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November 30, 2005

it's that time of year...

of course, i should've been thinking of this a month ago, not a few days beforehand. people keep asking me what i want.

i didnt do a wishlist this year.
i really didnt think about it.

there are things that i want, but they're expensive, and thus, i will either save for them myself or just ignore the urge to buy. they arent all gadgets... i bought myself one of those already, and took one back because i'm a shithead and didnt do my research first.

if you could buy time, that would be FUCKING AWESOME because I could use some extra.

oh, and those Doctor Who episodes (and Confidential episodes) from last year. That would be great, too.

everything is trivial. i dont really need much. i want, but i dont really need. just time.

November 29, 2005

death again

it's time for everybody's favourite game: Guess Which Family Members Died Last Night?

was it:

a) Gram F
b) Aunt A
c) Uncle W
d) all of the above
e) only B and C
f) only A and B

God, I really hate checking email in the mornings.

Trick question.

Nobody actually died last night, but that's when I got word. Actually, I GOT word this morning. Mom sent the emails last night.

Addie died Monday morning.
Willard died last Thursday.

best episode of the season

yep. i'll call it. best episode of DH this season.

Now, I've heard a rumor that fewer people are watching this season, and certainly, the intrigue hasnt been there, aside from teeny bits here and there.

Does anybody care that the only black family on the street has strange noises coming from the basement? Or that suddenly, a big black retarded guy breaks into someones house to get ice cream and then knocks pregnant Gabi down the stairs, causing a miscarriage? Or that as the police car drives off with retarded guy in it, his mom (Alfre Woodard) puts her finger over her mouth to tell him to keep quiet?


We want to see Rex's murder resolved, and that psycho queen (his pharmacist) George get his comeuppance.

BINGO. We got it. Bree was as cold and methodical as ever.

Then, out of nowhere, Gabi's husband got parolled early. By a "hot nun". Who is out to get Carlos and Gabi's marriage annuled. Wow.

This is the DH I'd been waiting for all season.

November 26, 2005

black friday haul

ok, i'll admit, i went out.

to get a ladder, and a camera.

i got the camera, but the ladders were sold out. then i went looking for memory for the camera, and everywhere i went they were sold out. and toys r us had an hour and a half wait to check out, so i left before getting toys for Nala.

and then i hit Meijer. $9 dvd player. $69 dvd recorder (+-r/+-rw). and a $9 exercise ball (usually $29)

got home, tried out the camera, realized even though it was 5mp, the graininess sucked, and it also only had digital zoom. back it goes today. bad choice. sure, it would probably do fine for some things, but i'm used to Nala's, and that optical zoom made a huge difference. and something in the optical chips doesnt try and compress every 3rd pixel.

i also bought something else i shouldnt have, and it goes back today too.

and whenever sleepyhead rises from his slumber, we're supposed to go to the Scott show today. antiques everywhere.

i think i'll go make coffee now. and start laundry.

November 24, 2005

it's just not a party without flapper panties

i'm stuffed to the gills with thanksgving food. it was a great party, but i can barely move, and these jeans which show off my ass really well are about to split a seam, i think.

i'm thankful for family. and food. and a roof over my head. and my job. and nala. and friends. and old acquaintances who forget my name every time they see me, but tell wonderful stories.

but now it's time to sleep. and dream of not shopping tomorrow.

bet YOU didnt have super turkey...


Happy Thanksgiving from Gigamatic.com

November 23, 2005


Internet god, Tom Coates, posted a question on metafilter regarding the number of meals you could make from one beef cow.

It seems the answer is somewhere between

Average beef animal, weighed full, 1200 lbs., some bone-in and some boneless steaks and roasts, closely trimmed, regular ground beef, yields somewhere between 450 and 600 lbs of beef on average. Of course, that includes some organ meats (tongue, liver). Multiply that x 16oz and divide that by 8oz portions, and you see that a whole cow could last you well over a year.

