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August 27, 2004


still sick, but now it feels more like a normal cold.

that company, jcn, that I was having a proBleM with, still remains a problem, and when the powers that administer the contract with them were asked if they are aware of all the problems, they said yes, and they are looking into what to do about it (unfortunately, it's a 3-year contract). However, in the letter that went to the high-muckety-mucks around here, it is clearly stated that "It is important to note that the usage of [the contract] by ... departments is not mandatory."

That is, of course, unless you're under the administration which wrote the contract.

My 20 desktop computers may not arrive for another 4 weeks, making a grand total of 6 weeks since the order date, while the rack rails for the latest server order are backordered, and the server rack may arrive next week with the server to follow.

The other thorn in my side is another vendor, chosen without input from IT, which must be interfaced with, by Sept 1. Hello, dumbasses, things dont just work because salespeople put on a good show! You never even asked if it could be done! You just assumed! Worst display of mismanagement EVER. Conveniently, the responsible party is on vacation halfway around the world for the next month.

August 24, 2004

two for tuesday

ok, maybe a 3 for tues. 1) my jaw will almost definitely require surgery. 2) i have a cold. yuck. 3) the alumni site was hacked. hooray. i'm going home.

August 19, 2004

kel has made me crazy

I've spent too much time trying to make the connections between all the crappy shows mentioned in Kel's latest entry... I've got a good start... but it lacks cohesion, but let's just say Trek and Snots tie the whole bit together. I'll get it all eventually. Lori Petty (Route 666, Tank Girl) was in Bates Motel with Robert Picardo, and also in League of Their Own with Geena Davis. Geena Davis starred with Linda Hamilton (Wishman!) in a TV movie about sex spies called Secret Weapons, also starring Hunt Block (KNOTS LANDING!) and Sally Kellerman, who was in The Player also starring Gina Gershon, who was in Showgirls with Bobbie Phillips of The Chameleon! Showgirls had awful pool sex featuring Kyle MacLachlan who was in Sex and the City with the aforementioned Kim Cattrall, but also in The Flintstones with HALLE BERRY also of Knots Landing! and Richard Moll, who was in episode "The Human Torch" (attn: tenuous link) of The Fall Guy with Lee Majors, who was in Daytona Beach with Alexandra Paul, who was in the pilot for Paper Dolls, and who was replaced in the series by Terry Farrell. Whew. Now, Paper Dolls. Paper Dolls co-starred Jonathan Frakes, Number One of Star Trek Next Generation fame. He also made an appearance with Lee Majors in the Fall Guy. He made a "name" for himself in the North and South miniseries in the mid-1980s with Kirstie Alley, who, as you know, starred as Saavik in ST2: The Wrath of IMDB. She costarred in a movie called Sibling Rivalry with Scott Bakula, tying in I-Man, but also adding Bill Pullman to the mix, as well as Carrie Fisher. Bill Pullman was in League of Their Own. Now, Shatner was in The People with Dan O'Herlihy. Dan-O was in my one of my favorite episodes of Bionic Woman, but also in Twin Peaks, with Kyle McG.

August 17, 2004

worst nightmare in a long time

i dreamt i woke up, and went to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror only to find I was so fat I didn't even look like me anymore... I was screaming... and then I really woke up and Nala was pushing me off the bed.

August 16, 2004

that three-letter company that sucks the balls

I'M not goIng to say whIch coMputer coMpany I'M talkIng aBout But you ought to Be aBle to fIgure It out... and now on with the bitching...

Three weeks and two days ago, I ordered two servers from this company. We'll call them JCN for now. I called daily to check on the order, since we needed one right away. Well, let's just say that they've been less than helpful.

First, they said "sure, everything is in stock, it'll ship out this week. You're a preferred customer, so your stuff goes to the front of the line" -- bullshit #1

Days went by, and I got the same spiel. And "when it's ready, I'll make sure it's next day air" (on the one server we needed asap). -- bullshit #2

More days went by "It should ship out today" -- more bullshit.

"It's misconfigured. I'll get it straightened out and it should ship today."

"It shipped today, two-day ground."

