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platforms, revisited

I gave up on Picasaweb. It sucks. It's just not anywhere near Flickr. That said, is anybody using Zooomr? Zooomr allows you to authenticate with other services like level9, meetro, gmail, livejournal or openid. I still think it would be difficult to switch, given my time and experiences with flickr. I just don't like most of what Yahoo offers. I hate their 360 product. I hate their mail product. I think their chat product is second-rate. But flickr? OMG I love flickr.

Gmail, docs & spreadsheets, earth, maps, and every other google thing I've used seems good. but picasaweb is missing 90% of the features and flexibility of flickr and seems like a first-generation piece of crap app. (no offense to you if you worked on it, but it's so far behind the times, I cant even entertain any thoughts of using it.)

But, zooomr scares me. it's too new. too edgy. and unless someone like yahoo or google buys it up and funds it, i'm not convinced to jump on board.

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