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January 30, 2004

weekend plans?

I know what my plans are so far for the weekend... laundry, studying, proposals, grocery shopping, and geek runs, I suppose, to the hinterlands. Kel had mentioned plans for the Pickett birthday at one point (although I havent heard any definites), and there's a blue-themed party at Kristy's tomorrow night (anybody want to go? byob, with tonic and lemons provided), thrown by her and her roommates. And there's Jay's party in Cinci, which we're definitely missing.

I should get my hair cut and go to Kristy's in my blue fuzzy pants with my black and blue shoes and a blue sweater. Yeah. Whatever. I'm feeling about as un-fab as ever.

Anybody seen or heard from Fab Jen and Mr. T, either?


The Gigantic Bird is landing in Clintonville on Sunday!

'cuz I'm a sad Condoleeza

The Google News photo of Condoleeza Rice from the telegraph.co.uk site headline "Bush aide admits doubts over WMD claims" looks like she's going to cry. What's wrong, dear, is your house of cards about to blow over?


so what the hell is up with this weather?

at least the tree stump/root is gone from our alley and driveway, after calling it in for removal since SEPTEMBER!

Said hi to Carsten this morning... I think he was walking to catch the bus (at least that's what I'm assuming). Strange people talking to me on the street at 7:30am should not assume I'm awake enough to tell who they are. Took me a second, thinking "who in this neighborhood knows my name... too tall and German to be Ted, that leaves... glasses? who wears glasses?" Between the glasses and the toboggan hat, I was thrown.

And, Nala, did you find it, and if so, to where had it disappeared?

Lots of stuff to do now that the office is set up again (more or less) *shudder*. It's cold! Expect photos of the painting and the new set-up, soon. I do, after all, have end-of-month Hellspawn reports to do.

January 29, 2004

technology = poor

So, I got my new ibook battery today. Six hours and 18 minutes on a charge? We shall see. Currently I'm at 6:11. If only I could get this performance from my OLD battery :)

I'm thinking in March I might buy another one, and the charger, and alternate them so that neither would get as heavy use.

Poor till tomorrow!

BTW, my painting is done. It's not too bad, but I really am disappointed with the color. I will have to make up for it when I do the office at home.

Schweet. Now I can actually get some work done!


a second coat today? maybe.
a stupid migraine? sure.
pain and agony.

ugh. tgit.
tonight the Blue Nile.

January 28, 2004

busy days

Clean, paint, class, paint, comics,paint.

January 27, 2004

a side-kickin update

Friday night, I called customer service. I finally got through after 6 dropped calls. I was told that a tech would call me back during business hours. Well, I waited, and waited, and still had dropped signal, over and over again.

Last night, I spent 45 minutes ON MY PHONE with barely a signal at all, ("you should have full bars anywhere in the 43202 area, or anywhere within 20 miles of it"), after 8+ dropped calls to customer service, to say "what can you do to fix this" and getting a tech to tell me a) it's a damaged sim card or b) it's a damaged phone. Swap sim cards with someone to see if it works.

After I said "hey, that's not the issue" and arguing for 20+ minuites, I finally got through to his supervisor, who assured me a tech would be visiting my area within 7 days, and because I bought my phone at Amazon, the grace period for buyer's remorse is 37 days from activation. I can call back next Tuesday or Wednesday and it should be noted in the system as to what was found and what, if anything, will be fixed, and an estimate as to when.

I was reassured that the tech will actually come TO MY ADDRESS to check things out.

We shall see. Maybe I've just got a black cloud over my cell phones.

January 26, 2004

puppy, or guinea pig?

you decide

January 23, 2004


So I got my new toy. Typing this from it now. Obviously sprints phone wasn't my only problem. This thing drops signal constantly too.

13 more days to cancel


Ok, I have a ton of things to be doing right now and most of them involve moving furniture. But, I'm currently obsessed with getting my FedEx package (my new SideKick).

FedEx says "on vehicle for delivery" this morning at 2am, and "arrived at destination location" at 7:15 this morning. I checked with the guy who gets all of our packages for this location, but it's not here yet! Damn them! Confusing statuses.

January 22, 2004

the chase

2 spare ice cream bowls are now all i seek. (but i can live without.) god bless east side targets.

i ended up buying myself some more dress pants for $5 and some $2-$5 sweaters. Now I can get rid of the holey ones and those which have shrunk past the point of wearing without showing my flab.

ah, target. the stores i love to hate.

and thanks, ray, for giving me the heads up on the dishes being discontinued. you always astound me in your thoughfulness.

