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screeching kids... ugh!

Normally, I wouldnít care if OC and his sidekick brought their kids to work. Sidekick frequently does bring hers. But, I donít usually have the office adjacent to the room they're in. Right now they're in the lunchroom and right on the other side of the wall from me, screaming their heads off, instead of the other building up the street.

I'm actually being really really tolerant. I like kids! Their laughter is pure. But they donít belong here, screaming their little heads off. This isnt KinderCare. I've considered going to complain, but I donít want retribution.

If I ever screamed like that when I was younger, I'd have had something to scream about...

You barely show up for work, and now when you do, you bring your kids? Um, no. Hire a sitter, or something. An emergency, sure. Daily, no.

And no, you CANT play with my toys. Those are reserved for the good kids who behave.

If you can't take responsibility for your kids, perhaps you should have them taken away and given to someone who WILL. Hell, even my parents wanted another kid. I'm sure they'd take one who was already potty trained and knew his or her ABC's. These two can even read, I think. Perfect.


If there is anything I hate more than having to listen to screaming children, I'm not quite sure what that would be. Unfortunately, for me it's an everyday, on-the-job hazard. For which I should be receiving danger bonuses, but don't. Man, the first time I screamed when I was out in public or at work with my parents or grandparents, was the last time I screamed in public that day. Kids today don't have any discipline. Rather, parents today don't give any discipline.

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