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a wish for sites that work...

i turned in a load of crap today as my design assignment. i'm not sure the colors matched, and not 100% certain that the assignment met all the stated criteria. in fact, i'm pretty sure a couple were lacking. but, i also got to use the PDF annotation tools. that was fun.

flash still sucks, though. i fail to see most practical applications, which is probably also part of the reason i hate the people in my class. just because you CAN use flash and pretty graphics-and-table-based navigation doesnt mean you should.

i've gotten so far away from the imaginative side of development and design that i cant churn out anything but D grade crap. seriously, it takes me months to get anything close to done... not a week.

but sometimes, i guess things just gel. i'm 50% done with a new design for a new site, which i won't be advertising here. in fact, it's unlikely to be someplace people other than family and professionals go. it'll be that less-assholish, less uninhibited side of me... the one you can take to meet your mom.

and if you thought THIS site was boring... wait till you see that one.
oh wait, you probably won't.

bah. it's 10:30. it's cold in the house. and i'm finally tired.

no idea if i'll finish the site before work or not. but one thing's for sure, before i show it to nala, i'd better get archive templates together.


I couldn't be more on board with the flash thing. Nothing drives me away faster than a flash website.

About the only use of flash that I really like is for video (youtube, etc.) It's saving us from plugin hell.

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