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December 31, 2003


in case you're wondering, it's a slow week here at the job, and so, amongst end-of-month reports and software installs, i'm reading quite a bit. it feels nice to catch up on some news.

i'm also still fighting a sinus infection, and now possibly more of a cold. i cant tell if i just snored too much last night or i'm getting sick. i suppose i'll decide after I get home whether I should go to das Haus der Kunstlers this evening. I should make some stir fry with the couple cans of stir fry veggies we have, adding some szechuan spices (yes, i bought some! thank you big bear for going out of business!) and maybe add some chicken.

or (bum bum bummmmmmm) i could try and make some chicken in peanut sauce.

nala, what do you think?

whispering wheels, electric transportation

a new spin on an old theme

The future of the in-wheel electric engine seems bright. At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, it was the engine of choice in many of the futuristic hydrogen-powered concept cars.

homeland securifish

Ah, yes, it is the day of many links...

Fish threatens National Security

I wasn't prepared, however, for the TSA to stop me right at the entrance, proclaiming that no small pets, including fish, were permitted through security. I had, however, just received the blessing of the ticket agents at US Airways and pre-assured MJ's travels with Pittsburgh International Airport security weeks before our travel date. I tried to explain this to the screener who stood between me and the gates, but she would have none of it.
I was led back to the US Airways ticket counter, stocking-footed and alone, where the agents reasserted that they did not see a problem for me to have a fish on board, properly packaged in plastic fish bag and secured with a rubber band as MJ was. But the TSA supervisor was called over, and he berated me profusely. He exclaimed that in no way, under no circumstances, was a small fish allowed to pass through security, regardless of what the ticket agents said.
Mr. Supervisor was causing a grand scene, marshaling the full authority of the TSA to refuse me. Now, I know my fish is a terrorist (Osama Fin Laden we used to call him back at school), but doesn't it strike you as funny that, with all the commotion my little security threat was causing, by now engaging the full attention of the TSA at LaGuardia, that someone who posed a real threat to passenger safety might be conveniently slipping by?
By this time, I was in tears. The supervisor furiously told me to dispose of the fish. Dispose of my fish?! What did he want me to do, throw him away? He told me to go outside and give him to whomever I came to the airport with. When I explained I was a college student, alone in New York City (save for boyfriend Trey), he brushed me off and said that was not his problem.

more military ugh.

When I talked to my friend Cliff at the wedding Saturday, he told me his dad was still an active duty pilot. This would explain a lot.

... thousands of soldiers forbidden to leave military service under the Army's "stop-loss" orders, intended to stanch the seepage of troops, through retirement and discharge, from a military stretched thin by its burgeoning overseas missions.

I know that some of my recently-serving friends still may be called back. And that draft is looming. Ugh. Hurry up and turn 26, will you, cousins?

look out! he's got an almanac!

now this is ridiculous.

The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning.

Yes, beware fourth graders doing homework assignments, or college students participating in celebrity death pools.

army ugh

this disturbs me.

Pogany, an Army interrogator assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group, was charged with cowardice Oct. 14 after suffering what he described as a panic attack from seeing a mangled body of an Iraqi man who had been cut in half by American gunfire in Iraq.
After he asked for counseling, Pogany’s commanders sent him back to Fort Carson to face a court-martial on a cowardice charge, which can be punishable by death.

The only thing I can guess hope, is that the article leaves out key information that would cause his superiors to want to kill him. Yeah, I know the soldiers are supposed to be "steeled" to that sort of thing, but in reality, I'm betting more are "softies" than people realize.

December 30, 2003

the dress

ok, the girl in this pic isnt near as pretty as Stephanie, and the dress was white, and the bride had a veil and tiara and not that pillbox hat, but this is the dress from Ben and Stephanie's wedding, or at least the closest one I could find online.

Still cant show you how beautiful it really was.

December 29, 2003

muttering during illness

  1. Seeker:: Thundercracker
  2. Mirror:: Mirror
  3. Fire:: and Ice
  4. Goblet:: Empty
  5. Empty:: Bottle
  6. Secrets:: Society
  7. Defense:: Contractor
  8. Hatchet:: Bury
  9. Vapour:: Trail
  10. Ministry:: of Sound
  1. Exchange:: Student
  2. Parental Advisory:: Lyrics
  3. Blowout:: Sale
  4. Spider:: Man
  5. Happy:: Gilmore
  6. Intense:: Feelings
  7. Corrupt:: Government
  8. Got:: Milk
  9. Crude:: Raw
  10. Three:: Sixty Five

December 28, 2003

yowza. good chicken.

so, i dont know what i did right but i actually made a really good chicken dish tonight, when i decided to throw the original recipe out the window.