When asked why it came two day, I got the answer... "Our servers are made in Mexico, so they get searched by customs anyway -- even if we give you same day, it will still be two days."

It arrived. 2 weeks to the day. That left another server, a UPS, and a kvm drawer...

It's now been over three weeks. All the time they say "It should ship out today" or "It shipped out wednesday" -- all lies.

Now, it's over three weeks since the order was placed. The server shipped out standard ground last FRIDAY from Mexico. No two-day, as promised. The kvm drawer shipped out from NC on Thursday.

I don't know if this guy is a liar or incompetent, and I'm not sure which is worse. But I do know, if this order is wrong, I will fly to their office in Arizona and jam it up his ass.

I can't believe we're forced to order from these assholes. We never had a problem with the other company.. you know, the one that rhymes with the place I want to tell JCN to go...

goodbye Charley, you bastard

The parents' house in Daytona apparently suffered little damage, and they're taking tools, a generator, 20 gal. of fresh water, and food, and heading down to fix it up. The neighbors lost porches, carports, and roofs, but I think they said nobody had a complete loss. Mom hasn't heard from my uncle in Jacksonville, which apparently got hit by tornados... so they're stopping there on the way.

Charley hit my parents' housing complex pretty hard, but not as hard as those people in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, where, I just found out, my friend Dan's in-laws lived. His brother-in-law lost at least 25% of his house, and his roof, along with his entire barn. In fact, there is NO SIGN of his two story barn anymore. His father- and mother-in-law were summering here in Ohio, but have no idea even if they have a home to go home to, since phone service has been out since the storm hit. They're leaving for Florida Tuesday, along with Dan's wife and son.

And Laser and M... sheesh. I don't envy you, and I hope that it all dries out ok.

This is why I would not want to live in FL.

August 12, 2004



Well, the dealership and the insurance agent tell me I can keep "GIGAMAT" on my new truck, but I'll have to wait and see. You know, "IRNHIDE" would work, and makes me think "Hey, a white pickup isn't so emasculating after all."


Got the insurance taken care of. Gotta call the guy and make sure the payoff is going out to my prior lender.


Got a good deal. But must get a good stereo. Soon.

August 10, 2004

fatty fatty two by four

oh my god. i knew i was big. i knew i was fat. when the pants didnt fit anymore. ugh. i knew it, deep down, and i was denying it. tomorrow, i start exercising again. fuck yeah. treadmill. biking. whatever it takes. gotta lose 20 by the time we hit SF.

August 9, 2004

free pod? sniff... do i smell a scam?

It has been reported that this is legit. However, I still am skeptical. Still, I signed up with my junk info. If you'd like to do the same, and help a fella out (and maybe get a free pod if this thing is legit... ) look for a continuation "below the fold".

So, in theory, all you have to do is sign up for one of their "offers" and then refer 5 people who do the same. I signed up for byoc AOL access, which I will cancel soon enough.

But here's the link if any of y'all are interested in helping lil old me get a free pod. And giving out a junk email address (yall have addresses you use to sign up for this shit anyway, right? something that's only used for a spam target?)


You'll have to copy and paste, since I'm NOT linking to them.

August 6, 2004

more of the story

a blue streak. a scream from Nala. car moving in the wrong direction. dusty air... his airbag exploded. shit. am i alive? can i move? am i bleeding? son of a bitch, that car kept going. get out! must stop her! stop! stop! shit, is nala ok? open his door, get him out! the car -- get him out of the car! his door won't open. his airbag didn't deflate. shit... what were they gonna do? keep running? bend the door. is he ok? fuck... he's shaking. you called 911? thank you! you called them too? thanks so much! and a chair for him to sit down in? how thoughtful. paramedics arrive. hysterical girl, obvious other driver. she just saw the car. she thinks she killed somebody. jeezus that's my car... it has no front. nala still shaking. trying to smoke. paramedics taking care... am i ok? yeah. cop arrives. takes a BUNCH of witnesses' statements. what happened? i was stopped at the light. it turned green. i hesitated and looked around. i pulled up into the intersection. a blue streak. a collision. i hit my head. my car wasnt facing the same way anymore. everyone saw it. god, thank GOD the pedestrians hadnt started crossing the street. "i was on my way to class" she tells someone on her cell phone. has she put that phone down since the accident? only to talk to the cop. shit... wasnt even her car. ouch. if i hadnt hesitated, i would be dead. if i hadnt thought "this intersection sucks. i'd better take a second and survey the surroundings." BAM. Crash. Car dead. My car. My first real car. MY first car. I bought it. My money. Thank god we're both ok. Now I wait for the estimate.

