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November 27, 2004

plastic crack... whore.

so. I think I have the Yamato Harley already. I think I remember buying her.

Now, what I didn't remember was my wishlist, updated, as you see below. I totally forgot if I had bought her or not (I still think I did), and then also that I put the Superman/Lex pack on my wishlist.

Of course, after Mid-Ohio Con, I found Lex and the Boy Scout at my favorite comic shop, half off.

Now, Mid Ohio Con is the big crack dealer show at Easton on every Thanksgiving weekend. It sucks the money straight out of my account.

Batman Hush Wave 1? Whoosh.
Birds of Prey on DVD? Whooosh.
Figures I didnt have from old lines? Whoosh.
$20 admission? Whooosh.

My god, how bad do I jones for the crack.
And, if we are to believe DC, the second wave of Hush figures will be out next week. And the second wave of DCD Titans.

Ok... I have to go keep prepping for the big shindig tonight.

November 24, 2004


so... cranberries. cranberries are in my family history. in fact, my ancestors had several famous cranberry bogs... ah. they are not my favourite fruit, and without sugar they are quite tart. but they are a thanksgiving staple.


Mr. and Mrs. Wing and nine children, seven of whom are married, their companions, and sixteen grandchildren - thirty four in all.

In the morning, two of the party, Davis Wing and Frank Harnden, went up to Toothaker Pond and succeeded in capturing a large loon, weighing a little over ten pounds. As the day was wet, the table was spread in the stable loft, which answered the purpose of a hall quite suitably for the location.

The long table was spread in a sumptious manner which one might well envy. It being well supplied with the luxuries of the season, while pies and an almost endless variety of cakes dotted the entire length of the table. Nor were the more sustantial articles of diet wanted.

Father and Mother were seated on one side at the head, then followed the children in order of their ages with their families. The dinner was much enjoyed by all. Then followed remarks by Benjamin B. Wing, after which Silas M. Wing addressed his children in appropriate and feeling words. There were also declamations by the children.

A meeting of the Cranberry Co., which includes Mr. Wing and all of his family was held.

In the evening the party enjoyed a musical and literary program.

The Phillips Phonograph, July 17, 1891


ooh. my head.

so, today has been a headache day. no surprise. i forgot my naproxen for the last 3 days, and i'm feeling it now. along with the weather changing and also the "stress."

but, dear readers, Jay is on the way, and that makes me happy.

also, the house is nearly clean. cleaner than it's been in years. which makes me happy, too.

and, i'm cooking up the following dishes:
cheesy corn casserole
classic green bean casserole
matt's infamous cranberry sauce
sweet potato casserole (a small one)
sarah's lettuce slaw
pumpkin pies
mashed potatoes

ah... the pies, sweet potato casserole, and slaw should be done tonight.
i'll get all the fixins ready for the rest of the stuff tonight, so it can be put thrown together in the morning.

then i need to scrub the kitchen, run the dishwasher, and clean the stove and microwave. set up the roaster as a reheater for tomorrow, and clean the serving dishes. the buffet table is already set up, and the tablecloths need washed and ironed.

what we still need:
something to cut the absolut curant. (dry and sweet vermouth)

November 23, 2004

code enforcement!

for future reference, the city of columbus has the city codes online, and a code enforcement web form. so like, if your neighbors trash their front yard attracting raccoons, you can report them.

desperate? more like evil.

So, last night I caught up with Desperate Housewives, and while I was watching, I was talking to Ohio Jay, who has some ancient device called a "VCR" which records his favorite tv shows to something called "tape". And you have to tell it every time you want something recorded. AND you have to remember to put a blank tape in it, and turn it off BEFORE you want the show archived. And you have to be sure not to put a tape in with something you haven't yet watched, lest it be recorded over.

So much stress over recording a damn show.

And with that, let me get back to the damnable characters of Wisteria Lane.

First, there's Edie. The neighborhood ho. Complete with a face that got run-over by a truck, or maybe 10-15 years of hard drug use. Of course, I could just say "bad genes" -- but hey, that wouldn't be as fun to read. She's a realtor, showing the Young's house. (father Young and son Zach are moving because mother Mary Alice committed suicide, and Zach has issues because he knows they did something bad.) She tells Dad Young (see, I'm too lazy to even refer back to my former posts to get his first name) that the house is going to be incredibly hard to sell because he'll have to disclose Mary Alice shot herself in the living room. "Isn't there any way to get around it?" -- Ho tells him "you could tell them she shot herself here and managed to crawl outside before she died."

