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October 29, 2004

the boss. and glenn. and kerry.

ok... standing around for 5 hours wasn't fun. watching people WAS fun. oh, hot freshmen. lots of em. HOT PEOPLE FOR KERRY! as Jen suggested.

I saw only one person I knew, and he was from the old days of OU and campus bars. he dated my roommate. he was as hot as i remember, which was nice, because he didnt recognize me +50 lbs and with hot chicks and i could look in his direction without him noticing. or so i think.

OSU's student speakers sound like cheerleaders during a pep rally. Oh, did I say that? I meant they sounded like pageant announcers. Or some combination of the two. E Nun Ci ATE!

Then of course, we were subjected to the local politicians. Bush sucks! Our opponents suck! YOU MUST VOTE THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET!

Sound problems and generator issues plagued the entire evening, forcing us to stand around in silence without even the looped mp3 disk to keep the crowd occupied. HEY YA! HEARD OF A BACKUP SYSTEM?

Finally, when we were almost gone, at some late hour (7:45ish?) when we were just going to leave, Mayor Coleman took the stage. Ugh. He's horrible. Not endearing at all. Just shut up and bring out the boss...

JOHN GLENN! Good to see he's still up and around. Always a good speaker, always endearing... I swear, if Kerry came across as smooth as this guy, he'd be miles ahead by now. I dont know if it's the 30+ years in the public eye, or the speech writers (does he write his own?) but this man comes across like your best friend. No party line "vote democrat"... but addressing the crowd as equals, and sounding like he really is. I've met the man 3 times, and he never ceases to amaze me.

John Glenn introduced Asa's uncle, the Boss. I have to say, I've never been a huge fan, but the man not only puts on a great show, but can speak to a crowd as well. Where is this charisma? Not in our two candidates for Pres, that's for sure. He gives a better speech than Kerry.

And then finally, Kerry... who said we looked beautiful.

Thank you, Mr. Kerry... but we couldn't wait around to hear the end of your speech. There were dogs to poop and mouths to feed. I'm sure I'll catch a transcript or a rebroadcast today.

October 28, 2004

bugs me.

So... my cousins have been planning a group outing. In Aspen. My aunt included me after they picked a few dates.

1) She knows I can't ski.
2) She knows I'm in school.
3) She knows it's bloody expensive. ($600 apiece to share a cabin/suite)

And who wants to be cooped up with family for 5 days when you can't get out and enjoy things. At all. I would be stuck in the lodge watching the snow fall.

I respectfully played the school card.

October 25, 2004


I'm a whiny bitch. A whiny bitch with a task list.

  • Tape shit for Jacob and Alex.
  • Clean out file cabinets in guest room.
  • Clean out bins of cables and computer crap in guest room.
  • Clean out bins of "office crap" in guest room.
  • Sort and file misc. boxes
  • Sort thru software boxes.
  • Sort/bag/remove clothes for Goodwill
  • Ship packages to Zan, Scott, and Ben
  • Move bed to other corner of guest room.
  • Move bookcases to maximize space in guest room.
  • Move trunk from dining room to guest room.
  • Prepare walls for painting in guest room.
  • Paint guest room.
  • Remove wallpaper scraps in office room.
  • Spackle holes in office room.
  • Cut remaining drywall slivers in office room and screw in place.
  • Sand walls in office room.
  • Tape and mud drywall in office room.
  • Sand and mud drywall in office room.
  • Sand drywall in office room.
  • Paint office room.
  • Install light fixture in office room.
  • Assemble desk in office room.
  • Shelving for dvd's in dining room closet.
  • Drape/curtain in stairwell nook.
  • New shelves in stairwell nook.
  • New shelves in office room.
  • New chandelier in dining room.
  • New drapes in dining room.
  • New curtains for breakfast nook.
  • New storm windows on breakfast nook.*
  • Rearrange kitchen cabinets for more useful storage.

I can do this.

*Depends on Nala scraping/patching/sanding/painting.

