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April 20, 2007



Got off to a weird start this morning, but got to work and started on a project I'd been working on last night. However, it all came to a grinding halt because of a server upgrade and the loss of my testing platform, and the fact I cant reboot the production machine.


For a project there's a sense of urgency on, this one sure has gone to hell. And I'm not getting sympathy, but I want some realization that because this is urgent, and it's slipping, even though it's through no fault of my own, I'm going to get blamed. Again.

I spent a whole week in limbo because somebody couldnt be bothered, and now again, this project has stopped. I'm slipping into another tirade, I know.

And, while outside, walking to my car to swap parking passes, a branch full of budding flowers hit me in the f*cking EYE. The lid hurts like hell, not scratched or bleeding, but I'll bet it's red for the next 24 hours or so.

So, my next two hours are going to be spent reading documentation and trying to set up a new test server. Then I'll probably skip lunch because I dont have time, and spend all afternoon in meetings.

'S funny. I never understood my dad's coming home stressed all the time. What was the big deal? I mean, he was a boss. He did his job, and did it well. Why should he be stressed?

Now, I totally understand.

April 18, 2007

under the weather

so, i had a sinus infection, and went to the doc. i'd been getting dizzy and decided that was the final straw. he gave me the usual meds that keep me awake, and a dose of antibiotics.

i've been cranky and evasive at home, but it's really all to do with the way i feel. not just sinuses, but just horrible all over. aches in weird places, stomach aches, and generally feeling like crap.

also, i realized my wallet has been putting pressure on my spine, and causing part of my problems. i've had similar issues before, but i've never had a wallet this thick before, and i think that is causing more and different pain. so, it's time to lose the wallet again and go back to something thin and carried in the front pocket.

i'm starting to feel better already. aside from the massive headache. could be the weather, could be the meds. but OMG, i'm starting to feel a little more normal. here's hoping it keeps up.

April 16, 2007

generally bad

i've been feeling generally bad since last week, and my sinuses have been bothering me off and on for far longer. this weekend, i felt the worst, but i've also talked myself into thinking it's just a combination of bad eating and the sinus infection.

but, today, i decided to try to get in to the doctor. to no avail. my doc doesnt work mondays, and he's not in tuesday afternoons, either. none of the others in his practice had openings today or tomorrow. and i got chewed out by the receptionist for even thinking about going to see one of the others. whatever. they're docs, they can deal. anyway, i got in on my lunch break tomorrow, when i'll be in training. he's going to hand me a z-pack and a decongestant and i'll be on my way, i figure.


April 13, 2007

is it wrong on a friday

to want to sit outside in what's left of the sun, drinking beer and being glad this week of work is over? to celebrate the fact that for 2 short days i don't have to worry (much) about work? to be glad that my boss will be back next week? a two day respite from the insanity... from the software breaking down every time i have to try to use it. from trying to pull it all together and force it by strength of will to work?

so close but so far. blue skies will turn to rain clouds tonight, and fuck my whole weekend over. but at least the basement floor should dry before sunday, letting me sort plastic crack to store or to sell. i just wish we'd have 2 dry days in a row so i could take out the large refuse to the alley without it all getting ruined before the dumpster drive-bys pick it up.

crazy papa steve...

And then I read:

In a few years will he achieve DNA manliness on the level of his great grandfather who I think piloted a giant black and white robot and beat up Cobra Commander's dad. Maybe he didn't but I don't know for sure because both of my grandfathers died when I was three. This left me grandfatherless, which is similar to an orphan but less powerful.

...and thought "I AM SO STEALING THAT" (after I thought "Holy crap, he's old enough to be a dad?" followed by "Congratulations!")

April 11, 2007

answer your damn email

if you post something on craigslist, be prepared to answer email about the listing. especially if you've not provided contact information aside from the associated email address.

three days later when you email me to say "sorry, that sold on (the day i sent the email)" it's kind of pointless. check your spam filter, jackasses.

can you tell what kind of day i'm having? i can't tell you what else is going on. but, i can tell you i aint gettin comics today, either.

learn your frakkin address.

I've had my main email address for 10 years now. 10 years. That's a long time. It's so ingrained in everything I do, it'll be hard to change. I've written about this issue before.

But, one thing I won't miss are the misdirected emails from the fact that over the past 6 years (or more), someone else with my last name has not bothered to learn their email address, and continues to give mine out to people (and websites, and organizations) as their own.

YOURS HAS A "1" after it, because you were too dumb to tell the ISP you wanted something different. LEARN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

April 10, 2007


ok, i'm losing my mind. seriously. what day is it?

apparently, it's tuesday.

i've got to get my shit together in oh so many ways.

i got my taxes filed, dropped off stuff at the dry cleaners, and managed to even get packages mailed on saturday, which have all arrived at their respective destinations, if i am to believe the USPS. i also ordered a truck/trailer light adapter, so in 3 weeks when we have to haul shit, i can rent a trailer. i got the siding corners, and i started emptying the small back bedroom, clearing it of stuff to be sold or go to friends, or go to goodwill, or the garbage, as the case may be.

i have a 2-drawer file cabinet that needs emptied and shredded. i also have a closet full of goodwill items to go. i'm even thinking of getting receipts and trying to itemize taxes next year, just to see if it would make a difference. sounds hellish, but some of our friends swear by it. i suppose if it would mean several hundred dollars in my pocket, i should. at least the comparison would be worth it. after my gifts to my alma mater, civic organizations, museums, goodwill, and various health charities, i could be looking at more money back, i suppose. too bad none of my friends went into tax accounting.

tonight: i hope to bake a cake, eat some leftovers, and do some shredding and more closet cleaning.

April 4, 2007


They just keep arriving...

Congrats to Bones and Mrs. Bones on a healthy baby girl. Best wishes to Mrs. Bones for a quick recovery.

Anybody who knows em and wants to see photos, let me know.