You'll remember Edie's house was burned down by Susan in the pilot. Not purposefully, but that lovable klutz Susan... she just is followed by a little black cloud. She went over to spy, under the guise of borrowing a cup of sugar, to see if new (and hot) neighbor Mike was sleeping with Edie. However, Edie wasn't home, but she left every candle burning... and let me just say there were more candles in her living room than even the biggest Catholic church. Susan caught the drapes on fire, if I recall, and dropped her measuring cup and ran when she couldn't put it out. Within minutes the house was destroyed.

Well, Edie went to live with Mrs. Huber down the street. Mrs. Huber discovered the charred Pyrex measuring cup while trying to help Edie salvage things. She deduced it was Susan's, and made a play to blackmail S. for a new water heater, and grocery money. Like a single mom who writes children's books would have the extra cash. So what does a single mom do? She has her child break in thru Mrs. Huber's doggie door and steal back the offending measuring cup.

So, you see why Edie wants the Young's house to sell low?

Meanwhile, Gabrielle and her high school gardener (he's hot, but he is so obviously NOT a teenager... especially when I read that he and she are so close in age in real life) are trying to move on from the whole crazy business. Carlos brought his mother in to spy on Gabrielle...

Lynnette... at least your baby appeared in this week's episode. I just want to know now where the third brother went. And is it me or is her husband handsome in a big-eared sort of way? No wonder they have 4 kids.

Bree... control freak...

Spoilers below the fold...

In the beginning there was Mrs. Huber. Consider her an evil Mrs. Kravitz. Neighborhood busybody... with issues. She envies Bree's perfect lawn. So much so that when another neighbor passes out on her lawn from heat exhaustion, she throws him in her wheelbarrow and dumps him in Bree's hydrangeas. Then yells for Bree to call 911.

Then, the whole Edie/Youngs thing.

Bree and Max's daughter (Danielle?) had dreams of becoming a model. Gabrielle wants her out of the picture so she can have the Gardener to herself... so she offers to sponsor her in a modeling school.

Their son beats up a kid at school, breaking the kid's nose while shoving him into a locker? Guest appearance by (somebody help me) an old SNL-er as the school counselor.

Max tells Bree it's over... he got a good lawyer and she'll be served. She says she'll take him for everything. "BRING IT ON!" he says, with a bit less conviction than it needed. Is it me or has he gotten pudgy/creepy? He reminds me more of some gay guys I know than a straight husband of two. Maybe that's intentional. The whole needing time/space alone...

He decides to spoil his kids... buying son a convertible and paying Danielle's modeling school... Bree doesn't like it, and throws the kids' stuff out on the front lawn, telling them if they don't return the gifts, they can't live with her. Danielle buckles, son runs to dad. Dad says "I need time and space alone! You cannot live with me!" (meaning: "I want to have sex with many men! I cannot have you around while I'm the power-bottom in a gang-bang!")

Meanwhile, Mrs. Solis the mother comes home early from a business dinner with Carlos to catch her daughter-in-law in bed with the gardener... she snaps a photo and then takes off.

Son speeds home upset and hits elder Mrs. Solis while she's running from Gardener, who is trying to get the camera. This is apparently unseen by the neighbors. Bree finds son crying, calls Max. They hide car in garage.

Lynnette... desperate for her "crack" -- ADD medicine which gives her supermom abilities... steals some from another kid's mom. Um HELLO? FUCKING RENEW YOUR OWN KIDS' prescriptions... Oh, must've been the drugs clouding her judgement. Big eared sexpot husband notices something wrong with her eyes after his big business dinner where she showed him up. But, his questioning is interrupted by the ruckus outside.

Still not sure what Mike is looking for. Kendra seems to be his boss's daughter. I couldn't judge her age though. Was Mary Alice her sister? Was Dana her sister? It's still fuzzy. At least she's not screwing him.

And speaking of screwed... the P.I. that Mr. Young hired also seems to be a hitman! $10,000 will "get rid of" unwanted neighbors. I'm thinking he's a cop, though. It would work the way this plot is getting twisted. He's the one who made the connection between Edie and the "I know what you did" stationery. But, who's to say Edie was the letter writer? Red herring.

