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must... resist... temptation

I didnt ever think that I would say this, but I think I have uncontrollable figure-lust.

Ok, maybe not uncontrollable, but it won't subside. Whenever a line I collect goes dormant, my eye wanders and something else catches my eye. Sometimes, characters I have NO care about-- example: Iron Man.

He's pretty, and I WANT ONE. But, no, I don't. BUT HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL! MUST HAVE! But no, that's silly. Irrational. I've never read an Iron Man comic; I barely know anything about the character; outside of video games, I've never really paid much attention. Plus, I'm a DC Comics guy...

But he's so wicked sweet. And the 6" is just as good as the 12". I'm considering the 12", when NOTHING I COLLECT is in that scale? WTF.


See, this is why I need to get that new website up. The one Despotes, Evebird, Spectro, and I have talked about. The one that spun out of my writing on Trusty Sidekicks.

I'm taking a class this quarter in Flash. Interestingly enough, the first few projects could lend themselves to a site such as that. Hmmm. The last project is something completely different, which MIGHT be able to be integrated, depending on what features I think Flash would be better suited to.

And, I think I want to buy a little turntable for the lightbox. I'm sure Nala wouldn't mind.


I just saw the Iron Man figures today. They *do* look pretty cool. I'm with you on the character though. I know absolutely nothing about him. But, I will say, I'm surprisingly excited about the upcoming movie.

I felt the same way, but I apparently didn't have your willpower, as I now have two, the Mark I and the Target silver Mark III. They are really, really nice.

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