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February 29, 2008

giga's brain is coding again...

One of the problems with selling like mad at toy shows is that you always lose track of inventory. It doesnt matter how hard you try, you end up losing track. What sold, what do you still own? The only way to find out is to sort it all again and inventory it (again).

I hate not being able to find stuff, and not knowing what I have is just one step worse.

So, this March, when I inventory the toys for sale, I may try to come up with a quickie interface for searching, attached to a database for keeping track.

We have to get the toys out of storage so that I can get some more money in my monthly budget.

feckin cold

geez. i leave my office for a meeting and shut the door... it drops 10 degrees. brr.

i forgot to take the sinus meds before i left home. i give it 2 hours tops, before i start hurting again.

what else... i rediscovered old documentation from the research i was doing. can't see how it fits in yet, but working on it.

February 28, 2008

o, how i hate it

a thought actually crossed my mind. sickening as it is.

i have a neti pot. and, my sinuses are killing me. you put two and two together.

it's either that or hot tea, sudafed and ibuprofen. i'm leaning toward the latter, since I HATE getting water up my nose.

i just feel like my entire head is swollen and i need to purge the pressure before it explodes. today is 5x worse than yesterday (and only since lunch!)

welcome to the year 3000


The first thing I thought of when I saw this was "Clamps."

February 27, 2008


why is it that the meds for my sinuses cause dizziness, and dizziness is caused by the sinus infection?

i can't win, can i?

February 25, 2008

bite my shiny metal gaster...

I keep thinking about a gray repaint of BW Inferno with the voice and personality of Bender B. Rodriguez. He'd have to have just one antenna, too.

a comedy of errors... not quite

This past week was filled with little mistakes that caused great frustration and sadness, culminating in the loss of 80 dozen pierogi. I'm glad that week is over.

I've still got a headache this morning -- was doing pretty well this weekend, so I'm not sure what it is. I think I'm grinding my teeth, or something, because my TMJ is most definitely back. Or maybe that's unrelated. At any rate, it hurts.

Friday, I got to spend the evening with the two folks I love most -- The Sis and Nala. The Bro in Law was there in spirit, and I forgot how much I like him, too. He's a good sport, and has a good sense of humor (but I know he used to have Max Power level mood swings, so I'm always cautious around him.)

I miss the Sis. Lots. Not so much I would ever want her to move back, but I do think we should arrange to visit more often. The Niece is now 4, and I've never met her. This must be fixed.

Something crazy happened at dinner, though, and at first, I blew off the significance of it, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks, and has been weighing on me ever since.

The Sis wants another kid. She's afraid of The Niece growing up alone. She asked what Nala and I thought of that... if being an only child was bad. It's not, but I do believe that having a sibling to torture or to back you up when needed is a good thing. It isn't bad -- it's just different.

She asked if we'd ever considered kids, and quickly moved on to thoughts of us being the parent for her next, which got quickly turned back to discussion about being an only. And then the food came or something, because the topic was dropped.

This is the second time she has asked. Once, before the niece, and once now.

It's weighing heavy on my mind. Part of me wants a kid... I can't deny that. But, I also know, I'm a slob, and I have a bad temper, and I like my free time. I'm also prone to thoughts of this not being a planet/time/etc that we (as Americans) should bring another kid into.

Now, throw my faults and those of our society out the window for a moment. Part of me would LOVE to be a parent. The richness of the history of my family, plus the fact that I know my parents would love to be grandparents, and having someone ELSE to spend money on and think about their wellbeing instead of my own... it's a fantasy that I sometimes love to think about. But it's just that. Reality is, parenting is hard.

Reality is, The Sis lives 4.5 hours away. How would custody work? And bills? Child support? How does that all get settled? Would The Niece really have a sibling or more of a "cousin" who came to visit for extended periods? How is that better than being an only child? Or, if custody isn't shared, how does that help? Is one parent just a donor and an absentee? Would one parent just be miserable and never get to participate in the child's life? That doesnt seem fair.

I really don't know. Things would be different if they lived closer, if you could share custody easier, I suppose. Wasting 9 hours in travel every weekend and passing the kid back and forth all the time just doesn't seem fair to the kid.

Now, putting all that aside, if The Sis and Bro in Law decided that they wanted another kid, and she asked me to donate the necessary genetic material (ONLY) in able for them to have a bigger family, I might be tempted to help out, even though it would mean I would have a biological kid who was being raised 4+ hours away, and I had nothing to do with. It would be a long hard decision. Because then, it's not my kid, really.

I'll lighten the mood and say if she decided to have multiples and we split up the litter, I'd be ok with mine having a cousin in Indiana.

Oh, and one more thing, in case you're a first time reader... The Sis is just a title... like The Doctor. She's not my sister. Eww.

