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June 30, 2004


I might be going to a concert tonight. The Magnetic Fields are playing Weigel Auditorium. A friend of a friend, who was on the guest list, is backing out, and our mutual friend is trying to see if I can go in her place.

I won't know till later this evening. My whole week has been a downer, so I kinda hope I can get someone to go with me. Nala can't, Jen can't, Jacob can't, Amit can't. So, I IM'd Link. I think he at least knows who they are. He's at the gym right now, and if I find out he can't, I still have another call to make before I say to hell with it, cook up some hotdogs, sit on the deck and read my comics.

This week... ugh.


Today sucks much ass, as has the entire week so far. But, in light of that, two major pain in the ass projects are slated to be complete tomorrow, and then another by end of next week.

I got Friday off. A much needed stress break, I think. I may sleep in. I have plenty of things to work on both around the house and on the dreaded book. And pay bills. And and and and...

My list is ever-growing.

Right now, I feel ill. I want to go home.

June 29, 2004

and one more thing

wtf is up with this shit?


insane and angry.

and you know what? i should be fine. i shouldn't be this way. is it my blood sugar? stress? high blood pressure? all of the above? all i know is i can be fine one minute and all "HULK SMASH!" the next.

but first, i have to finish these projects at work.

neglect and anger


You all know that I'm a bitter angry man. and lately i've been neglecting my site. I didnt even talk about this weekend, the plants, the movie, dinners, cookouts, cyclists, Aussies, and surprise visits from the New York fab. (God, it was so good to see her, and some long-lost married friends!)

But, what I've come to talk about this morning is consistency. Specifically in writing. Specifically when doing lists.

There's nothing that bugs me more than when somebody gets it WRONG. Especially someone in a position of authority, who supposedly knows more than I do. It's maddening. (Which of course makes me think of football announcer John Madden, which only makes me more frustrated.)

I'm having one of those bang-on-the-metal-trash-can days, because that makes more sense than what I'm doing.

Let me try to explain, in brief. First, we are supposed to follow a set of guidelines for web publishing here where I work. A set of rules that tell us how to make things accessible to everyone, which included making things the least confusing and most consistent.

So, I'm given a document made up of several lists. I break it down into styles, and lay out the list as follows. (this is almost guaranteed to look different, but I will try, within simple simple html in MovType to get it close).



  • List
    • of
    • items
  • Can
    • you
    • appreciate
    • this?

Well... it looked good. Neat. Clean. Sure, it was awkward when the lists were short, but it was consistent.

Now, instead, I have this, when the lists were too long:


Subheading: List, of, items Can, you, appreciate, this?

But then it switches back and forth. 3 times. On one page. I'm leaving my initial lists. He's going to have to tell me again to change it. I can't see switching from list to paragraph and back again THREE TIMES. It just doesnt make sense.

If a Wookie lived on Endor, you must acquit.

June 25, 2004

new (old) computer

well. i did it.

i bought my dad a new(er) computer. of course, if I get my old dual-processor working ok, I might just give it to him instead, and keep the 1GHz P3 with plenty of RAM.

I should be able to pick it up in the next 10 days, although I'm told by folks here I will probably be able to get it today.

yes, like i needed another project. well, keeping in touch with my family has become a priority.

June 24, 2004


my parents' home was broken into on Tuesday. all that was stolen was their guns, which were well hidden. their door was kicked in, and nothing else seemed to have been taken.

yes, guns. they live on a big farm in rural ohio. everyone has guns. not to mention some were antique and one was rare and belonged to my grandfather. it was one of if not my dad's single-most prized possession.

now, if i lived in the middle of nowhere, my house was broken into in daylight, and my guns were stolen, and the person knew right where to look, I think I would be a little paranoid.

June 22, 2004

My god, the beauty of it...

Ok, Jay is now a homeowner.
And yes, his house needs some cosmetic love.

But, check out this matching refrigerator/freezer set, displayed below by our friend Erik. These suckers cost something like $3k apiece in stainless at The Great N-doors.


See photos of Jay's matching 2-oven range (and other fine amenities) in Liz's archives here.

June 21, 2004

eye spy... or not

so... i went in for my 3pm appointment at 3pm, and waited till 3:40 when the girls at the registration desk realized I had signed in, and then called the optometrist who I had an appointment with.

turns out, she had called my house at 3:25 to cancel my appointment and reschedule, but I was sitting in the waiting room.

so, when she came and got me, there was another partial eye exam (ugh!) before they dilated my pupil, and then -- an hour. then 4 bad snapshots showing nothing, a $15 copay, and I have to go get a retinal scan in 2 weeks.

and then a 35 minute walk home with dilated pupils.


weekend update

so, i blew off this weekend, mostly. i worked a lot on the family history, and not much else, even when i was supposed to mow the grass (I had to go to work, then made a side trip to computer shop for dad.)

the fab j's birthday party was great, but unfortunately started out for me at a cramped Basi restaurant, formerly Pisa Pete's, with some good wine but bland food. The company was great, and the bland food made all the more exciting by "taste this. it's bitter."

then we went to the de-gayed Press Grille. Nice. very urban chic... i mean in the atmosphere... the decor hasnt changed in years. mohitos were yummy.

and with any luck, you may see a photo of myself, Nala, and fab J's breasts in the Alive this week. I hope it's the good one. You know, where I dont look drunk or stoned. Woohoo!

