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October 31, 2003

weddings and christmas

So, I'm now NOT in the wedding 2 days after Christmas. Kind of a relief, I guess. They've decided to keep it to best man and maid of honor only. That means the guy who introduced them is best man, and the bride's sister is maid of honor.

I had to ask the groom if I was in it or not, since it was blocking any possible Christmas plans. He had told me months ago that I would be "if it was big enough", but he still hadnt told me for certain until today.

That means a savings of $150! Woohoo!

halloween horrors

after reading about the horrors of verdana, i've changed my wicked ways. at least here. maybe, if i have time in-between reports today, i could finish a redesign. i'm tempted to go back to the green again... it keeps calling me back. maybe i'll change it up a bit. lose the racing stripe and scale down my upside-down head a bit. or maybe i'll just go crazy.

October 28, 2003

update... battery life

While it's still not 4 hours, I did get 1 hour and 40 minutes out of my battery in my test earlier. However, all the machine was doing was running a screen saver and grabbing mail every few minutes.

Apple no longer stocks batteries for my laptop, a mere 2 years old. They buy and resell them from other manufacturers, but on a single-order basis, and at non-educational prices. Seems I shouldve ordered that one for $121 a couple months back (although this tech says they didnt have them then, either, and the guy was trying to sell me the wrong battery).

So... I can find them anywhere from $123+shipping to $149+shipping, all seemingly manufactured by the same company, and all new (non-reconditioned), with a 12-month warranty.

I suppose it's worth it for another 2 years of life...Maybe. If only the iBook batteries were all the same. I mean, they didnt change shape... I think the clasps changed.

I talked to the tech (yes, it's a hardware tech who sells batteries when you call Apple) about my 500-thinks-it's-a-433 problem, and although he's never heard of it, he suggested taking it in to the apple store. Since they never made a 433, he thinks they'll help me no-questions-asked. He also suggested it could be a firmware issue.

I started doing research on iBook firmware, but I really have no idea where to look to see what the current version should be. According to some docs, it never should've been upgraded.

Enough tech speak. Time to find some German vocabulary and go to bed.

battery life, revisited

ok, under Panther, my laptop starts out saying 2:00 on full charge, but then immediately drops to about 1:45 and then has been fluctuating between 1:40 and 1:50 for the past three minutes.

We shall see.

computer for dad

so... i've been wanting to try my hand at building a modern windows computer for my dad using either a mini-itx or nano-itx motherboard.

the problem right now is trying to come up with a small, inexpensive (looking) box to put it in. something that doesn't look like it's worth stealing. I've seen the teddy-bear pc's, the ET pc's, the gas can pc's... the problem is, i'd like it to also look ok for my dad to display. i considered a cigar box, but people steal those too. aluminum tins would be good, i suppose.

ideas? anyone?

for myself, i still want to build the soundwave or optimus prime pc. and I will. someday.

October 27, 2003

dean for whaaa?

So, today, in class, we had to form sentences using relative clauses. You know... things like "Merlot Cabernet, the jock suing the university, is a jackass."

So, we were given a stack of flash cards, and, trivial pursuit style, had to question others to get the names back as answers. For instance: "This jock, who is suing the university, is a jackass."

Well, let's see. I got the Beatles, and Howard Dean.

Who? WHO??? Who the hell is Howard Dean? These are some of the questions I got. Thankfully, the kids still knew who the Beatles were.

Yes, I know they're all maybe 19. I know they dont pay attention to politics, or the news. Hell, I barely do. But, for some reason, I was appalled at the fact they had no idea who he was. None whatsoever. EVEN WHEN I SAID IT IN GERMAN. Keywords: "wants to be the next president." They had no idea anybody even wanted to be president. They all looked shocked and amazed. Has Shrub really brainwashed everybody? Will we be ruled by Emperor Dunderhead for the next 20 years? If it's up to these kids, we would.

Fred Schneider's got an Angry Inch?

I just heard... have you?

I was listening to ACRN and there it was... Sleater-Kinney. Hmm, I said, must be a new song. I turned it up. Nope, it was Angry Inch. Googled it, found the article above, just as I heard Fred Schneider (of the B52s) talking about his "first day as a woman, and it's already that time of the month."

Funny, somewhere I have a live mp3 of S-K covering B52's Rock Lobster, to add yet another connection.

Panther on Panthro?

I am tempted... oh so tempted... to alter my machine and drive naming scheme again. For the past few years, I've dealt solely in Pokemon names, since there are SO many, and it was easy for me to come up with them.