Um. I love this show, but if you play all the wacked-out secret cards at once, what will you have left for a second season?

repost-Hardware Giant is LAME

LF has recently been made aware that a link to Lowes.com appears on the website located at [URL removed] While we appreciate your interest in our website, we cannot allow third parties to link to it without express written permission. If you are interested in maintaining the link and entering into a link agreement, please go to www.lowes.com/linkagreement and apply for approval to enter into a Hypertext Link Agreement with LF, LLC and Lowe's Home Centers, Inc. Upon completion of the appropriate link agreement, please fax it to [Phone Number Removed].
Please address this issue immediately. Should you have any questions, please contact me at the address provided below.
Trademark Manager
2601 Annand Drive, Ste. 17
Wilmington, DE 19808
[Email Address Removed]

If you will recall, I wrote about the AWESOME idea I had for a movie [reference removed]. In my review, I supplied a Helpful Link to all the readers who wanted to know more about how toilets work. I have been sent what amounts to a cease and dissist order from Lowes. I have removed the link and replaced it with this rant.

Dear Lowes,

Yes, I linked to your site. I didn't link to any products; I know you foam at the mouth should anyone try to do price comparisons, so I knew better than to actually have a link to a ball cock on my site. Instead, I linked to useful information. I never thought for a moment this would be frowned upon. This would have increased traffic to your web site and given people a glimpse of the awesome home improvement tips included therein. Then in turn they probably would have purchased something from your site or store.

But apparently keeping your ball cocks to yourself is more important than fostering good will with your customers. And believe when I say I AM A CUSTOMER. I am in your store ALL THE TIME. I regularly spend fifty dollars and up each visit. Why, I was just there in your store on the 9th, where I spent $54.70, on what I don't know. On the 1st of the month I spent $89.43. You get the picture.

Well, get this...FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU for sending me a letter fucking six months after the link went up. FUCK YOU for taking my money for all these years and then fucking me in the ass in return. FUCK YOU, because it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever step foot in your store again. FUCK YOU, because I need to paint the kitchen and upstairs bedroom, and I need to resod the back yard, and I just enjoy hanging out there looking at all the cool faucets and I collect paint swatches from your American Signature paint line. But I guess I'll have to find a new paint to love because FUCK YOU.

And don't think I'm leaving you to go to Home Depot, because they're Republican lovers who eat babies.

In closing, FUCK YOU. AND the ball cock you rode in on.

[reference removed]
Really Pissed Off


Posted November 19, 2004 09:56 AM

Original comments below the fold...

Posted by: me on November 19, 2004 10:40 AM

Wow. Brava.
I'm definitely doing a follow-up later today.

Posted by: [poster]'s brother on November 19, 2004 01:23 PM

Not only are Home Depot Republican lovers who eat babies (The Republicans, or Home Depot?), my ex-girlfriend seems to be making a career out of working there. So that's another reason to avoid that place. (Depot? Despot? Little too similar for my taste.)

You do realize that once [the movie] gets made, Lowes will be figuratively sucking your ball cock to have their brand whored all over that movie.

Posted by: me on November 19, 2004 05:40 PM

*sniff* I'll miss the American Signature paints most of all. I have about 50 bejillion swatches, all in coordinating color schemes.


Posted by: a friend on November 20, 2004 02:52 PM

why don't you get around referring to them at all by name and call them "not-high's" or "downe's", so they don't try to get you on defamation as well. (let me be sure to say here that this is not actual legal advice, which is how i get around the whole practicing-law-without-a-license thing.)

good luck!

Posted by: me on November 22, 2004 06:52 AM

Linking is covered under free speech, and their letter was a very vague bully-piece (not really a cease and desist in the strict sense), so I would say [the poster] was safe in voicing her opinion while reposting their letter, and I applaud it.

November 19, 2004

lowe's hardware

Lowe's hardware is against free speech

November 18, 2004

grr. argh.

So... again... I've failed in planning for dinner. I was going to make beef stew, but simply put, a stew needs time to, well, stew. Which means prepping everything should happen one evening, and stewing on the next day.

Work is sucking major balls, not in a time-consumption way, but in a "people are fucking morons" way. And by people, I mean customers.

"Fuck you, you fucking fuckballs." Ah, if only Andrea Dave were here. Blonde and boobalicious, she is not the quiet, refined young lady. She is a force not to be messed with. And pity the fool who calls her asking for assistance with a dumb request. Ever. I can hear her, in my mind, going off on these people like it was her job.