1 small onion, chopped
2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
1 cup chopped walnuts
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 1/2 tablespoons tomato paste
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
2 cups chicken broth
1/4 cup apple cider
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
about 1 1/2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into chunks.
1 orange pepper, diced

Saute onion in 2 tablespoons hot olive oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat 8 to 10 minutes or until tender. Add walnuts and garlic; cook, stirring constantly, 2 minutes. Stir in tomato paste, and cook, stirring often, 5 minutes.

Add brown sugar, vinegar, broth, cider, salt and pepper, and orange pepper. Bring to boil. Add chicken chunks. Simmer, stirring often, on medium heat, for about 30 minutes or until thickened.

Serve over pasta. YUM.

(I make no promises as to the accuracy of this recipe, so if it turned out wrong... too bad.)

happy 30, sis

no, i didnt forget, but i nearly did forget to call in my sleepy haze.

happy birthday, zandy. here's hoping it was a good one, and best wishes for the long, baby filled year ahead.

December 27, 2003

holy crap. ben's married.

so, my oldest friend just got married today.

i drove like mad as to not be late, but i was indeed pushing it to get there. both the ceremony and reception were in a beautiful old mansion on a lake, and thanks to the weather, the ground and trees were still a bit white with snow. the flowers were holly and ivy, with red roses. the gift table was a sleigh built by the bride's great-grandfather. to sound like a cliche, the bride, stephanie, really did look like an angel: a beautiful girl in a beautiful winter wedding gown, trimmed in white fur. was she really marrying that crazy trauma nurse friend of mine? unbelievable. ben, the groom, my best friend for so many years, looked older and more sophisticated than i remember, much like a Chris Noth for our generation.

the photos of the bride and groom only brought back memories of childhood and parties at ben's mom's house, when i was much much thinner and just as pale, but hadnt yet discovered the wonders of contact lenses. one of note featured me, the groom, the best man, and a fourth friend who showed up at the wedding more or less by chance, since the groom had been unable to locate him for over a year, and happened to be home from the Air Force for Christmas.

the reception was great, with homemade candies and cake, and lots of beer and soft drinks. it gave us all a chance to catch up a little and mingle.

ben's mom was my second mom growing up, and his grandmother was like another grandmother to me as well. eva doesnt get around like she used to, but she's still got the fire of a woman half her age... she can still raise hell, and i love her for it. she must have kissed me a half dozen times, and she never let go once i sat next to her.

i miss those days... back when we all were young and naiive, but i'm glad we've all found our partners with whom to share our lives with as we've moved on.

Congratulations, Ben and Stephanie, may your life together be filled with love and peace for years to come.

December 24, 2003


merry bleeping christmas, everybody!
no more cookies to bake, no more presents to wrap.
and i'm more stressed out than usual! whee!

enjoy the holiday!

December 23, 2003

yeah, i'm an ignorant fool

i am ALWAYS sticking my foot in my mouth when it comes to movies.
so, on the cookie baking day, we're watching tv, and a movie trailer comes on, and it's Steve Martin and a bunch of hellish kids. Immediately I say something to the effect of "do we need another Daddy Day Care?" only to have Kelly tell me that it's in fact a remake of Cheaper by the Dozen, (I saw the title at the end of the trailer...) but I'd never even heard of Cheaper by the Dozen!
I really never got into Python or Mel Brooks movies, and I've seen none of them in their entirety, and everyone around me quotes them both, I never know what movie they're quoting. So, months ago, when someone mentioned the Fifteen Commandments, I immediately thought Python. Oh boy was I wrong. And corrected. Again and again. You stupid self! You should know these things!

Well, I dont. And it's bugged me for months. I cannot watch a Python or Brooks film all the way through. Dont get me wrong, I've enjoyed a lot of parts of both. I just have a hard time sitting through either Python or Brooks. No idea why. I just cant get into them. Therefore, I'm left behind.

This has been your yearly "I'm a fool" update.

December 22, 2003

monday doldrums

so, i just got back from lunch and found my latest Mission had arrived. Here it is...

1. Have you ever had a dream so real, that inside the dream you had to fight to wake yourself up? Do you remember the dream?