Urban Hipster, I am not, so it will be fun to see if the photo makes it in.

June 18, 2004


so monday i have an optometrist appointment. they will dilate my pupils, and photograph the "freckle" inside. you remember... the big scary freckle, the one that might be cancer, but they didnt photograph in december so they dont know if it grew.

i'm a big meanie.

just thought you should all know.

god, i try not to be. really. especially when writing.
sometimes it just still comes across that way.

now this is going to eat at me all day.
and the reprimand, too.
good god. all because someone didnt RTFM.

some people would laugh this off.
but me, now i'll stress about it all day, even though i was right.
i'll stress about it next week, even though i was right.

i am tempted to call HR. really.
all i did was explain something in an email.

stressed now. stomach acid building. want to go home.
cant even go to the party this morning because of the discomfort.

delete delete delete

I've been doing a lot of deleting lately, at least here, in my virtual world. Yesterday I posted a lengthy foray into my stupidly blind friendship with an old fellow drunk of mine, and the friends I've lost because of it. And then I deleted it. It was pretty hard to read, so it's gone.

And then all the spammers. I realized why I kept getting spam on the one entry.. I had missed a couple spam comments, so they were drawing more to me. So they're all gone now. I hope.

And, I deleted a few inflammatory posts on the alumni site. It's back to that again, and I'm sick of it.

More news later.

June 15, 2004

a small revelation or two

so i got thinking about my genealogy and my current interest in it.

i'm a collector. gotta catch em all.

that, plus the need to be connected to a family ... that certainly makes me an optimal researcher on this project.

the drive is there. the collector mentality is there...

i found out my dad was named for my helper's grandfather. that means something to me. i found out my great grandfather was drinking one night and got killed by a train, leaving my grandfather and his siblings without a father, and their mother without a husband for 8 years. but then she remarried and moved the family to Washington, with her German/Russian son-in-law.

They moved back before 1930, and her second husband either died or was divorced. That's apparently when she moved in with my grandmother and grandfather. But not for long.

A mother in law is a mother in law in any generation, I guess. (Although mine might drive me crazy, I still like her.)

June 14, 2004

happy love day

to those crazy "newlyweds" over at the kpduty...


June 13, 2004

family gone wild.

I've come into a huge lot of information regarding my extended ancestry, and it hasn't been all sunshine and roses, either, as you can see by my last entry.

My father keeps saying "you keep digging and you're going to find something you don't want to see." He isnt sure what, but he seems to have an overwhelming sense of dread when it comes to my digging on that side.

I don't have a clue what he thinks I might find. I mean, sure, I was related to half of the county, but having over 50 cousins in one generation makes for a huge family tree.

I have been blessed with a grandmother who has some memory of both relatives who were living when she was young, and stories of those who passed away earlier.

I have also been blessed with the diligent research of an previously unknown second cousin in New York. This woman deserves many thanks for documenting her side of the family, and helping me with my quest for my own. Without her, I would not have just found the link between my great-grandfather and the family history recorded in the 1920s which was missing a page, and records the genealogy back to 1735 in Virginia.

My dad was named for his great uncle, this cousin's grandfather.

So thanks, Judy. I'm glad to call you cousin. Your newspaper clippings and census research have helped me greatly to fill in gaps.

June 8, 2004

dont drink and drive your buggy

[Great-grandfather] Instantly Killed at Miller's Crossing
Went to Sleep on The Tracks Saturday Night
Body Found, Sunday Morning And Brought to Wolfe's Morgue-- Funeral Monday

While sleeping on the westbound Pennsylvania tracks at Miller's Crossing, one mile west of West Lafayette, [great grandfather] aged 38, was struck by a train some time between 10 and 2 o'clock Saturday night and killed.

His dead body was discovered lying between the eastbound and westbound tracks by Frank B. of Coshocton, who was walking home from West Lafayette about 2 o'clock Sunday morning. [great grandfather] was last seen alive by Ernest D. of West Lafayette, the operator at the Morgan Run crossing, who found [great grandfather] sitting on the westbound track around 10 o'clock. D. was going home. He got [great grandfather] up off the track and [great grandfather] promised he would not sit down on the tracks again but would go on home. He talked sensibly and D. could only leave him alone. He probably sat down on the tracks again and may have been struck by the midnight train no. 25.

