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turkey turkey turkey

So, with the turkey voucher from Nala, and the "Attaboys" I got from work, Thanksgiving should be free this year, aside from maybe the liquor. I have wine confirmation... and now we're up to a definite 5 people with 4 maybes and a couple non-responders.

Vijay and FabJ
Me, and Nala
and my german ta (now definite) and her husband (maybe)
Leni and Cyndi (maybes)

Mike, are you alone for t-giving? Wanna partake in a big banquet of holiday goodness? Fforest? how about you? We cater to the orphans and t-com workers...

Ah, I am SO glad to be doing this. While I get all stressed out every year, I DO have a lot of fun overall. Mmmm. I am so excited. I remember last year fondly, even though we went to my parents.. the food was excellent. I may even attempt to make my mom's famous pie crust. There will be pumpkin pie, for sure.

Oh, I could do a happy dance... So excited.


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Hmmm... maybe so! Not sure what's going on that far down the road yet. (Ok, so it's not that far down the road... but my feeble mind can't comprehend more than two days ahead.)

a mostly free thankgiving, whoa. lucky!

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