Soylent Green

is PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god, this hallway just got dark and narrow... as if it wasnt before. *shudder*

I just saw our director's office. PINK. Not quite "Barbie Pink" which I always thought had a tinge of purple, but more what my dad referred to as... well... "tittie pink". I refuse to call it that, mind you. It's more blush than that.

Did I mention the carpet we're getting is RED? That's right, green walls everywhere, with red carpet squares.

Bring in Hildi... obviously she's hiding behind some corner... trying to do a Christmas theme. Bitch. It's going to be so friggin dark. And I LIKE green. Sheesh.

lichen. caves and lichen.

you know, much as i dislike the color, it throws me back into caveman days.

or it might just be the fumes.

shipping news... and such

so, the SideKick will arrive on Monday. I have the new phone number already. The Apple iBook battery will arrive on or after Feb 4.

oh lord this day is sucking. paint fumes, lovely! the first coat is still not finished. can i go home?

oh wait, i have a meeting at 1, and a meeting (maybe) at 3.

wtf day is it?

So, today I had to dress up. Yes, long hair and a tie. Fun.

My boss and one of my coworkers are painting the hallway today.

I'm off to class... I need to hit Target(s) again today... still a few dishes to pick up. Specifically black Worldview dinner plates, 2 black mugs and one ice-cream bowl.

My god, this world is topsy turvy.

I was actually scared driving I270 last night, praying that the sniper would not pick my car to shoot (are dinner plates worth getting shot at?)

January 21, 2004

what ever happened to JavaMart?

You know, Mart Higgins, formerly of the Big Blue K and JavaNazi... whatever happened to him?

August 1, 2003 Martin Higgins Joins Cotton Incorporated
New York – Cotton Incorporated has named Martin Higgins, associate director, marketing communications. He will report to Robin Merlo, director, public relations and will primarily be responsible for working with the consumer press.
Mr. Higgins has an extensive background in fashion and consumer public relations at both agencies and on the client side with various companies.
Prior to his employment at Cotton Incorporated, Mr. Higgins was a senior account executive at Ruder Finn Public Relations where he developed strategically focused public relations campaigns for clients such as VF Corporation, The North Face and Johnson & Johnson.
Mr. Higgins began his public relations career as a partner, marketing and public relations manager for Javamaster Coffee Roasters. While at Victoria’s Secret he coordinated several national television special events. He was also a public relations coordinator at Banana Republic. Mr. Higgins continued his focus in the fashion industry as special projects manager for such companies as Diane Von Furstenburg, Salvatore Ferragamo and Movado, as well as for agencies Andoscia Moss Communications and Susan Portnoy PR.
Mr. Higgins received his bachelor’s degree in journalism, with a concentration in public relations, and a minor in marketing from Ohio State University.

[courtesy cottoninc.com]

Local boy makes good... And I still remember the days of the Big Blue K and chasing homeless and/or crazy people from the store. I can still hear his voice yelling politely at [name a crazy customer] while I was revising something Patrick didnt spellcheck and Elaine was hiding from Brenda back in the back with Bronwyn.

shipping news

So, I have a feeling my ebayed Transformers will never arrive since the seller hasnt emailed me about receiving my payment.

My iBook battery is delayed, possibly to Feb 4.

My T-Mobile Sidekick/Danger Hiptop is on its way, apparently. The $269 just hit my account.

At least I don't have Robey's troubles with Apple. His newer iBook has been in the shop half of the last year. This time it's in for a hard drive failure, and it's been there for TWENTY SEVEN DAYS. A month, and his hard drive hasnt been replaced? I could go to the store, buy a new part, and put it in all in the same day, but because his gets shipped to a mysterious service center, he never knows whats up. Apparently it's one of the models with the bad graphics chip.

January 18, 2004

whoa. lists.

i havent said much since the Great Downtime, but let me lay it out in bulletpoint fashion.

Observations and news...

  1. KBee still sucks the balls nasty with their toy upcharges, even though I found four possibly exclusive Bat-vehicles with figures for only $30 total.
  2. WeBToys still can suck money out of my wallet. I got the $9 hasbro batcycle two pack with nightwing in helmet (but his original yellow/blue costume).
  3. Amazon still hasnt cancelled my Sidekick order, so by Friday, I may have a new cell phone/internet device.
  4. Got a new shower head and found the water pressure problem. The new one is fabulous.
  5. Got a new Cablemodem which kinda seems faster. Maybe it is.
  6. Danny's birthday. Yay. His parents reminded me how much I want a pickup.
  7. Ordered loose Armada SuperPants Prime and Red Alert figures.
  8. New laptop battery should arrive by Tuesday.