Both Dave and Ali Dahlia ... it's their voice more than their attitude. I love them both dearly, despite having so little contact with them personally. I mean, sure, we talk over email and sometimes via phone, but when it's the most fun is over cocktails at a local bar. Loud proud Lobsters.

Man, sometimes I need the company of a good martini and a friend to listen.

Sometimes I just need food and sleep.

And ALL the time, I need to choke stupid people. And whoever decided FrontPage was a good development tool.

November 17, 2004

oh how the hot have fallen.

nicolette, you are no kim cattrell. and your push-up boobs and botox do nothing for you. yes. fake. i am SO calling you on that one. The ass is real, but you didnt grow 2-3 bra sizes any way but by cosmetic magic.

15 years ago you were sex, playing naked croquet with a dirty old man. now, you're a washed up nighttime soap actress. fade quietly into the distance, will you? even teri hatcher's days are numbered (and I LOVED her on Lois and Clark. She was hot.)

AND I LOVE Desperate Housewives. YOU WOULDVE SUCKED (even worse than Teri Hatcher) as Susan. The casting is all messed up when it comes to you two.

Bree, fine. Lynette, fine. Gabrielle, fine. Susan and Edie? Kinda suck. It's not the lines. It's not the delivery. It's something about the actresses just doesn't fit. This is the role Teri should've had just after Lois. Not now, when she's fighting her age. And old pruneface as the neighborhood slut? Oh yeah, if she wasn't doing that LAX show, (isnt that what it is?), I so would've tried to cast Heather Locklear. Now, that woman STILL is walking talking sex.

Why in the hell would Mike (character) want to sleep with Edie (Nicolette). Sure she's got a fine body, but man, put a bag over her head compared to the rest of the neighborhood. Sheesh.

ANd this whole towel/ad incident on ABC. Grow up. I just read it was an above the waist shot of her back. WHAT EVER FCC. You show backless gowns cut up and down to the hoo-ha at every awards show, and that's ok? Show an aging woman's nekkid back and the whole world falls apart?

November 16, 2004


wow. when my coworker deploys an update -- he deploys it RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW. my machine came up with a McAfee dialog box "Yes" or "No" but no question. I said "Yes" assuming it was to download new def's, but it was a "Yes, I've installed a new engine and need to reboot."

So I lost the long entry I was working on. It was my wishlist.

And guess what... Cheshire Condoleeza is moving to the Secretary of State position, according to Google News.

Crazy Bitch as Secretary of State. Wait wait... I'm not saying she's not cunning or conniving, but I can picture her as an old woman surrounded by 50 bejillion stray cats. Like that old lady in the Simpsons. Mean, nasty, and psycho. With cats.

November 15, 2004

walking stereotype

ok, so Nala often makes fun of my friends and their various drama, but without drama to listen to, life would be so dull.

so an old friend from high school and early college, the gay ex-Reverend, who split with his wife for his lover who he'd been seeing on the side for a long time, and who tends to rush feet first into things... who almost bought a house with a guy who he'd known for only months... who had shit stolen by said guy when he disappeared suddenly... who ended up moving to my hometown and got a totally different kind of depressing job... at some point ended up driving without insurance and got his license taken away. and then kept driving. or something.

and then he lost it for a longer period. and now, he can finally get it back. he's been having to pay insurance for months anyway, but his car's engine blew up so he had to quit driving without a license.

so now he needs to drive (ride) across the state to get his license reinstated, and then he needs to get a new(er) car. did i mention he lives in the projects?

oh yeah. and he declared bankruptcy a while back, so he has no credit.

and he has to get his friends to pick him up and take him 40 miles to the only gay bar within an hour drive.

meet my friend the walking stereotype.

November 12, 2004

figures revisited... again.

i am an addict.

so now, i own all of the kingdom come figures,
all of the 10" Justice League figures
all of the original 4.75" JL figures
all of the JL villain figures (so far).
all but Trident from the Titans line. (no bobbleheads, thanks)
all but Harley and Wave 1 Batman from the Yamato DCD line.
all of the Space Ghost Coast to Coast line.

Oh man, is this list going to get long.
But not tonight.

