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September 26, 2007

healthy, i guess

so, i had all my cholesterol and blood sugar and such checked today. it's all good, but could be better. it's better than my dad's, and he's eating nothing but veggies and chemicals, and meds.

i almost fell over. it was that good. even my sugars? wtf.

so, i shouldnt complain. i do, however, need to start exercising again and get my bmi down, and my HGL/LGL ratio more in line. but that is the plan.

anyway -- that's that. now i've got to miss class today because i have too many things to do before i go on "vacation".

ugh. dog smell.

Ok, I can't get this damn smell out of my nose. We picked up a washer from Craigslist and then almost immediately started regretting it. The owner was a dog breeder, and kept the dogs in her basement, which smelled entirely of dog, with brown spots all over the floor.

Why oh why did I take it? Bad decision. I don't know if any amount of bleach and/or oxyclean and/or febreeze can de-stankify it.

I've got another possible one lined up as part of a w/d set. Newer, cleaner, etc. Here's hoping it pans out. The dryer I had lined up was sold out from under me last night. And the dishwasher was still hooked up, so couldnt be picked up.

Oh, and my health screening is today, meaning I'm going crazy with no caffeine and no breakfast. Can't wait till noon when I can eat.

September 25, 2007

I am so not ready.

As usual, I feel about a week or so behind. And I am.

Tonight! MUST! defrost freezer, and take garbage out.
MUST! finish packing the kitchen.
MUST! pack back closet and roll up rugs.
MUST! pack front closet.

Also, hoping to have a w/d lined up for viewing.

Work is hell today. Nothing is going quite as planned.

September 24, 2007


so, the time draws near. the truck is reserved and my utilities have been moved. i've still got to get the magazines changed, and notify the banks, etc.

i didn't sleep much at all. i'm starting to look how i feel (and much thinner in my face, at least, although the fat is fighting to hang on.)

the in-laws are coming. the parents aren't, for now. most friends are going out of town this weekend or already have other plans, so we're fairly on our own to move the stuff.

and you know what? i'm sort of excited now. i'm exhausted, and will be more-so by Friday, but i'm really starting to get excited again.

September 21, 2007

i remember!

need to talk to the power company and the cable company.

according to the alternate cable company, the pricing is the same for the level of service we have, so I'm not going with them. i can always switch later.


so, i've got my health assessment next wednesday, and i fear, like kelmeister, my cholesterol numbers are sky high. my family history is such that it should be high, anyway. my grandmother's was over 300, and she was a totally healthy woman, eating organically and mostly vegetarian. but those arent the genes i'm worried about -- i'm worried about getting my dad's.

sure, i need to exercise more, and i am working on that. the 2 weeks I spent at the gym this summer made me feel great, but then I slacked back into old habits. i've been losing weight anyway due to stress.

so, i'll find out next wednesday. just in time to drop dead before moving. but if I dont drop dead, i get $10/month off of my insurance premium, and about $86 back as a bonus (after taxes) for completing health-related checkups, etc.

yeah. fun.

a quickie...

7 days.

Started getting boxes yesterday. Got 2 loads of them from work. Will add more today, I hope. I've called in favors from folks with empty bins, but haven't heard back. I also think I will buy furniture pads this time, from UHaul.

I need to print labels... "FRAGILE" and "CHRISTMAS" and "BASEMENT" seem likely choices. I think Nala took care of "BEDROOM1", "BEDROOM2","BEDROOM3" and "KITCHEN".

I'm tempted to get rid of the "guest" bed right off the bat, but I also realize most places do delivery and haul-away. The box spring has seen better days, but the mattress itself is newer, albeit twin-sized. I eventually want two new beds, but at this point, they haven't bubbled to the top of the priority list. My bed now is a full-sized 40+ year old bed I got from a friend.

I'm shaking again today. I really need a day off, but I can't.

There was something else I wanted to remember to write down, but I forgot.

September 20, 2007

my mind escapes me.


it's hard to concentrate with so much going on.

I ordered my textbook for my class this morning. $27 shipped from MO. Skybus added more flights to FL overnight, and when I checked before getting out of bed, they still had some $10 seats. But, now, of course, they're sold up to the $50-$80 range each way. So, I should've booked this morning. Ouch.

On a different note, the painters did a horrible job, and the window treatments are grandma-riffic in all but one room. About half the light fixtures are, too. Paint and light fixtures are easy, but I really have to say, I enjoy the windows enough that I wouldn't want to obscure them. So, I'll be doing research on how to keep the light and the open-ness while easily obscuring the view when necessary (and not looking cheap).

And another thing... they paid a flooring company $2500 to lay sheet vinyl in 2 rooms. It's cheap and dirty looking... which makes me wonder how awful the previous vinyl/linoleum was.

The dining room and kitchen are fairly dark, facing north and under the trees. I'd be happier if it were lighter, but I do like a nice cozy feeling dining room.

We started looking at paint last night, trying to get a feel for what might work. I still want to hit Ace, Home Depot, and Sears Hardware for color-picking ideas.

September 19, 2007

talk about empty space...

Ok... empty space.

There's still nothing to talk about.
Classes start today.
I'm trying to figure out how to code something at work.

I'm feeling completely lost.
I'm embarrassed to ask for help.

September 14, 2007

empty space

sorry guys... not much for talking right now. very very busy.

and tired. and stressed.
and in dire need of vacation.

the good news is, i'm losing weight.
the bad news is, i know i'm not healthy.

my health assessment is on the 26th, so I'll get my numbers then.