Yep. Now you know. Once a year, my dad traded 1/2 steer to the butcher for processing the meat. That left us with about 300lbs of beef in our freezer. Now you know why my folks had 2 freezers.

thanksgiving revisited...

so, tomorrow, we're heading to our friend's annual thanksgiving dinner. we were supposed to have friends over for a quiet dinner and a movie, but instead, they cancelled, and now we're going to another great big dinner.

and i need to make something.

here's what we had at my dinner, this past saturday:
bacon wrapped breadsticks
goat cheese and frisee salad with pinot noir vinaigrette.
Sweet Italian sausage, chestnut, olive and prosciutto stuffed turkey breast
sweet italian sausage, spinach and rice stuffed acorn squash
Roasted sweet potato and banana casserole
Cranberry orange conserve
"blue" cranberry sauce.
Mashed potatoes.
green bean casserole
cheesy corn casserole
stove-top stuffing
Crescent rolls.
apple butter pumpkin pie.
4-layer pumpkin cake with pumpkin cream cheese frosting

any comments from guests about what was good would be appreciated. i want to make something special to take, but i'm running low on ideas.


November 21, 2005

more unproductivity

just thought i'd share...
i can blog from the couch now!

and i am! briefly, at least, while i catch up on tv and decide what's for dinner.

then, i actually should do some work i've been needing to catch up on.

laptop swap

ok, so i'm not bloggin this from the iBook, because it's doing a huge software update.

yesterday, Juice came by and dropped off his non-working laptop. His hard drive died. My hard drive was living, but my logic board was crap. So, I pulled my hard drive, extra ram, and airport card from my iBook, and put them in his.

now i have one working iBook, with another which, in theory, may need a new logic board.

let me tell you, i love pbfixit.com. their instructions for changing a hard drive were F L A W L E S S. they even included 3 pages of screw guides, to which you could tape each set of screws you took out, so that you knew which part they came out of, and where to put them back in. each photo had the screws circled, in different colors, so you could tell where they went back.

apparently, the apple certified tech who changed MY hard drive and installed my RAM did not follow this guide, because as I opened my case, I found half a dozen missing screws, one piece bent to hell, and another one broken. seriously fucked.

this has inspired me, however, to think about who would work on my laptop in the future. i am no longer intimidated by the mystery of what's inside. i'm still not sure if i'd want to try a full logic board replacement, but i am confident with time, patience, and a couple cups of coffee, I could probably do it.

the baby-kitty

belonging, apparently, to baby daddy, is the now famous kitten who loves to come over and say hello.

View this clip on Vimeo

turkey day blues


i pulled off the biggest thanksgiving dinner yet, and didnt have many leftovers! nor did i at any point in the day freak out. although, i realized today just how tipsy i was, thanks to jay making the famous cranberry curant cocktails.


so giada's olive, chestnut, and italian sausage stuffing was good, but unfortunately turned out more like a meatloaf stuffed inside the free-range turkey. the flavor was very good, and when i sliced the turkey, it was indeed like "food porn" (it looked that good.) but, truthfully, i prefer the old fashioned bread stuffing. or even boxed stuffing. which i also made in case the special stuff was inedible. it was edible, but took an extra hour to finish cooking.

i dont know how the stuffed squash turned out. i used fresh spinach instead of frozen, and one of the squash caps came off while roasting, so that one dried out. i filled up on all the side dishes, so i never tasted it. but a few people did eat it.

i made the cheesy corn casserole again, which almost always turns out more souffle-like. not so much this year, which was good, but it still aint no cheesy corn stuffing, which i must break down and find the recipe for.

the green bean casserole is a staple, and went fast, of course. after all, we do live in Ohio. the two cranberry sauces were delicious, and i can't say which i liked better -the cranberry orange conserve or the blue cranberry sauce. they each had distinct flavors, and both were delicious. i much prefer homemade cranberry sauce over the canned jelly i grew up with.

The frisee, carrot, and goat cheese salad with pinot noir vinaigrette was good. i highly recommend the 2002 Wood Pepper Grove Pinot, both as a drinking wine and as a vinaigrette. (i savored a glass while cooking) i skipped the pistachio-crusting on the cheese mainly because i didnt want to take the time. it was good just the same. i also skipped the baby beets, but only because i didnt have time to boil them for an hour.

the banana and sweet potato puree was adequate, but a little dry for my taste. perhaps adding some more butter to the mix would've helped. but, the flavor was good, and that's what counts.

the bacon wrapped breadsticks were FANTASTIC once we timed it right. the first batch were a bit too browned. and then someone said "hey, i'll bet they'd be good with mayo" -- and that made all the difference.

the apple-butter pumpkin pie was good, but missing the brown sugar (ack!) which made it less sweet (which was ok)... but should've been spread over 2 crusts instead of one. the extra depth kept it from firming up as well, and thus, it was not as appetizing.

best of the night was the pumpkin layer cake, which, of course, i also messed up by leaving in just a little too long. but, the frosting more than made up for it, and i even had enough to frost the entire outside of the cake. i left off the pecans and put some in a cup next to the cake in case anybody wanted to add their own.

all in all, everything turned out well. even the ill-timed turkey.

thanks to mr. and mrs. p., mr and mrs. t., mr. g, mr. k, mr. z and ms. n for making a good party great.

