brown, 1pr black, preferably oxfords so i can dress up or down)
5) a new shirt and tie, maybe. and a couple new pairs of khakis. (i'm down to 2).
6) time to re-do my taxes
7) money to get my will done (or free legal services, hint hint, you lawyer friends of mine...)
8) I suppose a new iBook battery would be nice.

Yeah, everything else I've kinda got covered already. Aside from winning the lotto, there isnt much else I would want anyone to give me, or that I would buy for myself. I'm pretty content. The lotto wish would only be to get debt free. (pay off the house and car). That's all. I dont wish for much.

I am kinda drooling over the new 20" iMacs tho. Damn.

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