The old 6300 which gave/gives me a headache: Psyduck.
The 7500: Gengar (because Gengar's design kicks ass)
The dual-processor Wintel box: Mewtwo (get it? 2 processors?)
The laptop: Lapras (not only the 'lap', but Lapras is also an ice pokemon...)

I remember the days of Kinko's, when our naming schemes were such things as characters from Simpsons, South Park, Fat Albert, ships from the Alien films... back when we had a cohesive computing environment provided by Mister Clean-Computer himself.

So, my Panther install ended about 1am. I am running on maybe 5 hours of sleep. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good.

But, I think it's time to change the scheme. Someone I know uses ex-and-current-boyfriend names. Frankly, I don't want to be reminded of my ex's. I'm not into much these days in the way of pop-culture.

BING! I know. I got it. Of course, I am SO stupid. Never have I ever had such a perfect scheme for me.

It's so perfect it just might last.

William. Patrick. Jon. Tom. Peter. Colin. Sylvester. Paul. Richard. And, hopefully, Eddie.


October 26, 2003

happy 94

well, today the matriarch of my mom's family, and oldest living graduate of gould academy turns 94.

happy 94, grammie frances.

still backing up

damn. i realized i had not backed any files up in over a year. maybe 2. that's crazy talk.

and i realized how great it would be to have a dvd burner, just for the data backup capabilities. how sweet would that be?

i'm also looking into firewire hard drives. they have come down in price a bit. as an external backup device (sort of a digital 'bookshelf', to my ibook's 'bookbag') it makes sense, as most that I've seen run about $1.25 per Gig.

i was relieved to find the photos (although they are blurry) from my sister's wedding, and also to hear that the photos i took of our fall flowers were still available in nala's archives. i should go through and back some of those up to my own files, just so i have them handy.

damn big hard drive

and small cds...
i'm still backing things up...

and muttering...
Roadtrip:: Florida (since I took many)
Honey:: Dip (the doughnut place I prefer)
Flanders:: Alley (?)
Vampire:: Hunter (a movie I still havent seen)
Justice:: League (well, DUH)
Marine:: Biologist
Protractor:: Compass (because I used to be a trig geek)
Rubber:: Glue
London:: Calling (I just heard this song)
Jerry:: Blank (I need to get this on DVD)

October 24, 2003

whatever, x2

I won best vegetarian chili, but not hottest, which, I think is BS, because many people overlooked mine as being hot (and many didnt taste) since it was vegetarian. Oh well. I got a Fossil Limited Edition OSU watch (in tin). I think it will be going on eBay to help fund Christmas.

October 23, 2003

xServe... schweeeet

so, the raid for the xserve at work arrived today, and after i was attempting to help the prepress guys with a Word file (they hate Word docs as much or more than any other publishing guys), our prepress manager (Dave G-ski) called me into his office in the stronghold of Mac to see his new baby.

wow. totally titz, as a certain other Polish guy would say.

and speaking of, we had another "small world" realization. The prepress manager sold Nala a plotter when he was still working here.

October 22, 2003

new ibooks, and new software

I saw there are new g4 iBooks today, to which I say "hooray" but also "too bad no speed increase". And please, Apple, could you put more than just the LOWEST speed in the 12" ones? Please? The whole point in my having an iBook was that it needed to be small. Oh, I guess that's why you made 12" powerbooks. Now what's the difference? I still cant get it configured the way I want it.

But, I still think I want one. We'll see how long I can hold out. So far, I'm doing pretty well with my 500MHz G3 12" combo-drive late-2001 iBook. I wonder what Panther will be like.

At work, I have a 500MHz P3 as my desktop as my primary machine. It's running WinXP Pro with 384MB ram and dual monitors. If I had more space, I would add a third. I find it VERY handy. So handy in fact that I want to do a dual-headed system at home.

I found a couple useful tools that I wanted to bookmark for later:
Stress Tools for IIS
IIS Export - for migration

mcdonalds and dark depression

what a lunch...

so, i went to mcd's to get some lunch today, on my way back from receiving a fairly but depressingly graded German midterm (which, by the way, I did get a B on... at least I am consistently bad...) First, the drive-thru lady spilled my soda. And then, after I get back to my desk, I find they left out my ranch sauce for my chicken.

AND... I read that Elliot Smith died of a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest. "Who?" you ask. Consider him a suicidal Robert Smith mixed with Morrissey for generation Y.

