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September 28, 2004

back from the bay

Let me just say that I'm very sorry we didnt have more time in SF, but my back and shoulders appreciate being home in my own cushy, soft bed.

Things of note from the trip:

  • Getting to the airport early is good. You never know how much time you'll waste taking off shoes and belts and finding out your flight is cancelled and you've been rerouted thru another city, and you'll get there sooner.
  • Sometimes, your skanky Ohio friends live with porn stars. From OHIO.
  • Ex-CEO's know their wines and will guide you to good, cheap wineries in Napa.
  • Guys named Gabe working at V. Sattori are HOT
  • Brakes on minivans full of people are a GOOD THING in San Francisco.
  • Sometimes, even skanks from Ohio make good, and own Art Deco penthouse apartments overlooking the city.
  • Just when you think you know all the Fabulous Doran sisters, another one shows up. And she's all virginal and naiive and sweet.
  • And apparently you can't wear an underwire bra to visit a prison.
  • And Communist detectives ride pink Vespa scooters and wear black pantsuits. (Ciao, Comrade Skully).
  • There are some HOT boys who eat at the Indian restaurants in the Tenderloin.
  • TRU on Geary SUCKS ASS.
  • Lucky Penny is the SF version of Roadhouse Annies. Alas, there was no Tammy.
  • Kid Robot and Giant Robot are not tv shows, but action figure and apparel stores.
  • Amoeba still kicks ass. As does All You Knead.
  • Trader Joes needs a cop to direct traffic into their parking lot.
  • Good wine is CHEAP in California.
  • You might find your friends at Folsom, but you might lose them in the crowds of saggy ass just as quickly.
  • There will always be people from Ohio wherever you go.
  • Thurman Cafe turned up at Folsom.
  • New friends will likely take you to good restaurants. Like Picaro.
  • Vacations are ALWAYS too short.

September 22, 2004

to do list

1) repair backyard light.
2) wash vehicle.
3) get cash.
4) pay insurance.
5) clean cat litter box.
6) clean house (figures away, stuff to basement from kitchen)
7) pack and double-check luggage.
8) shave.
9) find jacket.
10) find and load up mp3 player, since walkman is dead.
11) dig out good book for plane.

September 20, 2004

just because you live in a landlocked area

... doesn't mean you can escape hurrican damage. Again this week.

Jesus Christ. It sucks!

In case I didn't mention it, my truck looks like I went offroading. And I guess I did, since the road was one giant mudpit where it crossed the Leatherwood Creek between my parents house and the state highway. There was even a "ROAD CLOSED" sign which I decided to go around, not knowing how bad the only other possible route would be, even further downstream. Another route had been completely washed away in a landslide.

The photos from the local newspapers were enlightening -- several state highways either underwater or destroyed, homes underwater, cars floating into the river...

11 deaths, I've read, have been attributed to this latest flooding.

As I drove along the Interstate, all I saw were lakes where fields had been.

My mom said they showed photos of Cambridge on the television news, where the local jail was surrounded by water on all sides, it's own moat. Cars floated off dealer's lots and out of driveways on Wheeling Island. I wish I could find the photo of the highway in Lansing that was gone. (Note to Nala: that's where we went for the funeral).

Here's some photos:



Still can't find the image I wanted.

weekend update

sky captain, subs with asa and v and dieter, toy show, gyros at tommy's, cleaning out the basement, driving to the parental home, seeing all the insane flood damage, mud-bogging to get home, since the road had washed away in one direction and fallen away in the other (landslide). going to be fun for school busses.

drove back thru the mud, delivered a freezer, removed the door, twisted it around, and got it into the basement.

rested, checked email, and ate rally's.

oh, and all of our network was down this weekend at work because of a power outage and then a failed router from our central networking group. causing major chaos. things only went back online this morning.

September 17, 2004

my desktop

I can't remember ever posting a picture of my desktop, but here's my current one:

my current desktop on my current shitty box...

sunday sunday sunday

Well... according to the weather channel today, looks like Sunday will be a dry day on which to pick up the freezer. It all depends on my basement reorganization, and then if I have time to go and stay overnight at the parents' tomorrow night, as to have time to finish setting up their computer.