Reminders and to-do's.

  1. Target. Evil. Discontinuing my dishes, on clearance, but no cheaper than usual. Must call friend and have him purchase them.
  2. I need to buy food.
  3. Return the front porch light which didnt fit.
  4. Must get Photoshop installed on my laptop, as I am going crazy without it.
  5. Target clearance clothes racks are evil. And they had some GREAT shirts. *drool* We're talking fab-u-lous.
  6. Must buy concrete-friendly ice melter for front steps.
  7. clean cat room and patch holes in wall.
  8. Start budget for toys and food and technology.
  9. Anthro test Tuesday.
  10. Dishes and laundry need finished.
  11. Finish backing up stuff from TiVo.
  12. Geek with Kristy upon her arrival back in town.
  13. Care packages need sent.

January 16, 2004

shenanigans on sprint and amazon

Shenanigans! SHENANIGAAAAAAAAANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sprint can suck my big dot org. I'm so furious I almost cancelled service today. Fuck you Sprint. Fuck you all to hell.

I pay $4 PER MONTH apparently for ONLY the RIGHT to use a replacement service warranty on the phone, with a $35 deductible. While this makes sense on a $300-$500 phone, on an old outdated model like mine, it makes NO SENSE.

Let me get back to why I actually know this. My phone doesnt work reliably on my block. Anywhere. I cant use it for my long distance anymore. This sucks the proverbial balls. Nasty. To the tune of probably $30 per month in land-line long distance, and $50/month in unused Sprint service. Fuck you, Sprint. First you say it's a software issue, and so I have that upgraded. Then you tell me, when that doesnt solve it, that it's an antenna issue. Then you say, OH! We have this handset upgrade, where you can walk into any Sprint retailer (including resellers) and walk out with a new phone (any freebies are indeed free, but any pricey phones are that price, after the dreaded rebates, of course).

Fine. So, I walk into the Sprint retailer today (the Radio Shack at the end of my street), and say "Hey, I'd like to take advantage of the Handset Upgrade." Then I'm told, I must now sign a new contract. Wow, she didnt tell me that yesterday on the phone. I'm going to have to go double check this. I'm not signing a service agreement when this MIGHT NOT fix my issue (and from what I'm hearing, probably WON'T), so I can then pay $250 to get OUT of my contract. No way.

I leave Radio Shack and come back to my office, and call Sprint back (since their service sucketh and I cant call from my cell). They tell me yes, you have to pay for the phone, then mail in the rebate, and you have to sign the contract. "But what if it doesn't solve my problem?" -- Nothing. Then I'm stuck with another phone that doesnt work in my area in a TWO YEAR CONTRACT. (They apparently no longer do one-year contracts.)

But, it's SUPPOSED TO work in my area. It's part of metro Columbus. But, the techs and resellers and customer service reps have all told me there is a problem in my neighborhood, and it's being "looked into" (or depending on the rep "being taken care of".

The latest customer service specialist told me that the only way to get a new phone without a contract would be to use my replacement service warranty and incur a $35 deductible for a phone which is no longer made. I might get a newer phone, or I might simply get a reconditioned older one.

To add insult to injury, yesterday on Amazon, I put a TMobile Sidekick in my cart. It was $30 after rebate. Today, when I got to work, the item had been moved to the status "not stocked or has been discontinued" even though the Amazon rebate says "items sold before 1/31". This has happened once before, in December. I'm tempted to call them and bitch to see what the problem is.

Just because my day is now going so wonderfully.

January 15, 2004

dead pool

Well... I'm in another death pool. Or dead pool. Or whatever you want to call it. Basically, you choose a number of celebs names who you think will die in the next year. Call me morbid (call me pale) but it's a quick and easy way to have fun. And no, I dont wish any of them dead. At least the ones I picked.

If you want to see who I picked...