February 22, 2008

f*cking migraine.



i've tried everything aside from a shot of caffeine.

i only have 2 hours to clean before the sis gets here, and i dont want to get out of bed.

got the bathroom rugs washed, the floor swiffered, the mirror hung in the bathroom downstairs. laundry started. the tablecloth washed.

need to vacuum, put bills away, and take some boxes to basement. then dishes and kitchen floor, and we're done, i think, aside from making the bed.

February 20, 2008

chester update

Ok, I managed to get a decent look at his neck yesterday, and while it's still gross, some of the scab is falling off and yes, he's still scratching, which is bad.

But, I'm trying to be patient, and let him heal on his own. It's gross, yes, but as long as it's not infected, I'm willing to let it keep healing on its own. I must remember to heat up the heating pad tonight and let him lay his chin on it. He wasn't picking the last day or so, either, at least that I've seen.

prolific, to say the least

Filling in the gaps in my family history, I realized that even back 5 generations, there were a gajillion kids in each family. Holy crap.

Now, I knew my cousins were legion. And my first cousins once removed are legion. My grandfather was only one of three (there might've been more, but my great grandfather was run over by a train.)

My great grandfather was one of EIGHT (at least. damn you 1890 missing census!) all of whom survived.

My great great grandfather was one of ELEVEN, all of whom survived...

My great great great grandfather? Who knows.

I've been trying to start filling in gaps in G-3 again, since I hit a wall with John Smith (see prev. blog). Because of the missing census, I'm missing probably 3-4 second great uncles and aunts. Actually, my grandmother and dad might be able to fill those in. I've got Uncle Ray and Uncle Billy, about whom I've heard stories, so I'm on the right track.

Gotta catch em all. I'm still trying to find out what my dad's warning is actually founded in, if anything.

smith. doctor john smith.

Ok, I'll start this off with a preface: I am in pain. a lot. Ouch. I've got a headache worse than yesterday, and worse than the day before, and, I think it's a combination... I think it's partly the weather, partly illness, partly stress, and partly TMJ.

Also, I seem to be bloated. wtf.

The Sis arrives in Cowtown today, after dropping The Niece in Glass City with Grandma and Grandpa C, who are picking the kid up at the halfway point. I'm hoping her travels aren't treacherous, as they're mostly in the snowbelt in Indiana and Glass City.

I'm also hoping their hotel is hospitable. It's over by Kelmeister and Mr. Pickles, which scares the crap outta me. The more I think about it, the more I'd rather they stay with us and be able to head straight down a main street to their conference than take the Interstate and drive 4 miles in from a crap hotel. But, I'm not sure if that's all in their interest or I'm just being selfish.

Why was I blogging anyway? Oh, I remember.

Thanks to a broader search, I was able to find my great great great grandfather in the 1840 census (and more recent). However, finding his records from VA prior to that are proving to be problematic, since his name is apparently the "John Smith" of that family.

February 19, 2008

oh, vic, your gun is so big!

Vic Stone has a big gun.

But, you say, you like him in his gold look? Well, there's that, too. Although, that looks more like he's been hanging out too much with Karen.

something's just off

Chester is not doing any better, i dont think. The Sis gave me a few pointers and said "do NOT let them give chester another cortisone shot. at that dosage, and his age, it's likely he could get diabetes among other health issues. they've given him a WHOLE MONTH's dose, twice in two weeks."

She suggested a hot pack, antibiotics, and a coating of that liquidy bandage stuff, and cutting his back nails, which she volunteered to do when she's here.

I am wondering if it's possible he had a small abrasion to begin with, and has aggravated it with his scratching and putting dust from the "special crystal" cat litter in it.

I'm calling the vet this afternoon if it still looks as bad. I'll try to find the cat nail clippers when I get home.

When she told her husband how much our (dog) vet charges for anal gland squeezing, he said they should move back to Cowtown.

I've had a headache for the last two days. I woke up gritting my teeth. I havent slept well in over a week. I had to run home after my 8am meeting to make sure I had let the dog back in the house (I did, but I was paranoid and I couldnt remember). And I think I might be getting a sinus infection. Again.

So, two things I MUST do tonight: Taxes, and find the pet nail clippers. Hopefully, I can sort the remaining mail and pick up in the dining room and living room, along with moving the bed rails and footboard to the garage, to get them out of the way. Then, I can get the packages labelled and mail ready to go.

February 18, 2008

goodbye cell phone service...

Today is the day cell companies can turn off their analog towers... There had been a law keeping analog from dying, presumably to allow folks to transition to digital phones. Of course, now the companies can switch it off, and probably will, being that analog is more expensive to operate, and it will increase revenue to have old folks upgrade their phones.

What this means to me, though, is that there will be no signal in most rural areas through which I travel, and no signal to my parents' house.