November 18, 2005

to do list, revisited

i got the bigass shelves moved out of the guest room. the bed, chair, and trunk are where they need to be. the floor lamp is where it needed to be. the bedding is in the process of being laundered.

the problem is the other two shelves which match nothing, and the blue la-z-boy which is supposed to make its way to the Tikipalace. they just don't go. period.

i know what i want, and i dont want them. mostly the shelves. i can live with the recliner, even though it isnt my style, at all.

the headboard. *sigh* the screws wouldnt come out, so i couldnt piece together a better one. and then i took the un-modified headboard upstairs and found it (of course) was too fucking short. and i felt completely and utterly defeated, and after a day full of stress (mainly at work), and not a damn thing going right, i couldnt even hold a conversation without it turning ugly.

so, today, it's to Weilands for turkey, and then to Big Bird for the last of the groceries. then back to lowe's with a buttload of returns. then to target with a buttload of returns. and then, perhaps, i'll find some piece of furniture that is inexpensive and makes me happy. but i doubt it. anything that looks good costs too fucking much.

thank god for comfort foods and holiday cocktails with old friends this weekend. it may just save my sanity after 2 days of shit going wrong.

November 17, 2005

tonight to be spent with fumes and laundry

ok, seriously, i have a goal for tonight, and it begins at 4:00pm when I run to Lowes, arriving home around 4:30. then, i set up 2 sawhorses in the room under the porch and i open up a can of whoopass on the parts to the new studly twin headboard. once the pieces are apart (approx 5:30) i give each of them a hearty sanding, ending at 6:30, after which i will begin a coat of poly-stain.

at approximately 7:30, I will start a load of laundry, and then begin the reorganizing of the cat room (to take the shelves) and move/remove furniture to/from various rooms to prepare for Saturday.

Then, I need to start compiling ingredients/preparing stuff for the dinner on Saturday. Any prep work that can be done early (chopping, measuring etc) will save time and sanity. I may even pre-bake a couple things (like cornbread).

If I can get in a groove, I can get a lot done. Seriously.

aging academic with ghetto booty

whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk?
whatcha gonna do with all that ass, all that ass inside them jeans?

um. yeah. i discovered that if i wear these new "stylish" jeans, i suddenly have ginormous ghetto booty. or, as nala often calls it, an "M.A."

i realize i've porked up again, both around my stomach and my rear, but sheesh. it's just bad.

must get back in shape after holiday binging.

another to-do list

a) finish buying groceries (ordered the turkey today from Weiland's)
b) launder bedding for guest room and make bed.
c) clean up living room.
d) clean kitchen including moving plants around.
e) table to vijay/jen
f) move one door to basement
g) set up buffet in dining room
h) dig out tablecloths
i) move upholstered chair to dining room (will need for seating for Saturday)

j) vacuum/dust guest room
k) move/rearrange toys into specific bins for giveaway or storage
l) move things around in cat room to accomodate (temporarily) 2 6-foot shelves.
m) arrange remaining furniture in guest room to approximate final locations
n) scrub paint chair
o) scrub and put kennel away.
p) scrub kitchen floor
q) run each of the patio cushions thru dryer once, then bag and bin/box for end of season.
r) dig out 6 more wine glasses.
s) put away laundry
t) sort receipts to take stuff back to lowes/target

yeah, there's not much for me to do once nala gets the painting done. really.

November 16, 2005

freshy mcfreshingt0n

I'm cooking dinner this weekend for a bunch of friends. It's a pre-thanksgiving dinner, and will have all the trimmings of a thanksgiving dinner. Of course, only if Ganesh removes the obstacles to my finding a boneless turkey breast before saturday.

Here's a planned menu:
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Crescent rolls
Pumpkin pie

Just kidding. Here's the real planned menu:
Sweet Italian sausage and prosciutto stuffed turkey breast
spinach and rice stuffed acorn squash
Roasted sweet potato and banana casserole
Cranberry orange conserve and "blue" cranberry sauce.
Baby beet and pistachio crusted goat cheese on a bed of frisee with pinot noir vinaigrette.
Mashed potatoes.
Crescent rolls.
Pumpkin pie.

