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are you kidding me?

Ok, go read about McCain's summer feel-good plan. Here's a link.

Now, as I've been listening to every reporter talk about this, I've been trying to stifle my own cries of "bullshit," "moron," "panderer," and such. Does he seriously think this will work, or is he just trying to convince voters that he's going to somehow save the economy even before he takes office?

And does anybody believe it will work? Do they?

First of all, the savings will be pennies. PENNIES. Secondly, he's also asking that we stop putting oil in reserves. WTF? Those are there for a REASON. Third, and this is the one that actually struck me first... $0.12/gallon? Is he retarded? Our gas varies up and down that much over the course of a day! Do you think anybody would notice? And do you think oil companies wouldnt find a way to charge that extra $0.12 themselves?

I wanted to like McCain. I wanted to be able to say "wow, we've got 3 candidates who all sound pretty decent" and until he spoke up about this, I really thought he might have a chance. Now I just keep thinking "turdhead."

You're grasping at straws, aren't you, McCain? I can't wait to see what's next.


Yes, let's take money away from funding highways and bridges right now to earn a few votes. A better vote getter for John would be to stop talking about the prospect of several decades of Iraqi occupation as a good thing.

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