Paul Harvey
Pope John Paul II
Dom Deluise
Queen Elizabeth II
Billy Graham
Ronald Reagan
Luther Vandross
Abe Vigoda
Bea Arthur
Charlton Heston

Originally, I was going to make it more fun, by picking a couple "sure things" and then a few funny ones. But then, I'd hate to see all four golden girls die in the same year. I did pretty well last year, but the game was different... it was based on first dead. This year it's based on total dead, so I had to pick more likely stars. (And not being mean to Neekole, by bringing this up, but NOBODY put Jon Brandis on their list... he wasnt even a long shot.) Some other versions play by likelihood of death, awarding points based on closeness to age 100. For instance, if Johnthan Taylor Thomas died this year, he would be worth more points than say, the Pope. But, again, that's not how we're playing. Most out of ten wins this one. And of course, having not done my research, I should've removed Luther from my list, since it seems he's not quite as bad off as he was. Bea got left on since she seems the most ancient of the Girls. Dom was my long shot last year, so I'm sticking with him.

It was really tough, and I left off a TON of others I wanted. But, now it's set, and I must wait and watch E!News to see if I win.

Now, my friend Dave, who I'm playing against, picked the following:

Sam 'Smoke' Salemi aka Sam Dana
Rosa Parks
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
The Pope
Ernest Borgnine
Ronald Reagan
Gerald Ford
Louis Farrahkan
Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster)

what??? morrissey? new album?

best yet??

news here.
And also Alanis has a new album also coming in April.

thanks to jerwin for pointing both out.

Also, from jerwin, I found the scrabble score generator. Nala's last name is worth 34 points, not counting any double/triple word scores or double/triple letter scores.

January 14, 2004

a reminder for cookies

must make these and send them off to Zandy.

Must not eat them. They are so bad for you.

forgot to mention

As I was sipping a non-alcoholic Nutty Irishman, wandering the campus yesterday with a certain nameless instructional technologist, we saw a small group gathered at the east end of the Oval, watching a very large bird.

When we got there, we saw it was a hawk, eating a squirrel. He apparently finished, and then flew up to the steps in front of Hughes Hall. We continued walking, and then stopped again to admire him. HUGE and very beautiful. He wasnt really intimidated by people. (Someone's escaped falcon? Who knows.) He hopped up into a tree just outside the southeast stairwell, and people were watching from inside (which we eventually did, too, just to get a closer view). Amazing. Massive claws. Beautiful eyes and feathers. Why was he just sitting there? Don't know.

Every student with a camera phone was busy snapping photos, and I would've been too. It was one of those moments like the commercial with the Bigfoot. Ah, technology, how far behind I feel.

I wonder if someone from the Lantern eventually got a shot. I'll have to check today... it must've thought it had hit a veritable buffet on the oval... all the trees filled with fat squirrels.

Nature on campus. How cool is that.

January 13, 2004

i gave in.

i finally admitted it's going to take a new battery to keep my ibook running, and knowing that there was free shipping and an educational discount, and the current 12" ibook battery would fit (and work), i decided to purchase one.

along with that, i decided to upgrade iLife. the upgrade was cheap for educational customers... but I also found a page which says $19.95. Methinks I may have to call and get $10 back.

I hope I'll get it this week... we'll see.

tis the week for dr. appts

yesterday, the dentist. today, the optometrist.

apparently, even though the lenses i had (from december) were extended-wear capable, i was not supposed to be testing them as such. oops. nobody told me. so now, i have a THIRD appointment next month, because they test you each month for two months to make sure your eyes dont react poorly.

upon discussing the eye-freckle that was discovered in december, and the lack of previous sightings by any of my former optometrists, it seems that because of the chance of cancer, they will be monitoring this (for now, at least) every 6 months. in June, when I arrive, they will take a photo of the offending mark, and then compare it to the photo every 6 months. if it shows no signs of growth, it will be ruled non-hazardous at some point. but for now, i have a freckle, and depending on the doc, it may or may not be serious. some say yes, some say no, and all say "needs more observation".

which I guess is better than the original diagnosis of a "50/50 chance" it was cancerous, with a "we'll have to keep a close watch on it".

January 12, 2004


so, it was a short day at work... followed by a long day at the "dentist". I'm using quotation marks because I was at the dental clinic, being examined by students. it ain't all bad, but i did have a shock when i got there.

i get seated in the reclining chair in one of the 200 cubicles where aspiring young dentists see their patients. the young blonde student says to me "so, we're checking out 5 areas in your mouth today for possible cavities."

"Possible? I was scheduled for two fillings!"

"No, they only schedule you for fillings if one of us finds something. The hygenists can't refer you for fillings. They just point out for us where they think problem areas might be."

