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November 28, 2003

killing me

it's killing me not to be able to go anywhere today. i just hate crowds. i want to go to andersons. i want to go to lowes. i dont want to spend money, necessarily. at least big money.

maybe i'll go downstairs and eat some pie. then maybe i'll see if i can dig up my taxes.


wow. seven of us enjoyed a huge, but non-gluttonous meal in our dining room around a not-so-bad-looking table, if i do say so.

i felt bad for my TA, not knowing anyone, but i think she had fun, too. at least the food was good, and she didnt seem to be moping.

this morning, I got up to go buy a tree, but then decided against venturing out. i'm not agoraphobic (sp?), but i do dislike crowds to a high extent. several other deals were also passed up: cheap lcd monitors, a new desk, etc.

i guess we might go see a movie tonight. it's very weird to have a day off, and not be venturing to the outerbelt to shop, or be working on the house. it's raining/snowing, and impossible to work outside.

i should do my taxes again. i should go to the bank.
i should plan my new office, moneywise.

but, i'm a lame-o, so i might just watch tivo.

November 26, 2003

thanks, rafael

an old acquaintance of mine from my radio days has become a fast friend, and i'm sorry to say, he's in the army, and stationed in iraq indefinitely, as our "War on Terrah" and "Operation 51st State: Oilvania" continues.

When he has time and internet access, which isnt often, he posts to our alumni discussion board, letting us know he's alive and how things are going. He even takes time to argue justification for the war, and to fill us in on what's been going on that we dont necessarily hear (news media doesnt tend to give an accurate picture).

Honestly, the man can write, and I only wish you all could read it. Maybe after the war is over, he'll share it all on his website. He always was involved in politics, and now, I see him making a career of it, after this is done and he comes home. I used to think he was crazy, but honestly, I realized, it's his "geek thing".

So, thanks, Raf, for giving us the scoop, in perspective. Even if I can't share it with the world.

a half day left

i have only 3.5 hours of work, and one of those is in a meeting. woohoo! the turkey is thawing, the tables are set up, the rug is in. i'm taking my final shopping list with me today to stop on the way home.

yeah, the dining room isnt to the state I would've liked, but it's time for me to let it go. almost.

nala says the area rug is my 30th birthday present. yeah, i cant contain my excitement :)

once the food is on the table and the candles are lit, it is going to be fab. that's all that matters, I guess.

this afternoon, much cleaning and preparation awaits me.

clean clean clean :) busy little bee. i am SO ready for this :)

see some of you tomorrow! you have the address, you have the phone number. I didnt send out directions or a mapquest link yet, i know. slacker.

my friend geoff always tries to get me to realize that nothings worth stressing over. it never has worked :) but once in a while, i stress less. today is one of those days.

November 24, 2003

no more oral presentations

whew. done.

now i can stress about my dentist appointment, and the fact i have about 8 hour of work-time left this week.

Time to go home and warm up the Chi-Fe-Dinger I made last night.


entry was totally messed up. wonder what happened.

monday. ugh.

i initially had no intention of doing my presentation today, but i agreed, since it would get it out of the way. now, i've come, barely prepared, to work, and now i really should be rehearsing.

funf Minuten uber Volkswagen auf Deutsch.

my notes are done, my pages are marked.

and, I just found out I won some in the football pool.

in 3 hours, I'll be done with this project and not nervous anymore. I won't have to worry about anything but the final.

I'm sending out confirmations for Thanksgiving after class.

November 23, 2003


i've watched my mood go from good to defeated in 5 seconds. i'm feeling deja vu from 3 years ago. remember, jay? when had 10 people confirmed for Thanksgiving, and just us 3 cooks showed up for the meal?

my hosting a dinner seems all about making food for half to one third as many people as say they will show up. never, EVER, does anything I plan ever go right. this is why i dont celebrate my birthday. i dont think i could deal with the rejection if people said they would come and didnt.

my blood sugar must be too low. i'm having the mood swing from hell.

i give up. i must type up the notes for the presentation tomorrow.
and feed and poop the hoont.

November 21, 2003

i am a loser.

ok, i am HORRIBLE at reading people. just so yall know that.


The political activists are at it again, this time getting a little more active in their activism. Over the past couple weeks, tires of SUVs have been slashed. Most recently on Wednesday, when all the SUVs on Weber were hit. All. From cars that are barely SUVs (the Honda CRV) to Jeep Cherokees (not GRANDE Cherokees, mind you) to the real gas guzzlers.