Why not check him out on iTunes Music Store?

Care Packages

It's time for me to start getting the packages together to send.

Jay needs some love from outside the world of Cinci, so he's getting 2 horrible Peter Cushing films as well as some independent films with younger, more "photogenic" talent. Maybe I'll even throw in some comics, and some cable tv for good measure.

Sparky is getting my copy of Stop Stealing Sheep.

Then there's all the stuff I need to buy my parents for their new house. Starting with the broom and dustpan that my mom liked so much. I wonder if there is a Target near them? I seem to remember one in Daytona proper...

those crazy japanese

(image courtesy of my friend Jacob's brother, now teaching English in Japan.)


I was laughing so hard last night... one of my ex-roommates sent me a link to a photo, but didn't tell me what it was. When I clicked on it, I found it was a photo of our mutual ex-roommate, taken a couple weeks ago.

You might remember, my evil ex-roommate had a skin condition. We used to refer to him as Sharpei4U. Thats shar-pay, not sharpie. As in the dog. As we used to say, "28, looks 40". Yes, it's all evil, but what goes around comes around.

Now, years later, he's 34, looks 50. If he keeps aging at this rate he'll be 80 by age 50 or something.

So, when I unknowingly opened the photo, I let out a short, barely audible scream. And then IM'd my friend "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? KILL ME??"

Seriously, he doesn't need a halloween costume. And yes, Nala, I will send you the link. I won't post it here because I don't want to fuel the Two Fag Mafia's website with hits.

October 20, 2003

ping pong

So, as I was browsing the net (again) looking for people I knew from my original days at OSU, I ran into this page.

This guy, Stu, was the only other person I knew in the dorm with his own computer, also a Mac (he had a Classic II, I think? I had a IIsi.) We used to spend hours on our computers... doing essentially nothing. And then, we would go kick people's butts on the ping pong tables in the basement.

Last time I saw him, he still had glasses and LONG hair, and was working a really good-paying job debugging at a software company here in town. Of course, that was in 1992, and he was still a student.

I think we both had a crush on a girl named Tammy on the 6th floor (whose boyfriend's site I just found by Googling her name... and let it be known, he's not only hot, but he could most definitely kick my ass... so I'm not even gonna email her to say hi.)

I remember later going to Larkins to play ... what is that variation of volleyball played in a raquetball court? I can't remember...

a quickie anecdote?

So, yesterday, you'll recall, I was digging through my mid-90s cd collection. In it, I found a cd given to me by Mr. Robb Hand, of the band Mr. Hand.

Well, many years ago, after we both moved to Columbus, Robb and I were in Kinko's training together. Originally we had met during our short-lived radio careers at ACRN down at OU.

Robb has since moved far away, but I often still wonder what happened to him. And today, I found an interview he did with Ben Lee and Claire Danes after helping set them up together. (He told the story at Kinko's and everyone was like 'Claire Danes, that hot second-tier teen actress? You know her?')

Yeah, well, she also did the voice of Princess Mononoke, so she's forgiven for a lot of bad films.

And that, my friends is called a tangent. And a very very old-school blog post.

marathon man

Congrats to my coworker, who finished the Columbus Marathon.

I know he was hoping to get closer to 4 hours, but I'm just happy to know he finished.

brr. chili

so, i made 2 pots of chili yesterday... it was quite good, and turns out I just made enough for about 6 people. (We had 5 people, and maybe a bowl-and-a-half left over.)

this is the recipe for one batch, substituting white pepper for black pepper. The other batch was minus 2 of the chili powders, and the brown sugar, and I added a dash of cinnamon, and it actually turned out more to his liking.

I realized last year for the "cookoff" I made a much beanier chili, and ended up with 6(?) quarts, using 2 tbsp of each of the spices. I think I'll make a smaller batch of it this year, but then again, it was REALLY popular, so maybe killing your tastebuds is the way to go. I -will- win spiciest again. Perhaps I will add some of the Japanese fish oil I keep hearing about. Heheh.

Oh, I realized I forgot the tabasco, too. Oh well.

October 18, 2003

mid-90s dance explosion

there's a mid-90s dance explosion on my dining room table. and boy is it ughly. ('h' for extra 'ugh' factor.)

my god, my musical taste was eclectic at best back then. understand, i was also helping dj at some campus clubs, so i legitimately "needed" this stuff "for work". you should be able to see the quote fingers i'm making. as well as the big 'L' I'm holding up to my forehead.

observations after i start ripping...

my god... the memories come flooding back.

jellyhead? the song made it to columbus via austin via an ex of my best friend named boyd.

backstreet boys before any of their songs were released here stateside...

