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January 28, 2006

wow. it's saturday, and i'm not having GVKH breakfast

dreaming of it, of course, but not having it.
perhaps tomorrow.

last night was jay's big birthday bash at a place called Hamburger Mary's. Burgers are good, and big, but they're no Thurmans. Apparently they're gonna open one in the old Functional Furnishings building. I, however, probably wont go -- way gay. Decent food and prices (half pound burger and fries for $7.95), but unless you're a twink or a muscle queen, dont expect to get timely refills on your drinks. especially if you're only drinking soda.

But, it wasnt about the service -- it was about the fun. We did have a great deal of fun -- mostly talking geek speak. Lots of Doctor Who. BSG. The occasional Lost and Invasion. Comics. Dan's "Hulk smash!" made me feel like I was in with the right crowd. (Well, that and Liz and Erik singing the Doctor Who theme... but I knew they were fun years ago. HI LIZ!)

so anyway, i'm hearing rumblings in the next room, which hopefully means there's coffee soon. i need coffee, and i'm not above making some myself, if i can find it.


January 27, 2006

hit the road, jack

it's friday! i'm hitting rush hour! hooray!
see you soon!

and one more gripe before the goddamn weekend

this is something that hasnt happened in a long time, but just happened again today.

management decided to promise a (former) customer something that we cannot possibly do (the right way) for another 6 months at least.

another pet peeve, before i go away for the day

debit cards. they're awesome.

however, apparently they can pay for your stuff even when you dont have cash in your account. i wasnt as diligent as I usually am, and got hammered with $42 in NSF fees yesterday, which probably even impacted my fucking credit. and all my transactions for the last 2 weeks have been using my card.


fuckers. how can i use money i dont have when it's drawing against my account? i dont get it. i dont wanna get it, i just want it to work. i want it to be declined if i dont have the cash. jerks.

ok... it's meeting time. i'm gone for now.

friday? monday?

wtf day is it anyway? this morning, I ran around like a madman, trying to get my shit together for work and for tonight's journey to the land of the ultraconservatives.

i need coffee. and a fucking sedative, simultaneously. and i could use a drink, but i cant, because of the goddamn antibiotics which are causing me to not only sleep poorly, but also to bloat. hooray for bloating! cant wait for another week to be done with the damn things. i need so desperately to return to normal.

7 more days.

they arent all that bad, really -- i told nala i felt better yesterday than i had in months. MONTHS! which figures, because I'd had that icky throaty gagging cough for a LONG time, and hadnt been able to completely shake it. now i've still got a little, but hopefully not for long.

oh, and i have to lay off the sweets with this crap, too. GODDAMN I NEED A FUCKING CAKE with FROSTING. or a HOSTESS FRUIT PIE. They're taunting me from the vending machine... 7 more days, at least. *sigh* And I cant take antacids with this shit either -- so I have to steer clear of things that give me heartburn. Including the aforementioned sweets. So, lets see-- cant eat what I want. Bloated. Cant drink. Cant sleep.

I feel great!

January 26, 2006

we need a new name. how about...


i only wish i was joking

and if I showed an example of the other crap, you'd laugh your ass off. 4 fonts in a business card. FOUR.

ok, granted, only some of you will understand this, but come on.


well, i ordered my first printed photos from digital media today... two 8x10s of the Ellis River in Andover, Maine. One facing east, one facing west. i'm hoping they'll look suitable mounted in giant matted frames on either side of the master suite.

it got me thinking, though, about how many of my different photos aren't even on flickr. they're just sitting somewhere on a disk. literally "somewhere" because i dont have a good system of archiving.

and now, i'm looking through my galleries for a series of 3-6 photos for yet another oversized frame. there's some old shots of the "new barn" before the whole thing was demolished. there's some shots of George (the cat) looking cute. there's shots of the different falls near Grafton Notch. there's even shots of different sites up the coast of Maine.

there's bound to be some scenic shots that would work together.

happy belated, jayboy

along with updating my bank account, i forgot this yesterday.
hope it was filled with hot lovin, good food, and better drink.