Ugh. So, here I am, thinking I'm getting the fillings, but now I'm told that they're just going to check me out and I'll have to schedule something again.

Well, according to the hygenists' notes (not what they said), I had 5 possible cavities. According to the dental student (and his dentist supervisor) I had none, but I did have a problem area where (apparently) one of my old (shallow) fillings had fallen out. They'd fix that today. It was so shallow, all they basically had to do was "float" something over it.

It still took HOURS. But, no shots, and no cavities.

January 9, 2004

crack, i tell ya

Ok, so I was bored again at work (projects lagging) and I ended up driving to Meijer and Target Greatland on lunch break.

Guess what I found? That's right. Plastic Crack.

I got one for you, and one for me, and another one for both of us. (no, not Unicron) And discovered that Dublin has no Armada left at Target. NONE. Not even crappy brown sea mini-cons.

And then I came back here. And reported into Unicron.com the sightings of Energon figures at Meijer that were out of the ordinary.

And let me say, Energon Unicron is pretty awesomely painted. And Jetfire kinda sucks, but I might get him anyway. Someday. When he goes on clearance. I think I'm done with all of Energon till it hits clearance. They're just crappy.

Oh, and the JL Superman and Batman "playsets", with a piece of wall or whatever, that are $4+ on clearance at Target, were $2 at Meijer.

Get your geek on!

soup from a stone.

no, not soup from a stone, but here's the loose recipe for the chicken soup we made last night. it was sort of thrown together, haphazardly, since my thumb nearly was sliced off in the process and I had to call in a backup cook while I held it above my head.

3lbs of chicken
2 bags of Meijer Kluski noodles (more egg noodle than Mrs. Smiths, or whatever brand we usually get)
szechuan spices
salt & pepper
minced garlic
5ish large carrots, shredded
2 cans corn, drained
1 large can diced tomatoes, drained
1 large can collard greens, drained (?)
about a dozen celery stalks, diced
4 cans of chicken broth
about 6 chicken boullion cubes (i think)

initially, the recipe was your standard chicken soup with sliced carrots, diced onions and celery, some spices, and chicken and noodles. well... that was before the thumb-slicing.

so, what I started with was four cans of chicken broth, and equal parts water, boiling. then i added the celery and some minced garlic. then, as i started cutting the onion, i realized it was bad. looked fine, smelled funky, and had turned mushy on the inside (at the store, it appeared to have been FROZEN amd then thawed whole, and while I sometimes freeze leftover minced or diced onion, I know it's fresh when I put it away, and add it to the soup as frozen, generally. So, rather than risking it, I decided to pass. Now ideally I wouldve done the chicken next, but it was done thawing in the microwave, so I decided to cook it up really quick in a pan. I cut it into cubes about 1" square, and threw it in the pan on high heat, adding the szechuan spices and some more garlic and pepper. Mmm, smelled great, but it wasnt enough, so I kept cutting. There... almost done... damn these knives are sharp... gotta be careful... look at the time... must hurry... F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Get the gauze and the bandages, please!

So, from there, it was no longer my soup. Nala finished the chicken (which, by the way, I want to try to make again as part of a meal, it smelled so good), and threw it in the pot. Carrots were next, and he cleaned, and I fed into our food processor for shredding, so they would cook faster. Now, our food processor is a mini model, with a chute for the shredded veggies to come out, and it also requires 2 hands to use (one to hold down the button, and one to push the plunger down). Well, I got creative and used my elbow to push it. What a gimp!

So, we pre-cooked the carrots in the frying pan with the remaining spices and chicken fat, and added that all to the soup. We added some more water (a LOT), some boullion, and the corn. And then the collard greens (which made it very greeny smelling) and the tomatoes.

We precooked the noodles seperately, and then added them when the time neared...

While it wasn't the chicken soup I was looking for, it was edible. For dessert, Kristy had made a cheesecake (yum) and we even drizzled chocolate syrup over the pieces to make it even better. I fear we will be eating chicken soup till we start our diets.

It was a good evening with long conversations (the best kind). I just wish we all had more time, but I guess that's what makes our friendships tighter, since we never run out of things to talk about.

And Kristy, my former (good) TA, got to hear about Susanne (my other, evil TA) and how I totally stuck my foot in my mouth with her...

Good times.

January 8, 2004

"i'm a friggin MOON?!"