November 11, 2004


so... it's thursday. veterans day. and since i work for the state, i have today off.

blog spammers are back. fuckers.

oh, and i'd forgotten how persistent a wine hangover could be. not bad, just persistent.

last night, kristy and alex and i went to a party in the old neighborhood, at one of kristy's old students' apartments. on the way there, kristy and i were commenting how we wouldn't know anyone there (she knew the host), but as we walked up, she knew one of the guys on the porch from the English dept.

then, inside, we made our way to the kitchen, where she said hello to the host, who looked kind of familiar, and might've been a friend of Jenny and Stephen (two ex's) from college. while the host was filling our glasses, she recognized another 2 people from the English dept, one of whom was at one of our big shindigs on Wilber, when Sunshine left... and of course all I remember now is that he was from Ireland and he told good stories. we reintroduced ourselves, and when I turned around, there was yet another old face, Catherine, previously of the short blonde hair, who used to hang out at Basso with Asa. "I know you!" she said... "where do I know you from?" ... "Anthropology class; you sat in front of me" I said. "No, that's not it." -- "Basso!" I said... and then she smiled.

So eventually, after two glasses of wine, I asked the host if he was the Chris I remembered from OU... and indeed he was. We talked briefly (it's awkward, sometimes, when you meet someone again whom you crossed paths with in another part of your life), and took a few minutes to remember the craziness that was 1996-1997 in the dorms. He worked with Jen and for Stephen, so with one ex while I was dating the other.

It's funny... he now reminds me of another friend, Adam Z, mainly because of his build, and his haircut. And his eyes, too.

I have to say, it was a very fun party. Lots of grad students, lots of conversation. And, I got invited back. Apparently, every Wednesday at 10pm they have a sort of intellectual kaffestunde. I felt incredibly undereducated, but it was incredible to listen.

And I was very glad Alex decided to come. It made the evening seem more... something. Listening to him talk about teaching -- he gets so fired up. It's neat to see him light up when comparing classic literature and comics.

I was thinking last night about how my/our circle of friends tends to talk about pop culture a lot, and how this other circle I found myself in seems to not, and I wondered if it was because of the lack of free time. When you're busy writing disserations and teaching class and grading papers, who has time to watch Justice League, Snots Landing, and Lost?

Oh, and I need to read more. Sheesh. But I don't know if I could tackle as much as these guys do, for fun.

Ok, it's 10am, and I've lost my hangover! Now, it's time to get moving on laundry and such.

November 9, 2004

not one of your fans

well, i'm not one of my own fans... while I like the header, and the sidebar, i think they're better suited to the collecting part of my site (coming soon, along with my wishlist!)

still pondering a slight redesign.
i miss the stark white I had for a while, with only black and red accents and drop shadows...

but then i get thinking... and i want to do something more intricate. but what path do I go down... the Doctor Who Roundels of my site from 1995? Or do I go full-on deco? Or some strange combination of things?

who knows. i'll probably be messing with things off and on... if you see it looking all wonky, you'll know why.

November 8, 2004

television guilty pleasures...

Desperate Housewives is getting good. I mean, I could do without Mary Alice's heavy narratives. I mean, subtlety is GOOD.

Her husband is creepy, but maybe it's just his nature.

Bree is so uptight. She's fantastically Stepford-o-riffic. But damn does she look fantastic in lingerie.

Poor Zach. Being blamed for something I'm sure he didnt do. Being medicated heavily to keep him from cracking.

Lynnette... MY GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN. She's everything I love about Jane Kazmarek but better looking and less HULK SMASH! But what happened to her two other kids?? The baby and the other hellion. The twins are brilliantly mischievous even when behaving.

Maisy (bitch mom from hell at the school play) needs to die. Horribly. What kind of name is Maisy anyway? And did I hear her call another mom Tilde?

Glad to see Lynette being assertive.

Gabrielle... WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH A HIGH SCHOOLER who's in the abstinance club???

Susan... are you the neighborhood busybody, replacing Mrs. Huber? Sheesh.

Bree's hubby needs to admit he likes his scrotum licked, and Bree needs to realize obsessing over housework isnt good during sex.

I can't believe I just typed this.

mondays suck.

specifically mondays after a site-launch.

I'm trying to find a way to communicate my frustrations without giving the world a direct link to the site I'm bemoaning.

Basically, take your normal, every day website. 2 column, lefthand navigation, "Netscape toolbar"-ish top.

