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my collection

last night, i let friends actually see my action figure collection. i had gathered all of the various boxes and bins to be able to sort and inventory, so i could decide what stays and what goes during the Toy Show.

oh. my. god.

even i had no idea how big it had gotten. seriously.

the illustrious mr. and prof. b came over last night to "watch the game," drink a few, and help sort. and, i think, they just might've enjoyed themselves. but, i was cringing in horror typing in all of the figures and multi-packs and playsets.

i will be downsizing.

seriously, folks, four 18-gal bins of Pokemon. roughly 33 bins of superheroes. one bin of gatchaman. i wish i were lying. if i can rid myself of 16 bins during this, i'll be thrilled.

i just realized there's more upstairs that remains uncounted. 2 batcave playsets, a watchtower playset, a javelin 7, and several Batman Animated 4-packs -- all too big to fit in a bin.


and now starts the loose figure cataloging. almost everything else i just counted was MOC or MISB. expect photos.

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