I used to have nightmares when I was little, some involving octopi aliens (please, dont ask) and others involving driving to Wheeling with my mom and grandma, only to find out they weren't actually in the car, and our car was driving off the side of the bridge. That, and my mom is actually an old-school Fembot.

2. How would you define the concept of a "soul-mate" is? Do you believe in such things? Have you met your soul-mate?

I dont think you can know this till you've already been together with someone for a very very long time. My parents, I think, are soul-mates, but 15 years ago, I wouldnt have said so. It takes deep understanding of the other individual, and acceptance of their rotten flaws... and lots of other things. I think, sometimes, that I have maybe met mine, but the pessimist (and skeptic, and anti-romantic) in me keeps telling me not to give in or let go, lest I be burned again.

3. What does it take to make men happy anyway?

Transformers? Porn?

4. What is your favorite piece of electric hardware, and why?

Electric hardware? Tools? or any electric device? My favorite tool is a radial arm saw. Which, I have no room for.

5. Have you ever stopped to help a stranded motorist? Has anyone ever stopped to help you when you were stranded? Isn't there some element of risk involved when helping someone with car trouble, or is it better to just "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you?"

Yes, I have. I stopped for a guy who I'd notice pass me on the Interstate when I saw him break down a few miles later, and gave him a lift to the nearest service center. When my mom ran out of gas bringing me home from college once, a man stopped to help me when I was carrying a gas can back to the car (but nobody stopped to get me TO the gas station, a mile away). Yes, dangerous, I suppose, which is why I would rather call it in to the state patrol.

6. Just for fun, what is the one present you'd like for Christmas, but you know there is no way you will?

Um. Material thing or general idea?

7. What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Overall good health, a home, food, a companion, friends and family. Sicktime and vacations too.

cant catch me...

I'm the Gingerbread LAN!

fighting it

so, 10 days ago, I felt like I was getting a sinus infection. today, i still have it, but it also is giving me a headache, and a stuffy nose.

ugh. I hope this is the end of it, but somehow I doubt it.

December 20, 2003

blah blah blah

what a very very odd day.
i hate shopping.
and i'm nearly done. ha! 2 more. woohoo.
tons to wrap.

ih1975's birthday was today (do the math) and his old neighbor planned a surprise party for him. unfortunately, the surprise of the dinner was gone, but fortunately, the surprise of another friend and i showing up, more than made up for it.

at a sausage place. yeah. german. kraut and potatoes too. oh my was it good. but gassy. BOMB!

k, bedtime. after i wrap a couple more presents.

December 19, 2003

wishlists, amazon style

forgot i'd done this

murderous ghost-zombie chain-gang highway

aka Route 666.
suck ass movie.

intelligent japanese kung-fu zombie movie
aka Versus
sounds actually kinda fun.


by the way, this was probably my most favorite toy when i was little. i played with it till all the inner springs broke, and the windshield, too. no idea if my mom still has it.

December 18, 2003


Ok, at least we got seats together, even though they were in the third row, toward the side. 3 hours of in-your-face battle scenes and panoramas was kind of difficult to watch that close, but it was ok. It was worth it.

I wont say it was the best movie of the three, as it probably was the weakest, and seemed like it lacked the polish of the other two, but a lot of this opinion could be that most of the illusions created for the movie were destroyed in the distortion of the curved screen viewed from one side and 15 feet away.

Some was predictable, some was cliche, some was sappy, but overall good. I was happy with it, and happier to know that within months I will be able to view the trilogy as a whole in my own home instead of a segmented three-parter.

Oh this sucks

Maybe two weeks ago, everyone at work was sent an email that a coworker's 40th birthday was today, and everyone was encouraged to wear black as a joke. This morning, I scrounged around for a pair of black dockers and a black sweater.

Of course, I get to work, and not a single person is wearing black, despite two reminders yesterday.

Why do I even bother participating.

December 16, 2003

wishlists, take 2

so, because somebody is horrible at taking hints, i've rewritten my wishlists, combined a few, and am readily making this available.

1) A new light for the front porch
2) A couple silicone heat-resistant (500-650 degree) and dishwasher safe spatulas and cooking spoons.
3) A dishwasher-safe, non-porous cutting board, not too giant, not too small.

Since it's a wish list
4) new comfy dress shoes (1pr brown, 1pr black, preferably oxfords so i can dress up or down)
5) a new shirt and tie, maybe. and a couple new pairs of dockers/dress pants. (i'm down to 2). (avail. at Kohls, Target, etc)

More expensive stuff that I dont ever expect unless someone wins the lottery:
6) money to get my will done or free legal services (lawyer friends, anybody?)
7) I suppose a new iBook battery would be nice.