since i have net access here at work

You should know that Nala and I were in a car accident last night. Not our fault. Nobody hurt, really. We're stiff today, and I'm still replaying it in my head. My car is probably totaled. I caught a ride to work today, but I was less shaken and sore. Nala is home, recovering. I'm still skittish, but I couldn't sit around all day.

Again, we're ok.

August 4, 2004

new tivo to the rescue!

we lost only 10 minutes before the new tivo arrived, and then ... dun dun dunnn.... i had to find the torx drivers so i could get inside and swap hard-drives. note to future upgraders: your tivo number is embedded. when you swap drives, it stays with your old box. you have to either call tivo or switch it online in your account settings on tivo.com.

Stop chasing Ganesh! You're just gonna get more wrath!

congrats to fab j and vijay on their engagement.


This incidentally could be a curse for all I know. I thought it was cute. Really.

UPDATE: Homer's audio [wav format]

August 2, 2004

Linguo dead? Linguo is dead.

So. Our TiVo's modem died sometime on July 21 or 22. I just now noticed because the warning popped up "You only have 3 days of programming guide left. Please make a daily call soon."

That's right. Checked the phone line. It worked. Swapped the line just for fun, and it still had a dial tone. The signal just wasnt making it out of the box.

So, last night I bid on one on eBay, and won it this morning. It's shipping today. Priority mail. Insured.

Meatwad: "But I thought you said TV was bad!"
Frylock: "It is... BUT WE FUCKING NEED IT!"

August 1, 2004

JL Unlimited. Wow.

Ok, so we all know that Captain Atom, Supergirl, and Oliver Queen Green Arrow have been added to the ranks, but in the initial episode, these were the costumed crusaders I could identify in various scenes.

Spoilers ahead...

Dr. Light
Atom Smasher
Hawk & Dove
Elongated Man
Fire & Ice
Mr. Terrific (the current one)
Red Tornado
Steel (exo suit)
Geo Force?
Stars and STRIPE!!!
The Question
Some guy behind aquaman that I can't see
Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt
Someone behind him I can't make out.
Human Bomb?
B'wana Beast
Booster Gold
Crimson Fox
Phantom Stranger? (Can't tell... behind Steel)
Somebody blue next to Gypsy
The Atom.
Somebody blue and black next to Wonder Woman
Somebody behind Fire... between her and...
Some blonde guy dressed in black with a gun holster and a red insignia over his right pec...(Nemesis?)
Commander(?) Steel. I also noted two exo-suit guys, total.
Some guy in a green suit with glasses?
Another in a trenchcoat, no hat
The Ray
Dr. Fate
Black Canary

Moments of note: Jon Stewart GL yelling "Shayera!" when he regains consciousness. Kara telling "Corporal" Atom to take the stick out. Ollie winking at Kara. When Ollie is telling Bats that he doesn't think he's going to stick around, then sees Dinah for the first time (obligatory wide eyes) and Batman looks at him to say "So, see you soon?".

I've heard a lot of people say the "villain" was the Atomic Skull. Hm. Don't know him, but he seemed like a big mindless heap of nuclear powered metal bent on destruction because his programming went awry. Or maybe he was "the robotic version of Brimstone".

And while I was at Target this afternoon, I figured out why I was so ILL during the scene with the crowd of superheroes... that list above... it's all the figures I'll be lusting after for my collection. *puke*

fanboys kant spel.

