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monday (thursday) mission

my mission has been to study, and i've not been succeeding until tonight. I finished a grammar review, and one pass on the vocab, so now, I'm treating myself to a monday mission...

1. Do you ever sling slang from your area of expertise around accidentally and leave folks scratching their heads? Do you feel left out when others start speaking in terms specific to their industry? Gimme some examples!

Yes and yes. Prime example: my dad and sis are not very computer literate. They know how to do things like write a paper or send an email, but those little file extensions might boggle them. My dad can talk about chemistry and electrical terms and I glaze over... also happens when my sis starts talking medical-speak. Auf Englisch, bitte...

2. Do you put your hand in to re-open it if you are too late to get in? Do you hit the "open" button if you see someone running to the door? Do you press the numbers for everyone? Where do you look as you are going to your floor when you are in there with someone you don't know?...

No, I swear a lot. Yes, if the elevator isnt full. Yes, if I'm the one next to the buttons and it's crowded. I look at the floor or the floor-indicator.

3. How do you make it through a boring conversation or meeting when you are feeling drowsy?

I bite my tongue. Drink water. If it's a conference, I stand in the back by the water/soda table.

4. Do you enjoy flying on commercial airlines? Ever flown First Class?

Commercial as opposed to what? Non-profit airlines? I dont really enjoy flying unless it's recreational. Otherwise, it just speeds up the journey. And no, I'm not made of money, so no first class for me.

5. When you fly, where do you like to sit?

In a seat. With a seatbelt. Away from any and all drunks and/or screaming kids.

6. Have you ever jumped to conclusions and griped someone out, then later learned you didn't have all the facts? Or had it happen to you? What was the real story?

Yeah. I really try not to, though. I'm imagining we're not talking big life changing events here, so I'll leave it out. I've written about it elsewhere.

7. Do you have any techno-lust going on?

Me? Technolust? Bahahaha... daily. It's been difficult to stay away from Circuit City, Best Buy, CompUSA and the Apple Store... even mini-itx.com has me drooling. I have another 18 months till I can start saving for a new computer. Meanwhile, I am making a wishlist, and trying to formulate a new computer for my dad in my head to keep from going insane. I dont even look at ads. I seek out specs and equipment by piece instead of getting caught up in the spending.

BONUS: Where do you go, my lovely?

I wanna know, my lovely... Talk about a mid-90s dance party flashback! I just found that album somewhere.

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