Fun, non-computer "wants":
Any JL or Batman/Superman 5" animated figures (or planes, cars, motorcycles) are always a good idea.
Pokemon are not.
I also need a Kamrat letter 't' from Ikea, too.
Frames for my Dan Davis and Phil Moy art would be nice.

You see, wish lists arent any fun when they're basically your needs. When you're a kid, you write everything and anything down in hopes you might get some of it. Now, I dont care as much about things I dont need, and the items I want are generally more expensive things I'll buy myself, eventually. The wants are much more pricey, and impractical as gifts.

Making a wishlist as an adult isnt like pulling out the JCPenney catalog toy section. There's plenty I wish for... a new washing machine, etc... and plenty I lust after, like a new widescreen hdtv or a new computer. I just cant justify the expense, and it's not necessary, so why put it down.

So, my list is nearly bare.

tf pricing guide

is there an online pricing guide for transformers? just curious.

oh, and nala, I read today there are lots of knock-offs (old G1 molds and some Beast Wars) appearing at Big Lots and other dollar stores.

time for a lighter note

yeah, it's that time of year again, when people start writing their "best of" music lists. tim over at psionic always seems to pick a lot of the same songs i would, and introduces me to some i haven't heard.

Hey Ya seems to be the most addictive, for me, followed closely by Danger (High Voltage), which I sing in my head whenever I drive home past the new Taco Bell. And the Sugababes, well, thank goodness for Graham Norton, or I wouldn't know who they were.

Get your culture on.

December 15, 2003

eye spy

take care of your eyes, folks. really. i mean it. go to the doctor as often as you can (once every year, if covered by insurance).

that's all for now.


  1. Warning:: Sign
  2. Aspirations:: Ventilation
  3. Starvation:: Sally Struthers
  4. Lid:: Cap
  5. Sketch:: Comedy
  6. Interrogate:: Inquisition
  7. Credit:: Debt
  8. Scotch:: Tape
  9. Confused:: Dazed
  10. Paris:: (Ugh) Hilton.


Yes, I am. Who the fuck cares. What gives you the right to vandalize my car? No, I know, my car wasn't harmed when you wrote "GAY" in huge letters in the snow on my windshield. And the evidence melts away. Hooray for you, doing no physical harm.

another monday

So, my sinuses are still bothering me, although they are better than they were Friday. I'll continue these meds till I either get worse, or a few days past feeling all-better. Or I run out.

Saturday was "Cookie Bake-o-Rama" here at the house. Nala put up a couple photos. It was fun, although I wonder if we scared Kristy away. I need to alter my peanut-butter-chocolate-chip recipe. The one I found online wasnt the same as the one my great-grandmother had. Mom said cut the temp by 25 degrees, cut the eggs by one, and cut the flour by a quarter cup and try again. Jen made some jello cookies, and some candy cane cookies (red and regular dough sugar cookies) that turned out round instead of cane shaped, and some apricot thumbprints. Kristy made Snickers cookies. YUM. I ate probably half a dozen of those.

I really really just want to spend the day sleeping. But, I can't. I have to pay my car insurance today, and also take care of some other bills. And call my old optometrist to follow up on something my new one said on Friday.

Sometime this week, I'll wrap presents.

My friend Mark never called this weekend when he was in town. Apparently he called his ex, and got into something, because I got a disturbed phone call from the ex. I dont even pretend to understand. It's all very confusing.

Jay called last night so we could mutually cheer each other up... I miss him lots. But, he's only a phone call, IM, or email away, which makes it not so bad.

Oh, and big congrats to Vee and Carsten who graduated yesterday. Much fun was had over at their place, eating breads and fruits and listening to Ursula swear... "BLACKANDDECKER!"

Ok, I'm off to the salt mines.

December 11, 2003


sinuses. blah.

so my doc called me in a 'scrip for the meds i need, and now all i need are the cookie ingredients for saturday's Cookie Bake-o-Rama.

mmm. yum. oh, and i need to find my "great cookie" recipe! Dammit!

I'm making crescent rolls for tomorrow's breakfast here at work. Simple, and breakfasty. No muss, no fuss.

December 10, 2003

two disjointed topics

grades come out today or tomorrow... i know the exams are being graded today, so we'll see. i'm keeping my fingers crossed, since it's not being graded by the same instructor.

secondly, i finally met Evan yesterday for coffee. Learned lots about what she does, still want to learn lots more. Turns out our workplaces are not so different.