God, they can't spell and they hold no command of the English language. I've been reading the 10 pages of posts about the first episode of JLU, and they're 95% crap. 2% are well formulated opinions, conveyed well, and the other 3% are quick rips on the new title sequence or the fact that they don't like a particular character that had a literal blip of screen time. Now, I'm a fanboy. My opinions are my own. I can generally conjugate verbs and write coherent sentences. I can compare and contrasts points all day. But this is also why I don't post on message boards: I would be correcting spelling and grammar ALL FUCKING DAY!

yesterday. when I was mad.

I dropped Nala and Evebird off at the airport around 5:15 am for a 6:30 flight to Chicago for OTFCC.

I sorta slept till 8ish, got up, fed and pooped the hoont.

I started a pot of coffee. Watched a bit of TiVo'd stuff (Friday's Roswell mini-marathon).

Enjoyed coffee and conversation with Jay about weddings and mutual friends he was going to see this weekend. Helped him wrap his wedding gift for one of them.

Saw him on his way and went back to bed. Briefly. Watched 2 home improvement shows.

Ebayed. (See "Figures" entry).

Around 4-4:30pm, I ended up going shopping to points north. Lewis Center. Marshall's, WalMart, Kohl's. Spent money on some new clothes that I didn't need and only make me realize I need to lose 15#.

Ate some BK on the way home. Called Nala and left messages. Started laundry on new clothes.

Watched new Justice League Unlimited episode. Was immediately so excited... well, I was beyond moist, as Nala would say.

Called Nala back and talked about OTFCC and the episode of JLU. Which he and Evebird missed.

Ironed new shirt, showered, and generally attempted to make myself pretty. I did ok aside from the gut. It couldn't be hidden.

Went out to a gay bar to meet friends I hadn't seen in months. Ran into acquaintance I hadn't seen in years. Got cruised by a dozen fat old trolls. And no, I'm not generalizing... not all fat people are trolls. These were. And it was uncomfortable. Acquaintance said "Is it just me or is this place boring now?" Neither of us was drinking enough to make it even CLOSE to being ok. I wasn't drinking at all.

HOWEVER... I did meet several very cute, young men, and watched a few others dance around the floor. One in particular, an acquaintance of one of my oldest friends, was fascinating to watch, as was his birthday-boy roommate, although not in the same way. One short, built, with nice eyes, and dressed to conceal his beautiful body. The other was taller, lanky, with brown hair reddened by the sun, and had no rhythm, much like me. Ah, so that was the attraction for my friend. That and he's French. He's the auschwizian boy I used to be. Both had killer smiles.

So, as I was leaving, I was on a mission to get the hell out of there through the crowded courtyard/parking lot back to my car a few blocks away, and someone caught my eye, standing talking to another of my friend's many acquaintances. About my height, brown hair, striking resemblance to a boy named Ben who I knew in the dorms at OSU, who I used to dance with at the dyke bar here when a bunch of us would all drive up from Athens. I was tired, and on a mission, so I played it off as an illusion brought on by being tired and having two Red Bull's at the bar. (PS. Red Bull did not give me wings. I did not pass go. I did not collect $200.)

It was a CD night, retro dance remixes. I gave up an evening in bed for that? Well... thank goodness there was some eye candy who didn't look like they were strung out on something.

And now, I need to check the weather, get some coffee, and get moving for the day. Jay has a computer that needs fixed, Alex needs his files, the lawn needs to be mowed, and the front flowers need weeded. My tomato plant needs repotted, as do the two pepper plants. And let's not forget the annuals.

figures. no really.

ok... work sucks again... so here's a list of DC Direct Kingdom Come figures that are available, and which I have.

+ Hawkman
Green Lantern
* Wonder Woman
Red Robin
* Kid Flash
* Armored Wonder Woman
* Magog
*+ Deadman
+The Flash

+ indicates a recent purchase that hasnt shipped.
Yes, that does mean I will have two Deadmen. One to sell, perhaps? Or trade?

Also... Nala sent word from OTFCC that he was getting some great deals on parts, and some lousy ones, too. And he finished off his Armada collection (I think), and got some PVCs, and got a Takara Laserwave. AND!!! He got me a JL Hawkgirl and Darkseid. Bless him.