How long before MY car gets targeted: the poor man's sedan. Unless you can afford $14k or more for a car, typically you get the least fuel efficiency. My car gets 18-20MPG when using the defroster or the a/c, 22-24 highway without it. That's WORSE than the Honda CRV. A hair better than the Cherokee and the Explorer 2WD.

Now, of course, I understand environmentalists. I would much rather be driving a car which was efficient, but I cant afford it. I dont need an SUV, so I dont have one.

But my friend Dan, who has a wife and two kids and frequently tows a camper and goes off-roading, got hit by these bastards. Three of his tires were slashed. You know what that means? That means not only does he have to pay the insurance deductible, but also pay for his own 4th tire, and as you might've guessed, those arent the tires you get for $20 at WalMart. Four new tires is about $400.

Merry f*cking Christmas, jerkoffs.

oh how the mighty have fallen

Record producer Phil Spector charged with murder Thursday, November 20, 2003 Posted: 2:56 PM EST (1956 GMT)
ALHAMBRA, California (AP) -- Record producer Phil Spector, the 1960s recording-studio wizard who created pop music's Wall of Sound, was charged Thursday with murder in the shooting death of a woman at his home last February.
Spector, 63, was expected to be arraigned Thursday afternoon in the slaying of 40-year-old Lana Clarkson, a B-movie actress and model found dead in the foyer of his Alhambra mansion.
He has been free on $1 million bail since his arrest for investigation of murder shortly after the shooting February 3.
Spector has denied he killed Clarkson, suggesting in an Esquire magazine interview that she may have shot herself. After more than six months of investigation, authorities concluded Spector shot her.
Spector is famous for creating the Wall of Sound that involved overdubbing of multiple instruments, vocals and sound effects create a full, dramatic effect. The technique changed the way pop records were produced while bringing fame to groups like the Ronettes and the Crystals.

November 20, 2003

veterans day, belated

I meant to link to this again, but i didnt. Pretty cool, I think.

It's my dad and his friend Gene after they'd decided to join "the service".

I see something that only my grandmother ever noticed: I stand like my dad. Hip cocked, weight on one leg. "You'll hurt your back," she said. "Ok, I'll try to stand on both feet." It didn't even last a day.

silencio, por favor...

Here's what my instructor said about my class participation (auf Deutsch):

Sie sind manchmal zu ruhig und sollen mehr mitmachen.
(essentially, it reads "You are sometimes too quiet and should participate more")

Well, DUH. I'll talk your ear off if I know you, and know your language. If I dont, though, I'm pretty shy.

my wishlist

well, i've decided to finally make my wishlist for Christmas and birthday:

1) a fully-paid optometrist appointment (i made this already, Dec. 12)
2) a fully-paid dental appointment (made this too, Nov. 25)
3) a haircut
4) new comfy dress shoes (1pr brown, 1pr black, preferably oxfords so i can dress up or down)
5) a new shirt and tie, maybe. and a couple new pairs of khakis. (i'm down to 2).
6) time to re-do my taxes
7) money to get my will done (or free legal services, hint hint, you lawyer friends of mine...)
8) I suppose a new iBook battery would be nice.

Yeah, everything else I've kinda got covered already. Aside from winning the lotto, there isnt much else I would want anyone to give me, or that I would buy for myself. I'm pretty content. The lotto wish would only be to get debt free. (pay off the house and car). That's all. I dont wish for much.

I am kinda drooling over the new 20" iMacs tho. Damn.

November 19, 2003

monday wednesday

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.46

1. Do personally find a connection between pleasure and pain?


2. ... a recent study which said men who do housework get more sex. What do you think about that? Why would that be the case?

They're more appreciated by their partners?

3. Do you think there is a double-standard when it comes to men and women and the stigma of divorce?

Is there a stigma still? If there is, it isnt readily apparent.

4. ... an article (look on Google News) that said parents with daughters are more likely to divorce than parents with sons. Do you think there is any validity to this?

Statistics are statistics. Figures never lie, but liars figure.

5. Do you think the way a Father raises his daughter has an impact on the type of men she will eventually have relationships with?

How should I know? Why is it the father raising the daughter? Shouldnt both parents? Girls are so uncommon in my family, I have no idea.

6. Have you ever found your body craving some sort of food? Meat, chocolate, fruit and even water, the body tends to know what it needs. Do you get food cravings? Which are the most powerful?

Mexican food. Or comfort food (meat/gravy/potatoes). Speaking of... I need to get my list made and get to the grocery stores.

7. Do you have any type of skills you can "fall back on" if you needed to change careers suddenly?

Retail management? Shit shovelling? Copy shop worker? No, not really.