January 25, 2006

zdiagrams and work work work

i forgot how bad i hate Illustrator.
and now I'm working in InDesign, but I'm still not comfortable.
Perhaps I should work within Freehand. Like the old days.

But maybe it's time to change.

January 24, 2006

hooked on BSG, excited about Who

In a recent phone conversation with my mom regarding cable tv (and whether they're caught up on their favorite shows), she told me they were caught up on BSG. I told her we'd been watching the new Doctor Who, and she asked about where I'd found the old episodes... to which I replied "they're new! 2005!"

"New?! They started making them again?"

"Yep. All new. And they start on Sci Fi in March."

"Really? We'll have something to watch when Battlestar ends"

My mom actually sounded excited about Who. The world is a scary place.

January 23, 2006

to do, Jan 2006

0) christmas decor down
1) updates to acrnalumni database
2) updates to acrnalumni message board software
3) finish archiving BSG for Frowny
4) finish curtains for nook
5) family cookbook started. again.
6) linens sorted/goodwilled.
7) guest closet sorted/goodwilled.
8) guest headboard fixed
9) bookshelves to Mr B.
10) plan comic sorting/gifting party.
11) get rid of all duplicate action figures, whether to charity or to some vendor.
12) taxes.

January 17, 2006

fun on a tuesday


i spent virtually all day Sunday and Monday trying to get a large SVCD-ready mpeg2 to fit on a single cd. Now, smaller files, encoded the same way, worked fine. But, when they were at the limit, my burner just said "nuh uh" even with overburning turned on. I tried it on a different machine, but the burner re-encoded crap and it wasnt viewable once burned.

i'm at my wits end with this. if i knew more about video and codecs and stuff like that, then maybe i could figure out how to re-encode and split the file, but for now, it aint working. not in any combination i tried.



January 12, 2006

damn you, doctor!

ok, i had fully planned to be on time for work this morning. and then i put the cd in the player to make sure it was playable.

and then... i got sucked in.

now, i wasnt really late -- just not on my preferred schedule.

lord of time, indeed.

January 11, 2006

a quick catch up

i've got a cold. again. maybe still. but it's more of an annoyance than anything.

work... is work. i'm hating it. i need an escape and a break from the monotony. apparently, i've also become an asshole, which is always nice to hear from your boss.

i'm sick of the stupidity. i need a change, maybe. or maybe i just need to quit caring so much about what happens in management and just stick to coding. of course, that's not my nature.

so... code code code.

btw, the new Doctor Who rocks balls. BALLS! addicted, i am. still need to finish watching The Green Death... Jo's last episode. Of course, I have about a half dozen more new docs to watch. ah, i love them so very much.

ok... so back to the grind.

January 9, 2006

uh. yeah.

so, today is the first day of my new weekly vacation.

my goals: laundry, dishes, and insulation. and hopefully getting disk 1 of frowny's bsg archived. if i get the walls washed for nala, so much the better.

it's already lunchtime. i havent accomplished much aside from pissing everyone off at work. that was easy. they forgot i have mondays off till March. i kept hearing a muffled ringing but thought it was in the tv -- turns out they were calling my cell, which i left upstairs and under a pile of blankets on the bed.

and the weird dreams keep on coming: first, i told off my aunt and gained respect from my cousin (her son) for doing it, despite my also taking a jab at him. she had said something about my parents (who may or may not've been dead in the dream) being, essentially (i'm paraphrasing) no-good uneducated losers. my response seemed elequent in the dream, but basically called her out for marrying money and sitting on her educated ass while her children a) walked all over her, and b) didnt finish high school, let alone college, and havent held a job ever. " and why do you think they moved to the other edge of the country?"

then, night before last was the night of the baby dreams. both nala and i had them. a little boy. in mine he was fairly new, still that matted hair that is so coarse on newborns. naladad was holding him. sitting next to nalamom on an unidentified couch. i dont even have dreams featuring my own family, so it seemed kind of odd to see them all.

last night, i dont remember any dreams, but i do remember waking knowing i had a dream about something odd.

maybe it's the paint in this room. or the lack of blankets. or the light. or the new sounds from this end of the house. whatever it is, it's weird.

i'm not ready to be a dad.