I can't wait till there's no TV signal there, too, once THAT digital conversion happens next year. I'll have to ask Cynedd what that will really be like. They barely get 3 channels (fuzzy) as it is. I can't imagine what it will be like trying to watch with digital signal. I imagine the worst: too little signal to decode into a picture.

February 15, 2008

dear "queer" podcasters:

you're gay.
we get it.
now move on to something more interesting.

that is all.

February 14, 2008

teeth gritting day.

i've been seriously catching myself gritting my teeth today.

one word. hellspawn.

another disturbing thing: according to the census bureau, my great great grandmother died between 1900 and 1910, yet I can find no record she existed, aside from the 1900 census. perhaps they got her name wrong? maybe it was a nickname or a misspelling. her husband was listed as "widowed" in the 1910 census. since the 1890 census records are missing, i can't verify the name there! boo!

maybe i can find it in marriage records.

February 11, 2008

it's a good thing i'm not a conspiracy theorist.

I find my mind wandering into large, multi-layered conspiracy theories. And it scares me in many ways, because a) I could be going crazy, or b) I could just have a good imagination, or c) I could be right.

I'm not sure what explanation is the most scary.

A nation of obese folks, drinking soda with known effects of causing memory loss. A greater reliance on technology, causing knowledge and skills in tangible forms to disappear. Social networking sites and personal websites providing information in greater and greater amounts to be published while amassing thought patterns, interest patterns, buying patterns...

It sounds like the start of a sci-fi scenario, doesn't it?

*waits for the inevitable kelmeister comment*

February 7, 2008

chester's first vet trip

Tomorrow, 6pm. At least $45, and bound to be a lot more. At least this vet is supposed to be nice.

I must file my taxes. MUST. So I have cash to pay what's bound to be a huge vet bill.

family mysteries, again

so, i'm back to researching family history. every now and then, i start up, and try and get a new branch or new connection.

last night and this morning, i found some weirdness in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses.

1900, my great great grandparents had been married 2 years and had my great grandmother.

1910, my great great grandfather had a different wife, and my great grandmother wasn't living there. there were two boys, though, ages 4 and 9. both gg-grandfather and wife were listed as second marriages, and 0 years married. great great aunt is missing, but found living with grandparents.

1920, the pair was still married, with 3 kids at home, including my great great aunt, whose age is between that of the boys.

in the 1910 census, my great grandmother was in a different household... my OTHER great great grandparents'...

is THIS the stuff my dad warned me I wouldnt want to find? even if so, it's fascinating.


weather weirdness

so, findlay's underwater. most of northern ohio is still under flood warnings. southeast ohio looks like it's still under flood warnings, too. of course, when i called my mom last night, she'd not heard ohio had had any issues with the weather.

oh, because 4" of rain, 40 mph winds, and 65 degrees is normal in midwinter.

i heard a weatherman say this is the first year we've had tornado watches/warnings every winter month.

and today we're back to ice and snow.

February 6, 2008

something sick.

I'm feeling simultaneously pukey and hungry. This can't be good.

spilled coffee

all over the front of me. not a good morning.

things I'm working on...

1) why isn't my server relinquishing access to my Access db file when I close the data connection?
2) joomla vs. drupal?
3) documentation documentation documentation...

February 5, 2008

Lookie what i got today!


February 4, 2008

no lunch w/major nelson

Got email from the Major saying her cat died this weekend and she was in no mood for lunch, so I ended up debating whether to go home and make sandwiches and chill, or try to run errands as well. I ended up just going home, and making it back to work in time for my next meeting.

After work, I'll run some errands (Lowe's, Home Depot, grocery, bank?), and then pay bills when I get home.

I've got a really horrible headache... just in time for my next meeting.


I think my project at work is finally done. or at a stopping point. I hope. I moved it from dev to test again this morning, and I'm now on to some administrative work. Till tomorrow, anyway.

This weekend, I got a great deal of work done, and even got to see MW and get some breakfast. And, I picked up (hopefully) the correct mirror for the upstairs hallway. I could be wrong, in which case, it can be returned. But, it was on sale, and you can't beat that...

What else...

Lawrence of Arabia. Fantastic film. Yes, long, but no, not boring. Why can't they make films like this today? Perhaps because nobody would sit through 4 hours.

I also made the hottest chili I have EVER made this weekend, and still managed to eat 4 bowls. OMG, insane. I accidentally added way too much habanero. Ow. But, it was edible with sour cream.

I've still got about 3 days worth left. Being that I have eaten chili for 2 days in a row already, I may freeze some for later use. I have some containers for liquids (soups and such) with screw-on lids, and each will hold about 2 bowls, which is typically what I eat in a sitting.

Hm. I still need to call the Sis and see what her plans are for later this month. It would be great to just hang out for a while.

Need to hit Lowes and Home Depot and get the switches and switch-plates for the current project... I may do that tomorrow over lunch, since I'm supposed to go to lunch with Major Nelson today.