THANK GOD I had my Cure collection to balance it all out.

October 17, 2003

it's a small world...

Ohio really is the black hole of social life. After posting my little 'dorm humor' a couple posts ago, someone whose blog I'd been reading piped up and said "Hey, I knew some of those guys." At first, I thought she meant she'd known guys LIKE those guys...

I emailed Zandy the link so she could get a laugh, too.

Ohio, the heart of it all... so the slogan goes.

iTunes KICKS.

yes, yes it does. i am doing a happy Wintel dance right now. can you see me? yes, I'm dancing. in my office. at work. I told my boss about it and now he's currently in the process of downloading it. He actually smiled! Wow!


We'll see how it handles my Rio on Monday.

Dance dance dance... This is my happy moment for the day. Now I have to go reboot servers with new MS patches. And type up my German homework. And finish a website that's been plaguing me for days. And try to actually make it to class despite the fact I'm the only IT guy here today.

October 16, 2003

iWent. iLost. iMet.

So. I met one of the sales guys from my old company. He knew almost none of the people I knew, and couldnt believe how small we were when I was there.

I can count how few people we had back then. There was me, Melissa, Martin, and Corrie, Kurniawan, and Alan. And Greg the Whiz Kid. Ken, Scott, and Ed in Sales. Chris was managing, and then the other Scott.

Ken and Scott 1 both went crazy and left. Literally wacko. Greg left. Alan left. Melissa was more or less let go. So, it was me, Chris, Ed, Corrie, Kur, and Martin, and Scott 2.

I like the new Sales Guy, Dave. He wasnt slimy. He invited me to come back and visit. I like that. I'll have to schedule lunch in Outlook with the guys. That way, they can propose a new time, too.

Not much else down at the show. Neither nala nor I won the 40G iPod. That sucked. And I had bus/ID drama. I pay $9/quarter to ride the damn bus but because my ID says STAFF I cant. So, I have to go and get a Student ID as well. DUMB! I made Nala scrounge for change so I could ride the bus. Usually they dont check, but they did today. Damn you, COTA!

Ok, the other news is iTunes is out for Windows. I've downloaded it and now am installing. More updates soon!


I was laughing at work when I found this today... but even more now when I took the time to read it all.

Fun times... so long ago. And it's really mostly "had to be there" stuff. If you know Mr. Maloy, or Mr. Baer, or Tobin, or (insert anyone mentioned on Troy's site) you would understand.

I may just email some of these guys to see what's up, considering it looks like a lot of us stayed here in town. And at least 2 of them dated my sister.

iTec iPod iTunes

So, I've decided to trudge down to ITEC. After 2pm. My old company is an exhibitor, and it's the chance to schmooze and learn just what it is they're doing these days. A couple other places are there that I'd like more info from, too.

And, I could win a 40GB iPod.

And that follows the news that Apple's making a "music announcement" at 2pm our time.

iTec. iPod. iTunes. and iMiss my old coworkers.

hardware part 2

so, after yesterday's revelation, the division with the dead server has decided to try ordering an xserve. believe it or not, it's less money.

we should find out later today if it goes through.

October 15, 2003

the wannabe server

so, this morning, one of the fileservers in one of our areas started to die. it was a fairly important box, and needs to be replaced rather quickly, as it houses nearly a terabyte of data.

you wouldnt think there would be a lot of drama, would you? normally, you'd spec out a couple boxes and make the order with our preferred (our dept preferred) vendor.

well... we need it fast. we need quality. we need same-day service.

as part of the office of the university which made the deal with the vendor they chose, we need to justify NOT using that vendor. to the powers that be.

well... lets see. 2 week turnaround, if we're lucky. twice the price, for sure. next day service, not same day.

yeah. that's just as good. not. even that crazy third hardware vendor nobody wants to use came in at a better value than the one with the million-dollar deal.

So now, we're still waiting for an answer. For nearly 8 hours, we've been without that server. How many more days will we wait while my boss's boss's boss decides whether we're allowed to go with a different (our normal) vendor!?

Needless to say, the area with the failing server is going crazy with anticipation and frustration. AAAAAAARGH!