Nothing like rushing to get things done before they snowbird away to Daytona. I wonder if Dad's allowed to lift anything yet?


I'm in the process of ordering both RAM and a hard drive for Jay's computer. It's not as old as it could be, and both RAM and hard drives are cheap -- 256MB chips for $30... 40 GB drives for $30, too.

September 16, 2004

note to self...

MUST REORGANIZE BASEMENT ASAP to make room for the freezer. Must plan to work on Dad's computer and get the freezer before mid-October, and on a clear day.

Also must scrape and paint the windows.

September 15, 2004

new babies...

Ah, smell that?? It's the smell of diapers filling all over the country!

My best friend, Bones, is now a proud papa of a baby boy! Evan Ferris. 8lb, 15.46oz, 21".

September 14, 2004

holey security, batman!

Batman sneaks past guards at Buckingham Palace, climbing 25 feet and edging his way around the palace to a spot adjacent to the first-floor ceremonial balcony, remaining there, with press coverage, for about five hours.

Robin was also along for the ride, but decided to comply with authorities who threatened to shoot him.

Spider-man made an appearance atop the London Eye on Saturday, for the same cause.

Perhaps Midnighter and Apollo need to make an appearance... Or Bluntman and Chronic.

figures revisited... and revised

ok... back again... here's a list of DC Direct Kingdom Come figures that are available, and which I have.

Red Arrow
+ Superman
* Hawkman
* Green Lantern
* Wonder Woman
* Red Robin
* Shazam
** Kid Flash
* Armored Wonder Woman
* Magog
*** Deadman
*The Flash

So, I'm down to two. (* means owned, + indicates shipping). Chas is now cleaned out, and there's only two I need. I also completed the first wave of First Appearances figures. AND, I got a Titans T-Sub, and the 1" Titans figures. The Titans Tower will be next, I think -- because I NEED the Trident figure :)

September 13, 2004

available, for trade

without going into great detail, I have the following action figures available for trade...

Mattel Justice League
Mission Vision Javelin 7 (with Flash)
Ultra Humanite

DC Direct Kingdom Come
Kid Flash
Deadman (qty: 2)

And those are the ones off the top of my head.

I would consider trading some package-fresh split-packs of Batman Animated and JL figures, or selling the repaints at reduced cost, to offset my spending. I'm also considering selling the T-Sub, if someone want's it, minus Aqualad. And I would also consider splitting the cost of a Titans Tower playset, if someone was willing to take the Tower and leave me the Trident figure.

September 10, 2004

a week full of hate.

More hate for that computer company I've been mentioning. They SUCK. Will explain fully as soon as I wake up. Which hasn't happened yet.

September 4, 2004

it's another girl

I just had an email from my uncle saying I have a new baby first cousin once removed... Her name is Ella Laura, and she was 9lb. 7oz. 20in. She already has been nicknamed Ella George, for her cleft chin, like my grandfather. Let's hope she gets her great-grandmother's good looks.

September 3, 2004

spoke too soon

no optical drives, no ribbon cables. *dances for joy* multiply my anger x 20 machines.

new desktop

Dual vga, digital video out, 1.5G RAM, 3.2 GHz pcessor. WinXP SP2. Should be on my desk by the end of the day. *crosses fingers*

note to self re: khakis

do not wear khakis when you're going to be unloading freight, such as desktop computers, packaged in mexico.

Can I edit it in...

"Can I edit it in Fr0ntpage?"

"Can I edit it in Dr3amw3av3r?"

Yes, it can be edited in either, by a competent editor. That may or may not mean you, or your staff. That, dear sirs, remains to be seen.

September 2, 2004

yaaargh. and stuff.

So... the big cookout is Sunday. Lots of folks visiting, lots of folks coming to eat drink and enjoy the last cookout of summer.

This also means, to me, lots to do.

So. In my head, I'm busier than I actually am. I always generate more work than I need to do, or that I have time to do.

Work on the Nala list first and foremost. Then all the rest is gravy, as they say.

And yes, I'm still fighting a cold. And yes, my jaw still hurts. And yes, my job ... is still my job.