Yes, that's right. Unicron, 40% off at Target. You can bet where I'll probably be tomorrow night (or Saturday morning). ALL the remaining Armada stuff has been clearanced. Woo. Thanks to Logan in the Bay Area for the heads up. (Thanks to Tribe.Net for having an Action Figures tribe)

Also on clearance: Justice League figures in the street-scene boxes (Batman swinging from a wire, Superman chained to a wall). Still $7, and the Supes was a HORRIBLE paint job, so at the store they stayed.

And, I have a new favorite song. If I can find the lyrics, I'll post it here. It's the Weakerthans' "Plea from a Cat Named Virtue".

Why don’t you ever wanna play? I’m tired of this piece of string. You sleep as much as I do now, and you don’t eat much of anything. I don’t know who you’re talking to. I made a search through every room, but all I found was dust that moved and shadows of the afternoon.

And listen, about those bitter songs you sing; they’re not helping anything. They won’t make you strong.

So, we should open up the house, and invite the Tabby two doors down.
You could ask your sister if she doesn’t bring her basset hound.
Ask the things you shouldn’t miss (tape hiss and the modern man, cold war and card catalogues) to come join us if they can, for girly drinks and parlor games.

We’ll pass around the easy lie of absolutely no regrets, and later maybe you could try to let your losses dangle off the sharp edge of a century. We’ll talk about the weather or how the weather use to be. And I’ll cater, with all the birds that I can kill, let their tiny feathers fill disappointment.

Lie down, and lick the sorrow from your skin, scratch the terror and begin to believe you’re strong.

All you ever want to do is drink and watch TV, and frankly that thing doesn’t really interest me. I swear I’m going to bite you hard and taste your tinny blood
if you don’t stop the self-defeating lies you’ve been repeating since the day you brought me home.

I know you’re strong.

slip ups

you know, we're all human. we all make mistakes. but, i really love it when Microsoft does something REALLY wrong.

this morning, a new front page for MSN launched, complete with "a special message to you from Bill Gates" (gag). And, yeah, all the links are moved around from where they were before (yay, now I have to try to find stuff again)

The best thing was, clicking under the face of Bill, to read a news article about the most recent soldier killed in Iraq, I got a dead link. In fact, ALL THREE are dead links. Sports worked, but MSNBC news didnt. I thought maybe it was because I was blocking pop-ups, but that didnt fix it.

So, Bill, I think today I'm finally switching my default home page. Three strikes, you're out. You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.

And hello, Google news.

Update (10:16am) the links now work, but are now pointing to different articles (not the ones they reference.) Hey Microsoft, pull your head out of your ass and make sure it works before it goes live. This isnt a hardware failure!

January 7, 2004

ugh. frigid.

This is January for goodness sake... and of course now, after a week of moderate temps and flooding rains all over, the temperature falls to the single digits, causing roadways and lawns to become skating rinks.

I hope Mother Nature makes it through menopause soon, because these hot and cold flashes of hers are causing havoc all over the place.

January 6, 2004


so, when it was on network tv, i always thought Max on Roswell was cute. I'm a sucker for big ears and a cute smile. And his eyes reminded me of someone I had a crush on at OU.

But I only watched one episode during the second season.

Now, it's on in repeats, on Sci Fi, and I missed the first half of the first season, but now TiVo grabbed 5 episodes this week, and while I'm a sucker for his big ears and smile, and the continuity of a serial show where the material is sci fi, it's been hard to get into. Ok... I'm watching episode 3 of 5 (or is it 4) and I'm not quite bored, and I'm intrigued as to what is going to happen.

I can't help it. I've been fascinated by UFOs since I was in second grade or so.

And when the alien is a total hottie (and recently 30 as well), that helps. (I cant find the photos I was looking for... damn)

Oh, and I just realized, down to the abs, he looks like my best friend's boyfriend. Freaky.

procrastination? nah.

all day today, i was working on my end of month reports. i usually can squeeze in about 2 hours of non-active work into my day in between phone calls and emails and other junk... (news, message boards, general reading)... but today it was more like 10 minutes. except for the macworld keynote.

which was sort of anticlimactic, although i havent read it all yet. i was listening for a while at work, and i'm sorry if i dont get excited over Mac Office 2004.

Garage Band sounds like it might be cool, although promising waaay too much in my opinion. Didnt MIDI promise us orchestral quality sound? Yeah, I see how that went.

iPhoto now can handle 25000 photos? Um. Why was there a limit anyway? What kind of dorks dont plan for the future? That's like saying "Hey, we're a bunch of dumbasses. Look at us. We goofed! Bow down to us for fixing it!"