When found, his head was crushed in at the forehead and he evidently had been struck in the head by the engine or knocked in such a way that his head struck the ground with terrific force. The only other bruise on his body was on the left elbow where a round patch of skin was knocked off. The body was brought to Coshocton on a hand car about daylight and was met at the station here by Undertaker Wolfe and taken to Wolfe's morgue on Fourth street in the ambulance. He was identified by relatives and friends in Coshocton. At 11:30 Sunday, undertaker Noah Rehard arrived from West Lafayette and drove back with the body.

[great grandfather] was a coal miner employed at Louis Summer's mine about three miles southwest of West Lafayette and about five miles north of Plainfield. He leaves a wife and three children, the oldest being nine years old, in very poor circumstances.

[great grandfather] had driven to West Lafayette Sunday evening and bought some groceries and then returned to his home with the provisions. Later, he and Frank Haver, who figured in another accident a few weeks ago near Morgan Run, drove to Coshocton. Saturday evening, [great grandfather], Haver, and George Lint started for home in [great grandfather]'s buggy. When Mr. Lint's home was reached near the infirmary, Lint and Haver got out and [great grandfather] drove on alone. It seems he got lost and when he reached Dave Noble's he got out and went in the house.

He told them his name and wanted to know where he was. They got him in the buggy again and he started on, but it wasnt very long until they heard a noise out in the barnyard and were surprised when they went out to find [great grandfather]'s buggy still there. Sunday morning they learned that he had been killed about a mile farther on.

[great grandfather] was born in the Plainfield vicinity and was known in the eastern section of the county although he lived a humble life. He was industrious and a good provider, it is said.

The funeral services were held Monday afternoon. The cortege left the house about 1 o'clock for the MP church at Plainfield where the services were conducted at 2 o'clock by Reverend Hewitt. Interment was made in Plainfield cemetery.

[great grandfather] was dressed in his old clothes Saturday night with a black slouch hat. When found, he had no coat on having left it in the buggy. In his trousers was found a pocket book containing 40 cents in money and the memorandum for groceries which he had purchased Saturday evening.

William L. of Coshocton, is a brother of [great grandfather] and Louis Bassett of the Citizens Telephone Co. is a brother in law.


family news.

kind of exciting.

I woke up this morning, and checked my email, and got a nice email from a lady who had been researching my family. She's my dad's second cousin.

She told me a TON of information, and then I emailed her back with some, and then she emailed me back with more!

She has run into the weirdness that I had seen with Lorenzo and Lemuel (probably brothers). She knew about Aunt Lillie. She told me that my dad's uncle also had kids.

So... the missing family info might be in reach. If two of us work together, we might find the right link. Unfortunately my last name seems to be like the Smith of that area. Fun.

June 4, 2004


A big "WTF?" when I opened Google News this morning...

Bush compares War on Terror to WWII.


Microsoft patents double-click on mobile devices. Sorta.

June 3, 2004


"Um... this computer says my anti-virus software has been corrupted and I can't click on anything at all now."

[I go pick up the machine in question]

Hm. McAfee needs reinstalled and upgraded, then the system needs scanned by all the anti-spyware tools, then THE OWNER OF SAID MACHINE NEEDS TO UPGRADE FROM A FRIGGIN 166MHz SHITBOX! AAARGH!

Oh wait, why were they using a shitbox? Because their less-shitty box got eaten by a virus loaded on it by one of their less-than-scrupulous employees.

I hate filling in for our systems guy.

June 1, 2004

high school baseball

I knew a few guys who played high school baseball back home way back when, so when I hit the Google news page, saw WTOV9 as a news link, and then went to their home page and saw this, I had to post it. We never went anywhere with baseball. Football and basketball, tennis and golf, sure.

After scoring the game's first run in the bottom of the first, the Rocks surrendered five runs in the top of the third to Federal Hocking. But Barnesville struck right back in the bottom of the third frame by posting eight runs and taking a 9-5 lead. Craig Miller got the win in relief for the Shamrocks who will now face New Albany on Friday morning at 10:00AM at Thurman Munson Stadium in Canton.

I don't have much school spirit when it comes to my alma mater, especially when I don't know the players anymore, but it's gotta have the whole town behind the team. Baseball. Who'da thunk it?


so... i talked to my mom this weekend, and it turns out her hometown (and actually a lot of my family's hometown, including Addie) is having their bicentennial this month.

we were talking about Silas's "physical prowess" -- he had 12 kids. Most of the families around there seem to have had 5 or more. she says "why do you think we're related to every damn person in that town?"

Turns out both uncles and probably my aunt are going. It would be a perfect time to go and gather information. Too bad I probably can't, since too many folks here are already on vacation that weekend (June 17-20).

Now, I'm trying to find the Phillips Wing reunion. Looks like it's probably during "Old Home Days," which would be August 20-22 this year. A distant cousin of mine seems to be the town manager, so I could ask her.

And... serendipitously, I found some information I had been looking for! Woohoo!