January 6, 2006

the freckle hasnt changed

so, a year and a half later, i finally got an appointment to get my retina scanned again. i took 2 hours off from work, expecting it to take forever like it did last year (and to be dilated and unable to drive).

but, doctor julie had had lots more practice by now (back then, the machine was new). not only did i not have to be dilated, i was out in 10 minutes flat. $28 poorer for that 10 minutes, but she got a good scan.

the coolest thing was showing me the two photos side by side. hey, look, there's the freckle. she actually got a better picture this year, and there was absolutely no change.

so the good news is, no eye cancer. yay.

and, i dont think i blogged about my regular eye checkup before christmas. my eyes have actually gotten better since 2 years ago, which, the doctor said, made my old prescription from 7 years ago valid again.

next week, i have to go in for a contact lens check, so i can get contacts again. i've almost run out, and it's been two years, so it's time to order a fresh batch (with my older prescription!)

oh, and i'm excited about tonight. in fact, i cant wait to go home at lunch and keep working on stuff. and then, of course, come home early and get cooking. hooray!

January 4, 2006

sometimes i love flickr

ok, so check out this aerial photo

then check out this photo (date is wrong)

in the aerial photo i linked, you should be able to make out the hull shapes near the center of the photo.

i read about the ships' histories here.

why, you ask, did i even think of that? well, last time i was in Maine, I ate in a restaurant facing where the ships used to be. i had loved driving that route when i was growing up. the landmarks told me we were getting close to our destination.

next time, however, i'm going to have to eat at this place, having now been featured on Food Network.

whole lotta who

so, between Media Pley's going out of business sales and Christmas, I've got about 18 stories (about 72 episodes) of "classic" Doctor Who. it's been fun to watch again, and made me realize how much it changed over the years.

Doctor #7: i know more than you do. you're all so ignorant.
Doctor #5: the young, kind of studly one.
Doctor #4: the witty, all-knowing one who won't insult you if you dont understand.
Doctor #3: the scientific advisor who kicks the bad guy's butt but looks good doing it (the dandy)
Doctor #2: the scientific advisor who can't think without his recorder (the clown)
Doctor #1: the crotchety old better-than-you

i like them all, generally speaking, but the stories of 1-5 seem much more ... written for tv than #7, whose adventures seem much more like they'd be suited for either a book or a documentary.

now if we could just get a copy of #9 and the Christmas Invasion.

unedumacated 'Murikans

ok, so I've watched my share of hillbillies trying to talk on tv. after all, i grew up in rural ohio, near the wv border, where our 2 local tv stations were located. the three industries near us were: farming, coal mining, and steel.

i heard the most ridiculously misplaced (but common) quote from a distraught family member of one of the miners lost this weekend: "This is supposed to be a free country".

And by all averages, I'm supposed to be married and have 2.5 kids, but it ain't happened, and it has nothing to do with your husband/son/grandson/cousin being dead in a mine. They kept replaying the clip over and over, and all I could think was "thank GOD i dont live there anymore, because all the grammatical mistakes and complete non-sequiturs would drive me to violence."

I'm not trying to downplay this woman's grief, but shame on CNN for latching onto this part of the tragedy as a "story" -- obviously, someone in the chain of events misheard/misreported something, and you dont need to keep putting Ms. My-country-tis-of-thee on television embarassing herself.

Or maybe you do. maybe then someone will see what a poor state our educational system is in.

January 3, 2006


so, happy new year.

been busy. been sick. not sure i'm ready for the new year. but, it's here.

got hit by an email from my aunt and uncle regarding a family trip to Aspen in February. checked Expedia.com this morning and confirmed my suspicions: I'd better stay home. or win the lottery.

we didnt do anything for new years because we were sick. instead, yesterday, we started prepping the master bedroom for patching/repainting. hopefully, tonight, i'll finish removing the wallpaper border.

i still need to decide what i'm going to do about my time off. i have 7 days left to take before March, and I need to decide whether to make long weekends or to take off a week. i'll fill out the forms to make every weekend a long weekend, and then turn them in when i've made a decision.

gotta pay bills today, too, and maybe order the dinner for friday.