December 9, 2003

muttering again...

  1. Scrooge:: d
  2. Ribbon:: Typewriter
  3. Physical:: Contact
  4. Income:: Tax (ack!)
  5. Dream:: Sequence
  6. Notebook:: Laptop
  7. Disney:: land
  8. Combo:: Cheesy
  9. Booty:: Licious
  10. Skin:: Care
  1. Blizzard:: Condition
  2. J:: Mistah
  3. Control:: Remote
  4. Blood:: Lines
  5. Mysterious:: Ways
  6. Annoying:: Cow
  7. Throat:: Cancer
  8. Condom:: Trojan
  9. Search:: Star
  10. Heartfelt:: Thanks

thank you thank you thank you

In case I havent sent you a thank you yet, or I missed you somehow, I wanted to thank everyone who came to or had a hand in my surprise party Saturday. It was impressive. It was amazing.

I'm still in shock. Days later.

To everyone, thank you. It was a night I will never forget.

Especially Cecil. I'm standing inside the door, still in shock, and Cecil is all "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" -- I'm sorry man, I have no idea what you said to me. I'm still trying to figure it out.

December 8, 2003

more somber news

So, yesterday, I called my mom to tell her about the party, and I got a big earful about my grandmother here in Ohio.

Gram's boyfriend, Orlie, died. This makes me very very very sad. Sadder than it makes her, because to her, he's just gone. To me, he's dead. Yes, he was older than dirt. Yes, he didnt get around well. Apparently, he fell, and his body just couldnt recover from it. He died in the hospital, not in the nursing home, which I think is good.

Orlie was always happy to see us, and took very good care of my grandma emotionally. They were like two kids in love, but in old bodies. They held hands at dinner, played cards together, snuck up on each other, always playing little tricks, or kissing innocently... They were king and queen of Valentine's Day for several years.

This makes me very very sad, and although she may not know he's dead, she does know that he's not around, and that by itself hurts. She doesnt remember that her one son died, and you cant remind her, because she's already in a very bad depression. This is made worse by the fact that she now shares her room with a dying woman. If I could, I would take her in myself, but I cant.

So, I'm doing the next best thing, and taking a day to go visit her. And probably do a lot of crying. And maybe, just maybe, take her out for lunch.

I have more news from that family front... her other favorite grandchild, M2, has started visiting again, and now has brought her fiance for gram's blessing. Apparently, she has it.

M2's father, however, still has yet to earn my respect. His wife, dealing with a second, more serious bout with cancer (this time, breast cancer), is also dealing with early onset Alzheimer's. He treats her horribly, according to Gram, and refuses to admit there's a problem. "Why cant you remember, you stupid ..." It's a lot of stress, I know, having a mother and wife who cant remember things well, if at all, and having had cancer yourself, and watching your wife battle it twice, and your brother die of a combination of several things which you yourself have had or may have in the future...

December 7, 2003

crazy bitter

So I edited a very vengeful and not-so-tactful message to someone who I feel has wronged me greatly by lack of action. How many times have I gone out of my way to be there for him in one way or another, with or without his request? I'm still angry. But... with time my anger diminishes and changes. Now, the only thing I'm really bitter about is the lack of RSVP. (Which reminds me I need to send my own to someone's wedding!) However, upon further semantic review, I see means "if you please" not "please", so I guess it didnt please. There were times I would've bent the laws of time and space to make an appearance for this person. That just kills me.

surprisingly not hungover


more later.
I'm still in shock.

About 30 people came to a surprise 30th birthday party for me last night, including 4 people from work, and 2 people who are friends of Nala from his work.

If you were involved in this, thank you. It was the best present I've ever had, and the only (real) party I've ever had. It was truly amazing. If you talked to me and I sounded incoherent, it's because I was in shock, still.

Leni and Cyndi, Pam and Paul, Dave and MaryBeth, Jeff and Pam, Diane, Scott and Mike, Vijay (and mysterious guest), Preston and Kelly, Asa and the Vee, Dieter, Paul, Liddy and Skip, Cecil and Alice, Jamie and Adam, Shaunn and Danny, TA... I know I'm probably missing some, but thank you all.

Jay even phoned in. Three times. I wish you could've been here, if only to see my face when everyone yelled "Surprise!". Feel better soon.

Those of you who couldnt make it, I'm sorry. You missed a fantastic party, and you were missed. Trust me, we still had enough wine. (Kick ass! More for me!)