October 21, 2004

no pills for gram.

I couldn't stay completely away.

What have I been doing? Cleaning house, mostly.

Right now, I have only a couple things to say.

I just found out my grandmother has refused her meds for about a month. She is saying everything is in God's hands. Her children feel it would only cause strife to try to get her to take them again.

Some time ago, she discovered the pills weren't for pain and I guess that's when she stopped taking them. Won't even take vitamins any more.

This is not the grandmother of 10 years ago.

She has been telling my aunt that my aunt's sister's son (me, as she can't remember who I am -- no name) visits his grandmother when his parents are in Florida.

I suggested that the last part is true -- I do usually visit her when they're away.

I also suggested that maybe she had a moment of clarity (the meds did give her back that), and that she knew that the pills were the only things keeping her alive.

My mom wasn't happy with that, but I know she knows it makes me feel better to think that, even if it might not be true.

She always said she would go when she was good and ready. Perhaps now it's time.

Perhaps that trip north ought to happen soon. Those genes of hers can't hold out too much longer.

I try to joke about it -- she used to joke about another more ancient relative's death "too bad she died, she made good doughnuts."

October 18, 2004

figures figures everywhere...

Good god.

I had no idea. I mean, I had an idea, but it was wrong.

It's just sick.

I'm missing a few, so I know there's at least one box I haven't found.

There's four 18-gallon bins full of "desk stuff" from the old house, which still have to be sorted and trashed. I've gotten through one bin and 4 boxes already. How the hell did I have this much stuff.

So far, I've found a lot of good things... CDs, tapes, and software I had been missing since we moved! Ah, Dreamweaver MX 2004, how I have missed you. Along with Freehand.

And my font collection.

Two boxes of books to go to Half Price at lunch. Hopefully, Doug will be working. Ah, Doug... may your hot, brainy smile shine down on me today and give me more than a nickel for these books.

I can see the room taking form. I can see the walls. I can see the artwork. I can see the bed. I can see the clutter disappearing!

movin' right along

We've talked a lot about Muppets lately, Henson and Oz, and I was thinking, if I ever got the chance to hear Frank Oz do Grover doing Yoda, or Yoda doing Fozzy, or even Yoda doing Piggy, I would probably pee myself from laughing too hard.

Seriously, it would probably be the most fucked-up funny thing I've ever seen.

I think you know why, if, dear reader, you grew up watching Star Wars, Sesame Street, and The Muppet Show. You know it's not about Elmo (and the big black man who does his voice), it's about "SOO-per Grover". It's about First Mate Piggy. It's about "Do or do not. There is no try."

Come on! Just picture Yoda saying "Wakka wakka wakka."

October 8, 2004

all done

got there 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. nobody was there. cleaning lady let me in. tech showed up 5 minutes after my appointment. finished 15 minutes of paperwork, then it was time.

they were both done back to back, quick...
even I had trouble squeezing into the tube.
my shoulders were too wide and i had to roll them forward.

and they literally had my head in a vice.
and then i had to bite on something.

glad it's over.

an hour

till i'll be lying on a table, getting scanned for a couple hours.
sounds very Trekkish, but it's not.

my jaw hurts like hell this morning. I can't open it past enough to barely fit a spoon in. ouch.

and i'm supposed to hold it wide open for an hour? ping ping ping.
woo. fun.

October 7, 2004

stained stainless

all you ever wanted to know...

October 1, 2004

lucky 7

today is lucky 7.

Afro Ken says happy anniversary?

a wonderful week

lack of sleep? check.
work drama? check.
dent in my truck caused by university vehicle? check.
unneccessary drama from an old friend? check.

it's friday...

Shaun of the Dead was a good break from reality last night, and we made it home in time to catch the end (and some of the Porky Pig-isms) of the debate.

Bush would make a better puppet if they'd just get a fucking ventriloquist.

That's really all I can say. I'm sure the rest is being said ALL OVER the web.