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March 30, 2007

he's lump, he's lump, he's lump

Originally uploaded by anaphasedotcom.

His name is Fred. and according to -A-, he's a giant grey sausage. I love him. He's so expressive. ALL THE DAMN TIME.

March 29, 2007

overheard, made me laugh

"you know your life has gone to hell when your drug of choice is Lipitor."


it's been a craptastic week for sleeping. i've had a migraine most of the week to top it off. work is totally stressing me out, and i cant seem to get caught up on anything.

but, i had a great dinner last night, the headache is smaller today, and the sun is shining.

yesterday, i found out my mom's friend's mother died. that made me sad. i knew the mother pretty well, and used to sit next to her in church for years. my mom's friend was my teacher, too, and she and i got to be friends as i became an adult.

when in the sympathy card aisle, it really hit me. my mom's friend was an only child. her dad was long gone, and there was nobody there (that I knew of) to hold her and console her and make sure she was ok. that sucks, and i'm tearing up just thinking about it again.

so, i picked out a nice, simple, non-offensive card and wrote a small note in it. i sent it today with a Rowlf stamp. hopefully that will make her smile.

March 21, 2007

jesus, i'm slow...

ok, so it's that old man's birthday today. big deal, right?
yeah. it's just another birthday.
yeah. he's getting old. (3 years, 8.5 months older than me)
but, it's still his birthday. and that's good.
of course, the gift won't be here till tomorrow, and i'll be elsewhere.
nothing ever syncs up.

if i were a good cook, he'd get something fabulous for dinner.
but, since i'm not, he'll settle for a salad and whatever i'm having, i suppose.

March 15, 2007

thursday blues

thursday? really? man, i'm lost.

trying to backup my flickr photos with flickr backup. it keeps stalling out. i think i have too many photos.

*sigh* once i get this done, it's time to move on to reorganizing.

March 14, 2007

unisominex sucks

ok, so i couldnt get to sleep last night. i couldnt shut down. i decided, since nala had some pills around for sleeping, i'd take one.

good lord.

i've not had that sound of sleep in ages. it was wonderful. i had dreams! stressful, annoying dreams, but dreams nonetheless. fantastic! until the alarm went off and i couldnt get out of bed. *sigh*

note to self: no sleeping pills unless prepared to go in late to work.

March 12, 2007

stupid people, stfu

as always when i'm stressed, my tolerance for stupid annoying people is gone.

i was fine studying yesterday till these 3 catty fluff-chick pre-vet-med students showed up to "study" -- AKA giggle loudly and text message each other from across the coffee shop.

i'm not a violent man, but the thoughts that were going through my head included bashing them all with my already dying laptop till they finally were quiet.

and now, crotch grabbing guy is running a close second.

thanks be to nala

he showed me dell outlet.

guess where i'm probably buying my new laptop? i found a few at the top end of my budget which would work, and i'm guessing, when i've saved up some cash, there will still be some in my budget.

now i just need a way to apply my discount when ordering!


i have one class which makes you check email on a different mailserver. this is my night class. i check it rarely. after finishing up my other class last night, i decided to check it.

good thing i did. apparently i have one more class to go to (not in the syllabus) and present my final project to the class 2 hours before it's due.

cringe. guess my day is full.

can't wait till 7:30 when it's finally all over!

March 9, 2007

friday blah.

seriously, it's friday, sunny, and a wonderful morning. but, it started out with a nosebleed and the hiccups AT THE SAME TIME. I barely got dressed, managed to throw together a pile of clothes for a trip, and then forgot to brush my teeth because I had to feed and let the dog out.

tonight when I get home -- clean out the truck, grab the gym bag, swap clothes, and get on the road. i'm going to try to find time to load up the mp3 player with tunes for the trip, and I'll be all set to go (both laptop batteries full). and the camera batteries charged.

road trip!

March 5, 2007

another monday...

didnt get the new site up
didnt get the wiki up
didnt get the gallery up
didnt get the new emails registered
didnt get the new yahoo account

did have fun
did drink too much
did eat good food and too much of it
didnt sleep enough

two more class periods till the end.