What a wonderful present. I cant wait to see how horrible the photo of me is.

And to all y'all who I didnt get to thank because you left early, Thank you.

Super special thanks to: Kelly, Preston, Asa, Vee, Dieter, and Nala for cooking, cleaning, and generally making it a great night. Kelly, now I know why you kept stalling before we went back. And thank you for the erotic cake

My god, I am still in shock.

December 5, 2003


video slideshow almost done.
time to go to the last class of the quarter.

December 4, 2003

causes for celebration n such

Hey. It's here. It's another day.

I got a card from Redhead-Christy back in Akron, and one from my best friend (who really shouldnt be spending money). This morning I got an e-card from the Fabulous Double-D (thanks! I miss you too!) and a $10 gift certificate at the iTunes Music Store and and e-card from Ironhide.

Then, I came to work and the vending machine was out of everything breakfasty (in fact, the entire bottom row of food). I ended up getting a double-decker oatmeal creme pie for breakfast. Yeah, yum, but sad.

Went to Hounddog's for pizza, and then to see Lost in Translation (very good, by the way) with Asa and the Vee last night as celebration of her finishing her thesis. WOoHOo. She's done. Sad news is, she's moving to Detroit. Good news is, she got a job. Congrats, Vee!

Nala even "sang" sto lat this morning. Sweet.

Also turning 30 today: Tyra Banks. Other celebs sharing the birthday: Jay-Z, Nikki Tyler (known for her 'adult' films), Marisa Tomei, singer Cassandra Wilson (who incidentally, I really like), Jeff Bridges, singer Lillian Watson, Wink Martindale, Victor French... and of course, Frank Zappa died on my 20th birthday.

December 3, 2003

dark days ahead

I havent really said much, but I turn 30 this week. It bugs me. Every year for the last 8 or 9 years. Nala warned me. It sneaks up on you.

Excuse me if I seem a bit, um, darker than usual. Between school (finals) and work (first-of-the-month reports and this god forsaken movie), I have no time to think much about the passing of another year.

I was looking forward to lunch with my friend Jacob tomorrow, but now I'm stuck with my boss and our whole IT staff. I swear if Crotch Grabbing Guy makes one gay joke at my birthday...

Ok. I've wandered into random hypotheticals now. Time to study for my verb quiz.

f*cking dumbasses


So, you know, I've been put in charge of this flaming pile of manure they call a "movie" for this year's holiday awards. I've been provided about a hundred photos from one retirement party, and one from a "cleanup day" and a few from each of our retail stores. Most of the rest are unusable: dark or blurry, or without faces.

And today, I get told that we have no music. Apparently, wonder of wonders, the lady who's always been put in charge dropped the ball. She asked a former employee (who left 2 years ago) to do the music again and she said no. HOW HARD IS IT? We use the same damn songs every year. Give me the songs.

Oh wait. You dont have them. Oh wait. You wont buy them. Oh wait, it's TWO DAYS AWAY and NOW you're thinking about this project?

Screw this. I'm locking my door and hoping they dont bother me.

happy humpday

I was reminded by GeekyChick to call my dental clinic because it's been a week and I hadnt heard from them about scheduling my fillings. Because it's staffed by students, I now have to wait 2 months to get my fillings, since they wont even be back in class for a month.

Or, I can go elsewhere and pay an arm and a leg.

The lady on the other end of the phone said "I'm sorry nobody explained this to you before" -- I'm sorry, but you let your patients know their options. Like calling one of the staff dentists. "Not an HMO" my ass.

I'm stewing. Already. I'm pissed. I suppose I should call the city about that damn HUGE ASS TREE ROOT that I called them about removing 8 weeks ago.

Update: I called Nail-A-Dumper. They were excited. They were sending someone out to look at it. They will be calling me. Soon. Hallelujah.

December 2, 2003

what he said...

oh my god. no Outback Steakhouse ever again. No nononononononononoooo.

pain. agony. vomit. and other nasty things.

But, yes, we bought the yellow Optimus, and the black and silver Ultra Magnus.

I'm tempted to get the KMart Armada Prime and Jetfire set to make Super Mega Ultra Prime with Overload. Or something. $44 for a $40 + $25 +$7 toy sounds pretty good to me.

I wonder if my friend sold his Unicrons yet.


where did my monday mission go?

i typed it in, saved it, and now it's gone.

ok. i'm losing it.
maybe i can at least go to lunch today.