November 17, 2003

muttering on a monday again

  1. Plan B:: From Outer Space
  2. Seattle:: Seahawks
  3. The lady wore:: Red
  4. Upsetting:: Grade
  5. Tampon:: Tampax
  6. Celebrity:: Jeopardy
  7. Baja:: California
  8. 64:: Commodore
  9. RGB:: CMYK
  10. Milkshake:: Earthquake

Yeah, I know. One offs. Too bad.

November 15, 2003


ok, do not ever make a recipe on allrecipes.com with potato, sausage, carrot, onion, and diced tomatoes. the potato and carrot wont cook, even after 2 hours in the oven at 375.

i gave up and had cereal.

November 14, 2003

turkey turkey turkey

So, with the turkey voucher from Nala, and the "Attaboys" I got from work, Thanksgiving should be free this year, aside from maybe the liquor. I have wine confirmation... and now we're up to a definite 5 people with 4 maybes and a couple non-responders.

Vijay and FabJ
Me, and Nala
and my german ta (now definite) and her husband (maybe)
Leni and Cyndi (maybes)

Mike, are you alone for t-giving? Wanna partake in a big banquet of holiday goodness? Fforest? how about you? We cater to the orphans and t-com workers...

Ah, I am SO glad to be doing this. While I get all stressed out every year, I DO have a lot of fun overall. Mmmm. I am so excited. I remember last year fondly, even though we went to my parents.. the food was excellent. I may even attempt to make my mom's famous pie crust. There will be pumpkin pie, for sure.

Oh, I could do a happy dance... So excited.


Well, I prepped. More than before.
I would've prepped even MORE had someone here on the management team jerked us around for our 9am meeting. She still hasnt showed up. She called in "late" at 8:45. I've been pulled every which way because she isnt here yet and people then want to meet about other projects.

Stop jerking us around. You schedule the damn meeting and dont show up? What kind of idiot does that? Now you're over an hour late, and you of course will expect us all to drop everything for a meeting none of us shouldve been involved in to begin with.

November 13, 2003

monday (thursday) mission

my mission has been to study, and i've not been succeeding until tonight. I finished a grammar review, and one pass on the vocab, so now, I'm treating myself to a monday mission...

1. Do you ever sling slang from your area of expertise around accidentally and leave folks scratching their heads? Do you feel left out when others start speaking in terms specific to their industry? Gimme some examples!

Yes and yes. Prime example: my dad and sis are not very computer literate. They know how to do things like write a paper or send an email, but those little file extensions might boggle them. My dad can talk about chemistry and electrical terms and I glaze over... also happens when my sis starts talking medical-speak. Auf Englisch, bitte...

2. Do you put your hand in to re-open it if you are too late to get in? Do you hit the "open" button if you see someone running to the door? Do you press the numbers for everyone? Where do you look as you are going to your floor when you are in there with someone you don't know?...

No, I swear a lot. Yes, if the elevator isnt full. Yes, if I'm the one next to the buttons and it's crowded. I look at the floor or the floor-indicator.

3. How do you make it through a boring conversation or meeting when you are feeling drowsy?

I bite my tongue. Drink water. If it's a conference, I stand in the back by the water/soda table.

4. Do you enjoy flying on commercial airlines? Ever flown First Class?

Commercial as opposed to what? Non-profit airlines? I dont really enjoy flying unless it's recreational. Otherwise, it just speeds up the journey. And no, I'm not made of money, so no first class for me.

5. When you fly, where do you like to sit?

In a seat. With a seatbelt. Away from any and all drunks and/or screaming kids.

6. Have you ever jumped to conclusions and griped someone out, then later learned you didn't have all the facts? Or had it happen to you? What was the real story?

Yeah. I really try not to, though. I'm imagining we're not talking big life changing events here, so I'll leave it out. I've written about it elsewhere.

7. Do you have any techno-lust going on?

Me? Technolust? Bahahaha... daily. It's been difficult to stay away from Circuit City, Best Buy, CompUSA and the Apple Store... even mini-itx.com has me drooling. I have another 18 months till I can start saving for a new computer. Meanwhile, I am making a wishlist, and trying to formulate a new computer for my dad in my head to keep from going insane. I dont even look at ads. I seek out specs and equipment by piece instead of getting caught up in the spending.

BONUS: Where do you go, my lovely?

I wanna know, my lovely... Talk about a mid-90s dance party flashback! I just found that album somewhere.

liberian students, eh?

You know, I am usually just deleting those stupid "Hi, I am some government official who can give you millions of dollars" emails, but now, I've gotten one which sounds.. odd. It is apparenly addressed specifically to email addresses with a .edu extension as it is targeted toward education. Since I frequently get misguided emails to help parents with [insert name of any problem here], I took the time to read it. So, I share it with you.


