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liberian students, eh?

You know, I am usually just deleting those stupid "Hi, I am some government official who can give you millions of dollars" emails, but now, I've gotten one which sounds.. odd. It is apparenly addressed specifically to email addresses with a .edu extension as it is targeted toward education. Since I frequently get misguided emails to help parents with [insert name of any problem here], I took the time to read it. So, I share it with you.


Compliment to you. Can you get admission for my five children to further their studies in United States.

I am Dixon Duru, I served under Charles Taylor administration during the conflict in Liberia, which President George w. Bush , dissolved the administration and mandated president Charles Taylor and his men to live liberia, which was to secure a peaceful transition of Power in liberia and an end to the country internal armed conflict.

Luckly to us, president Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigerian, granted our former Head of State Mr.Charles Taylor Asylum in Nigeria. Since we arrived in Nigeria with our families and domiciled in calabar, the cross River State capital, opposition from students and civil society in calabar have been protesting against our stay in calabar , due to Charles Taylor role in the killing of Nigerian journalists in liberia, this development led president obasanjo to intercede on his behalf by pleading to Nigerians to forgive Charles Taylor for previous role, still the atmosphere here remain uncondusive to us.

I do not want my children to be schooling here in Nigeria, due to condition of things. I am pleading and requesting for your assistance to enable my children to further their education in United States. I want you to secure admission for my children. if you are capable and willing to assist me, please contact me soon. And the sum of $8.5 million dollars, will be transfered into your account, to enable you find good school and accomodation, to my five children, three are in the University and two are in secondary school.

Your effort will be highly appreciate if you assist me. I expecting to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Dixon Duru.

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