(With the savings going with our favorite vendor, we could afford to buy a whole other server... preferably for me! I saw 2.4GHz 1U high 4-drive RAIDs for $3k... I'll take 2, please!)

Update: since we're directly under the dealmakers, we are mandated to use the expensive vendor. yes, that's right, they cost >30% more, and thats not including the service contract, and we MUST buy them. That makes sense.

Welcome to Crazytown.

addicted. and not stalling.

i am addicted to using multiple monitors.

and no, i'm not slacking or stalling. i'm waiting on a process to finish.

will i make it?

my back pain is back. my boss is angry. my coworkers are MIA. i have a mile-high pile of work for this week, and no time to do it.

will i be able to leave for class? will i be able to walk to class?

only time will tell.

Oh, and my friend Ray and his fiancÚ Bill came to visit yesterday. Hooray. And we got a housewarming gift! Hooray! A Target card! And much grease was consumed at Old Bag O Nails. I love that place, but so much grease...

October 14, 2003

less is more.

Well, I skipped the noon seminar, and the 2pm meeting. I had way too much work to do to worry about keeping up on new technologies and issues.


So, anyway, this site decided to burp a bit ago, and it wasn't pretty, so I've removed some things that had been causing problems (load times and such).


buh bye u.w.

So, this year, (as last) it's time for the charitable drive. And, as in years past, I've not given thru Untied Way.

I gave money to:
Muscular Dystrophy Association (as always)
Lupus Foundation of America
Habitat for Humanity

If Children's Hospital had been on the list, I would've given there, too. I'll just do that at Christmas, because 30 years ago, they helped a premature me stay in this world. (A longer story I may tell someday.)

a day of meetings

In 2 hours, I have a staff meeting.
In 4, there's a seminar at the law school on internet copyright law.
In 6, the all-campus webmasters meeting.
In 8, I meet my friend Ray and his fiancee Bill at my house to give them the tour. (They live in Michiledo. Or is that Tolegan?)

Have I told you lately how crazy my life is?

If anybody's interested in that copyright thingamajig, let me know. I havent decided to attend yet.

October 13, 2003

more of a monday muttering

  1. Timeshare:: Ripoff
  2. Accounts:: Too Many
  3. Temptation:: Island
  4. Hack:: Sign
  5. Shadow:: Cat
  6. Infection:: Neverending
  7. 800:: number
  8. Infidelity:: Investments
  9. Springfield:: Center (I have no idea...)
  10. Gardener:: Fox


today was far too busy in the morning, and i ended up missing class.
i had a big, free, heavy carb meal at the trade show.
i am quite ready to vomit.

We got to see my friend Diane at the show, and we joked that our dept spent the money saved by not replacing her on the food, the tents, and the rental of the Blackwell. she looks so much happier now... and she's bugging me about seeing the house. "soon," i keep telling her. i should just take her over during lunch some day. I mean, she was my work mom for years, and I miss her a lot.

I'm still swamped here at work, but it's a little more bearable now, after seeing her and getting email from my friend in Iraq. I'd post it here, but even as it was, he had to water down his feelings as to not get in trouble sending it. Let's just say, he agrees that Iraq may be better off, but thinks the American people were led astray in some of the timetables. It's not a wham-bam-thankya-maam sort of thing.

Anyway - 2 more hours left. And my stomach grumbles.

October 8, 2003

beginning of weak 3

yes, weak. not a typo. i'm tired.

tired of being in pain. tired of feeling guilty for taking well-earned sick time. tired of being shat upon by clients. (not literally, but you get the eww factor just the same)

we waited for MONTHS... yes, I said months... to get information from client to help us finish that client's web site. It's very close to being done, but in the meantime, end-of-month happened, and we ALL know what that means. 5 to 7 workdays of sales reports out of the shoddy old not-designed-to-do-that system. and because these reports go to the "head shed", everybody else can wait their respective turns.

in secret, this client had been planning a mini trade show. for weeks. they conned a marketing firm into doing an ad for the paper. it sucks, by the way. it's the one they wanted in an HTML email last week, or whenever. they sent out an ad in the daily email 2 weeks ago to push the website (which wasn't in fact finished yet). they even tried to secretly hire another developer.

out of the goodness of my heart, I was trying to get their site redesigned to the university standards for launch before their trade show, so not only would the data be updated, but also the site itself.

well, all bets are off, since they asked this morning for the ad to be added to the site. and cc'd my boss.

guess what... my boss added the link to the ad and emailed the client to say it was done. it doesnt LOOK pretty, but neither does the ad. there, he said, it's done. now you can get back to work.

yes, until they pull that sh*t again. the trade show is Monday.