Now, give ALL design consideration to 800x600 or larger, and every accessibility guideline known to man, and using CSS for layout.

What do you get? A decent site that degrades well for old browsers, while continuing to look good for today's web-savvy customers.

But wait! What about crusty old computer-UN-savvy users who barely know how to operate a mouse?

Oh. We didn't consider them, really. Why? What's wrong?

Well... the content shifts below the navigation. I don't see my website! How can I order if I cant see my website?!

See that thing on the right-hand side? It's a scroll bar. Scroll down.

Oh, that's unacceptible. MSN doesnt make you scroll.

November 5, 2004


yeah. same template. new header.
new sidebar coming in process, but you get the gist.
what can i say, i got fed up.
the header is growing on me.
depends on which monitor i view it on.

wonder what evebird thinks.

November 3, 2004


i'm not outraged. i'm not enraged. i knew this was going to happen, but i didn't think there would be such a margin.

I just read that issue 1 got the Amish motivated to vote and that had an impact here in Ohio.

Will there be civil war? Will there be rioting? Doubtful.

Will there be lawsuits? Probably. Will it change anything? Doubtful.

I just can't be optimistic anymore when an Issue initiated by a psycho who wants all homos dead (and certainly seems to have more than a passing interest in making sure straights get married ... i'd be interested to see if he's just a bitter single old man...) despite being shot down by major social and political groups of different party affiliations, gets passed by an almost 2:1 margin.

Approximating marriage? What approximates marriage? Living together? Caring for pets together? Sharing utility bills? Being on each other's insurance paperwork? Someone pointed out to me today, for couples owning a house together, the in-laws of a widowed partner could lay claim to the house...

It's a clusterfuck. Let's call it what it is. Let's get to work challenging it. ACLU? HRC? Anybody?

And 4 more years of an incompetent boob. Hoo-fucking-ray. I hope that we can make it thru 4 more, but I doubt it. How long before states start burning fags, no pun intended?

November 2, 2004

like it's 1999

ok, not quite. but we will have a party. don't know if it will be happy or sad. don't know if the parents will be calling me asking what the outcome is (like they did in 2000 when their cable was out)...

dont know if my mom will say "fuck" for the 4th time in her life. (#3 was when she found out Bush took Ohio in 2000).

I'd like to think that my folks are educated, well read, logical individuals... but I'm not sure how they voted on Issue 1.

Those of you not from Ohio (and some here) probably think Issue 1 is all about gay marriage. Well, it's NOT. It's about denying any kind of rights to unmarried couples, despite how long they've been together, or what gender their partner is. Gay marriage is already unconstitutional in Ohio, even without this far-reaching and vague issue on the ballot.

Honestly, I can't remember caring so much about any issue, ever, as I have now. The "slippery slope" isnt toward marrying animals, but toward a society devoid of the freedoms we take for granted.

And now, today, I have to look people in the face who've decided to try to take that freedom from me. People who know my partner, who worked with him, who ask about his well-being on a regular basis.

I'm really fucking pissed.

And now I have to guess how my parents voted. I would like to think that they voted against issue 1. I'd like to think, after 7 years of my life spent with one person, that they'd want me to have some sort of rights... whether to visit him in the hospital, or whatever.

But that's just it... small town newspapers dont see this as anything but a gay marriage issue. Ohh... gays = bad. Burn the gays! Stone them!

Yes, I grew up in a very rural, bible thumping community. There was one church for about every 200 people. There was no choice. You were straight. That was God's will.

Guess what. It wasn't.

Man, I'm rambling.

And I'm angry.

And it's not doing much for my TMJ headache.

November 1, 2004

hungry. for change.

lets see... I need an updated task list for the guest room...

  • Organize misc. office junk
  • File remaining misc. paperwork
  • Move small box of computer parts to basement
  • Organize and label software disks.
  • rip CDs to MP3 for jukeboxing.
  • Organize and find a home for CDs.
  • SELL CDs that I no longer want
  • move remaining figures out of guest room (temporary).
  • trash bent/broken file cabinet.
  • shoes to goodwill or trash.
  • more clothes sorted for goodwill or vintage shop
  • rearrange furniture
  • remove cutesy animal nursery border
  • paint room
  • move blanket trunk upstairs
  • move blankets from closet to trunk
  • paint shelves?
  • build tiered display shelves for figures

It's a start...