Compliment to you. Can you get admission for my five children to further their studies in United States.

I am Dixon Duru, I served under Charles Taylor administration during the conflict in Liberia, which President George w. Bush , dissolved the administration and mandated president Charles Taylor and his men to live liberia, which was to secure a peaceful transition of Power in liberia and an end to the country internal armed conflict.

Luckly to us, president Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigerian, granted our former Head of State Mr.Charles Taylor Asylum in Nigeria. Since we arrived in Nigeria with our families and domiciled in calabar, the cross River State capital, opposition from students and civil society in calabar have been protesting against our stay in calabar , due to Charles Taylor role in the killing of Nigerian journalists in liberia, this development led president obasanjo to intercede on his behalf by pleading to Nigerians to forgive Charles Taylor for previous role, still the atmosphere here remain uncondusive to us.

I do not want my children to be schooling here in Nigeria, due to condition of things. I am pleading and requesting for your assistance to enable my children to further their education in United States. I want you to secure admission for my children. if you are capable and willing to assist me, please contact me soon. And the sum of $8.5 million dollars, will be transfered into your account, to enable you find good school and accomodation, to my five children, three are in the University and two are in secondary school.

Your effort will be highly appreciate if you assist me. I expecting to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Dixon Duru.

November 12, 2003

more emotional overload

a friendster message from an old old friend asking me to explain what happened between me and Jen...

a letter from my parents detailing where to find their living wills and wills, and copies of their wishes, should anything happen to them, for pulling the plug, cremation, ash spreading... so sad.

work suckage. total suckage. i am SO ready to be done for the week.

Und I habe ein "Midterm" am Freitag.

November 11, 2003

connection overload

so, i've been bombarded with friendster messages as of late, and with them come memories of old times... kind of cool actually.

but, it's giving me much to think about when i should be focusing more on school and work and getting this house ready for thanksgiving.

you know, it's 2 weeks from Thursday!

and they're saying SNOW thursday! crazy!

November 10, 2003

muttering mondays

I almost always get this late...

Leapfrog:: QuizWiz
Co-workers:: Fools
Mustang:: Ranch
Wafer:: Thin
Nicotine:: Nala
Fast food:: Fat
Suffocate:: Bag
Myth:: Fingerprints
Lane:: Avenue
Unexpected:: Something

November 7, 2003

screeching kids... ugh!

Normally, I wouldnít care if OC and his sidekick brought their kids to work. Sidekick frequently does bring hers. But, I donít usually have the office adjacent to the room they're in. Right now they're in the lunchroom and right on the other side of the wall from me, screaming their heads off, instead of the other building up the street.

I'm actually being really really tolerant. I like kids! Their laughter is pure. But they donít belong here, screaming their little heads off. This isnt KinderCare. I've considered going to complain, but I donít want retribution.

If I ever screamed like that when I was younger, I'd have had something to scream about...

You barely show up for work, and now when you do, you bring your kids? Um, no. Hire a sitter, or something. An emergency, sure. Daily, no.

And no, you CANT play with my toys. Those are reserved for the good kids who behave.

If you can't take responsibility for your kids, perhaps you should have them taken away and given to someone who WILL. Hell, even my parents wanted another kid. I'm sure they'd take one who was already potty trained and knew his or her ABC's. These two can even read, I think. Perfect.

November 6, 2003

another reason i love my german ta

"John Byrne can eat my socks." was the subject line of her latest email to me...

She is a GEEK.

November 5, 2003

uncledom is closer...

but not as close as I thought it was.

Zan is due 2 months after my 30th birthday, which is a relief I guess, when it comes to planning. She says she's puked almost a dozen times.

Ah, motherhood. I really hope she can take the appropriate time off from work. She's too worried about the child support and student loans to even think about taking months off.

I know, even without seeing her, that she must be just glowing that motherly glow. Zan is one of the most outgoing and friendly people I know, and either she's a raging bitchfest or she's even more beautiful now.

ciw or not ciw

who exactly came up with certifications to be a webmaster? all of a sudden, I started seeing classes and tests to be a "certified webmaster", and now it's become a status symbol.

Are you certified? Why yes, I am. Certified to have 10 years experience. Which, I realize, may not always show, but that's the nature of client sites. They get what they want. They don't listen to reason.

So... Let's just see how much this thing is going to run me, eh? $125 per test. Plus self-study materials. Oh you've GOT to be kidding.

endusers suck

of course, i knew this would happen. i knew when she left, everything would come flooding in from the primary thorn in her side, as if she hadnt ever worked on it.

why should anyone expect a response from someone whom they insult and whose help they are asking for? "you suck. oh, and could you please fix this? thanks." I had more time, I would hunt through and find the response you were given the first hundred times you asked, since it would still be "NO!"

leaf leafy leaf

The graphic up-top needs a little more work, but it's almost there. Maybe I can finish it later today.