I'm f*cking furious. I'm very close to having a conference with my boss's boss to tell her about the problems from said client (who also happens to be under her). I can't do my f*cking job because I'm not allowed the time to do so, because these jackasses can't plan for sh*t, and then I get blamed. Hello? I spent 80 hours LOOKING FOR PHOTOS AND LINKS TO MANUFACTURER'S INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT WEB PAGES! And weeks waiting on responses from the client.

You don't do any of the work or answer emails, but you blame me when it's not done? I don't think so.

I'm outta here at 11, then back again for 45 minutes after class. Then I have a followup dr. appt. They can just wait.

I'm sick, and tired. Literally.

wow, california is really fucked

there you go.

hopefully they'll get rid of Arnold before he repeals the law.

October 7, 2003


so, i got all of the zigzagging and laundry done, and I braced the dishwasher and that whole mess... and I cleaned the litterbox.

today, i made a grocery list (a long one), and started going through the backlog of newspapers and ads. i still have laundry to finish, of course, but also homework.

as i said, working nightly on the tasks at hand. the joys of a homeowner.

October 5, 2003

weekend of art and oktoberfest...

So, by now you've read about the oktoberfest, cyndi's wonderful art, and the many changes at Larry's on campus. You've seen the drywall photos. (Again, I cant thank Juice and Vee enough for their help, and injury... (Vee takes a 2x4 to the head and keeps on working!)) But, you havent heard of the rest of the wonderful stuff we did.

Laundry, dishes, a kitty-litterbox-corral... art in the kitchen, put more lumber away.Homework.

Every night, I'm going to try to do 2 hours of homework and at least an hour of housework.

Tomorrow, zigzagging and vacuuming, and laundry. Must also purchase a small piece of lumber for bracing the dishwasher, and some cedar chipboard (for the closet), and ... I can't even think what else right now. I need some measurements on the windows in the nook... I'll think of more tomorrow, I'm sure.

October 3, 2003

dirty laundry

on a whim, after looking at the Forbes 400 richest people in America, I did a google search for my uncle's family name in connection with their old family business. what I found explained a lot of why my aunt was suddenly worried more about money 2 years ago. seems the firm they chose to manage their accounts wasnt paying their taxes like they said they were. for years.

now I know. I think if my mom knew, she might be a little more understanding about her sister's money issues.

October 1, 2003

i can scream till the windows break

...but nobody will listen to me...

I was asked if I could put together an HTML email. From a PDF. One of our divisions outsourced an ad to a firm which is in the same bldg as my old consulting firm, for use in the paper. Unfortunately, the division gave the ad firm web graphics for logos, and the PDF shows it. Also, the type is too small and kerned too tight for me to be able to salvage it as a gif or jpg for an "HTML version". Aside from that, it would take me some time to recreate it all in a viewable (mixed HTML and graphics) form, and then it would probably bear little resemblance to the original.

And then, I saw it. At the bottom of the ad. Another misuse of a URL.

WHY can nobody understand to leave off the "www" on short university urls?
http://moron.su.edu. http://idiot.su.edu. http://infuriating.su.edu.
The University powers that be eliminated it so you wouldnt need to type it all.
Do I have to send out a "style" memo?
Do I have to staple it to your foreheads?
The deal is, keep it short and simple. You make it long and complicated.

Why do we have rules if you continually break them?
One of these days, [Alice], BAM! To the moon!

Now, I know...

I love the house...

I love it love it love it.

Last night, Juice and Vee came over for dinner... soup and salad, nothing fancy, really. But, we reshuffled the remaining "stuff" which was still in the dining room, making way for the fully-extended dining table. I ironed a tablecloth, and we set some candles in the center, and it looked all warm and cozy. (Thanks to a working furnace, it was).

So nice. It really, really was. The house is finally becoming a home.

Tonight, ViJ, FabJ and Ttrees are coming over... Can you believe it's October already?

Six Years

Six years ago, today, Nala and I started dating... It doesn't really seem that long... sometimes longer... but I'm happy to have him around, even if I don't show it all the time.

Happy Anniversary, and here's a crazy photo I found when googling "6th Anniversary"...

I know it's not as good as a handmade card, or a nice bottle of wine and some fresh fruit, but it's all I have this early in the AM.