And iPod Mini? Dumb. For $50 more, why not just get the big one?

Like I said, I need to read more, and I'll probably take advantage of the $20 iLife upgrade (yes, he didnt mention that, but it's $20 thru March 17 or so.) And, I'll be keeping an eye out for Education deals too.

I do still need to claim my $30 in iTunes Music Store gift certificates. Mmm. New Music. Now that's something I can get behind.

losing an inkling

So, I got an email from my friend Geoff over at inklingx.com. Seems inklingx.com is now offline, indefinitely. Geoff and his lovely (well, I assume she's lovely, or he wouldn't have married her) wife, Lorie, have decided to cut corners financially wherever possible, including their websites, their cable, their land phone line, their internet access, to start saving for a baby, and for their own business (eventually). Exciting, but sad that they have to cut so many things. What's next, Geoff? Ramen and peanut butter?! I keed, I keed... Seriously, I hope it all works out. Babies are expensive, and so are business start-ups. Just hope Lorie doesn't have twins or babies' first meal might seriously be ramen, ok?

Makes me want to tell college students "DO NOT major in TCOM or ANYTHING related to TCOM (including music engineering)! You will be dirt poor indefinitely!!" But then again, that's pretty much any profession now.

January 4, 2004

muttering, on a sunday!

  1. Vintage:: clothing
  2. Longing:: glances
  3. Specimen:: jar
  4. Mock:: turtleneck
  5. Shit:: box
  6. Friday:: night
  7. Cruel:: unusual
  8. Insufficient:: funds
  9. Pessimistic:: Optimistic
  10. Grin:: Toothy

January 3, 2004

it's good to have goals...

one of my goals since we bought the house was to get my kitchen in complete "working order," and I have to say it's almost there.

now, that's not to say that I'm a good cook, but i wanted to be able to make any and everything that i saw without having to buy new utensils or pans or spices or whatever.

thanks to Big Bear going out of business, I've been able to really expand our spice cabinet. thanks to christmas sales, and christmas lists, and the motivation of a thanksgiving party, i was able to update most everything else.

months ago, when i found alton brown's website (altonbrown.com) I was inspired. let's see how i've done on the "kitchen essentials" (or "elements" as he called them):

  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Fat Handled Vegetable Peeler
  • Polder Probe Refrigerator Thermometer (dont foresee a need)
  • Oven Thermometer
  • Mini Food Processor
  • Dough Blades
  • Stick Blender
  • Honing Steel/Knife Sharpener
  • Heat Proof Spatulas
  • Can Opener
  • Pepper Mill
  • Potato Masher
  • Pizza Stone (again, not really needed)
  • Electric Knife (cant find it... found the blade, dont really need)
  • Electric Tea Kettle (I dont see the need, but perhaps it uses less energy than the stove. Definitely quicker.)
  • Spring Loaded Tongs (cheap, just havent bought)
  • Cigar Cutter (he swears this comes in handy for cutting carrots, green onions, etc, but I see no need)
  • Perfect Beaker (he sells these too, i think)
  • V Slicer (I remember when these were "as seen on tv" and snake-oil specials)
  • Splatter Screen (we do need this)
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Terry Heat Mitts/Welding Gloves
  • Duster/Sifter
  • Pump Oil Can (dont need)
  • Food Thermos (dont really need either)

It seems to me that there are many things he's missing, and many things which folks can do without. But, you know, I'm getting more and more confident and happy with my kitchen. I also started to reorganize, to make a few things easier to find. Have I said lately how much I love my new kitchen? I know, but it's true.

January 2, 2004

out of my comfort zone

So, I signed up for Anthro 200 today.
Traditional (read: non-computer) sciences are not my thing these days, but as per university requirements, I have to take a sciences series, and a lab, and Biol 101 was full, and I didnt want to retake Physics 110/111.

More on my school-related woes later.

the bad thing

bad thing about a holiday in the middle of the week is, you essentially get TWO mondays in the week.

i just got into work, and nobody is here, and I have to leave to go to a meeting with my academic advisor. this should be fun, kiddies, since i need to register for classes, still, and they start Monday, but it's her being slow in helping me (making sure all my requirements have been filled correctly by the classes I have taken) which is slowing down my processes.

January 1, 2004

happy new year!

yeah, happy new year, folks.