Of course, I still have some Hausaufgaben left to do. And web dilemmas to solve here at work.

things that make ya go... hmmm

On my way to my boss's mini-fridge to get a soda, my eye was caught by a piece of paper on his desk. "Adult Model Release".

Oh ho ho... my mind wandered to places that made me think "eww".

And then I remembered he's being photographed for a University Business magazine article today.

November 4, 2003

so much to do...

It's one of those weeks again.

Tomorrow, i have a meeting over on campus before class. i'm NOT looking forward to it. I have so much homework, too.

4 more weeks... and then I will be done. The final project is a 5-minute oral presentation and accompanying paper. That's it. No interview. No Q&A. Woohoo! Thankfully, the exams are chapter tests over vocab and grammar. The grammar is pretty easy, really, if you memorize some rules. 8-9 times out of 10 I can get it right by guessing. That's bad.

Ok... one more sales report and I can go home.

gaming memories

Since I've been in touch with a lot of people I used to play RPGs with, I've thought about some of the lame characters I used to have.

We once played a totally LAME round of Marvel Super Heroes. If you've ever played, you know how lame the made-up characters can be. My character was Zamfir, and about his only real power was turning into an ungodly loud and irritating Pan Flute, which one of the other players would have to play to disarm/distract the enemies. My god, the silliness of it. My roommate, Dru, really got into that one though, and while my character didn't see much action, he did get a lot of bonuses for being so incredibly lame and difficult to play.

When running Villains Unlimited, I played a cyborg/martial artist/assassin named Hotfoot, whose gimmick was a flamethrower in his foot. He did pretty well, surprisingly, despite the psychological penalties.

Today, my friend Danny pointed me to the "hero generator" and for fun, I recreated Hotfoot, with a few upgrades. Now both legs and both arms are bionic, and he's bought a bit more tech. And, he had the flamethrower moved to a more practical location.

[image to follow]

note to self (again)

Check out Refer 2.03 and iTunes Catalog.
Mail package to Sparky.
Site redesign.
German paper.
Dubs to Jay.

November 3, 2003

can nbc4 count?

While I'll agree this IS news, I think NBC4's editors better quit sensationalizing. 66+15 = 81. Not 100.

And what dumbasses APD were... come on. You bring in extra cops EVERY OTHER YEAR to help with the celebration. Where were they this time? Jesus.

I'm not condoning bad behavior, but I'm being a realist. "Oh my god, it was so bad we couldnt handle it." Well you can handle the time-change riots with brute (and excessive) force, why not Halloween you stupid hicks! Do you forget from year to year what it's like?

Now, of course, it could be the reporting (which I already said was flawed), but honestly, you couldnt go 20 feet without bumping into a cop when I was there at Halloween.

Dumb asses, all of them. Students, friends, cops, reporters.

Praise to the State Patrol though. They kicked ass, if you believe the last part of the article.

a very grinchy christmas

I'm starting to think Nala's gift-free Christmas is possibly a good idea. I mean, I'm watching my appliances break and thinking "damn, I should really get that replaced."

Saving saving saving.

It will be a (mostly) "now" free Christmas. Practicality is finally rearing its ugly head. Sell sell sell all the crap I have accumulated in exchange for new useful things. I really need to get my ebay seller's account up and running.

Oh, and those taxes need refiled. ACK.

Money money money.

November 2, 2003

if walls could talk, ohio style


This weekend, I was trying to figure out how to fit our dvd collection into the closet, and how best to build in shelves which wouldnt disrupt its use. I discovered an exposed stud and shims on the inside of the closet doorframe.

As I ran my hand up the inside of the wall, toward the current shelf, my hand hit a small cardboard box, wedged between the stud and the shelf. I carefully pried it loose, and discovered a name, a date "1951", and the abbreviation "Dent", printed on both the end and top of the box.

I questioned myself whether I should open it. I did, of course, only to discover quite a few fake teeth, 3 real teeth, and some other small dental-ish thingys.

It was a very cool surprise. Someone who lived in our house was in dental school.


  1. Taboo:: 2
  2. Poison:: Ivy
  3. 1983:: 1984
  4. Tim:: Curry
  5. Groovy:: Baby
  6. Italy:: Ciao
  7. Think:: Different
  8. Penthouse:: Pets
  9. Shelter:: House
  10. Twinkie:: the Kid