Now there's your dinner.


it's a new term. it's so useful in everyday speech.

"il presidente's speech was irkworthy."

"the customer, who wont take no for an answer, even though we stopped providing the service in June, is irkworthy"

try using it in conversation today!

oh yeah, it's m!chicant week.


you know, i hate 0SU football season, simply because I live and work near the campus. i dislike it, because folks are so fanatical about it. however, growing up, and, admittedly now, if it's on tv, I'll watch it, because it's a habit.

i watched football every weekend for 20 years at my parents' house. 0SU, the P@tri0ts, and the Br0wns.

i had season tickets in Bl0ck '0' when I was a student back in the day. i had scarlet-and-grey to wear to the games.

but now, i dont watch the game, unless i'm trying to find out how bad it will be in our neighborhood. if i'll be able to park. if i'll be able to sleep.

so, now i'm listening to Mic D's podcast, which is making me nostalgic. not just for 0SU football, but high school football too. we played all the same fight songs in high school. it's scary, because I know all the lyrics and the notes (on both sousaphone and saxophone).


i do NOT bleed scarlet and grey. i dont really care if they win or lose. but the marching band music still makes me happy.

thanks mic.

(oh, and the "0-H", "I-0" screaming/chanting at 3am? yeah, that really sucks.)

heard it all before, i know

yeah, i'm good at making lists, and starting projects, but one thing i MUST do this year (if for no other reason than to clean up my kitchen) is finish the family cookbook.

it's a project i started a while ago, when i inherited my grandmother's recipes.

now, it's time for me to start typing them in again. i'm laying it out in Freehand, to which I know all my design friends will say "whaaaa?" -- which may actually make me consider using InDesign. I've already worked out the page size, and picked a legible typeface. What I haven't decided is how best to organize it.

jonesing and weather

so, i am jonesing big-time for the new flashy electronics. of course, i know i need to store my cash away like a responsible person, but it burns a hole in my pocket monthly.

instead, i try to occupy myself with thoughts of a clean, beautifully furnished home. this works, for a while, and then i think how nice a white 20" flat panel iMac would look against the burnt orange walls...

but seriously, i'm looking forward to having the back bedroom completed for Jay's visit this weekend. or at least complete enough to have the major furniture pieces arranged and the bed made. i borrowed a hand plane from my coworker to plane down the top of a sticking door, but it just wasnt easy work, so i got out the power sander instead. that was easier work, but time consuming. so, I had to quit without finishing, because it was bedtime.

tonight, nala intends to finish it, and i will then vacuum and dust around everything, put the "magic slide" feet on the bookcases and the recliner, and ponder headboards for the bed-of-fantastic-sleep, or BOFS. (you know, like the Rodents of Unusual Size)

hmm. my brain is going all sorts of directions.

also, what the f*ck is up with this weather? superwarm, then cold. superwarm, then cold. severe wind and storms in between each temperature swing. tornadoes, "damaging wind", etc. I know we're in the Cowlands, but we aren't in Kansas!

Jeez, first gators, now this. Winter's gonna be fun.

must take laptop to apple store for diagnosis/fixing. well, i suppose i should call first to see how much it will be to diagnose. $100 is what MicroCenter charges.

And speaking of apples, where's Mr. Juice, and would he want to come over for dinner sometime soon?

November 15, 2005

real pull

as my folks get older, and their house not only deteriorates around them, but the living space within it changes to better suit their lifestyle (meaning, less room for me to visit), and then the fact that it's uninhabitable 6 months out of the year, i keep thinking of finding a small house in town for me to buy and then use at my convenience, perhaps renting a room to a local friend of mine.

today, on a whim, i went to the realt0r.com site. old mr. anderle's place, next to my grandmother's old place, is for sale, and most definitely in my price range. 2br, 1256 sq ft, carport, etc. I question the 1256 sq ft, though, as the kitchen+dining+living is only 442. I suppose it's possible. I never saw the bedrooms. But, with a mortgage payment of only $85/month... who cares.

tuesday already


today i finished paying (most of) my bills, and bought a ticket for tonight's m3ga m!llions. 310M. holy crap.

just got email from my mom -- my cousin doesnt expect Aunt Addie to last a month. the chemo really did her in, and now I'm in an odd place emotionally. The woman always had a mystery about her, and when I finally met her, she was wonderful. I promised to write, but I havent. And how do you say "I'm sorry I didnt get a chance to spend more time with you."

She's the last of her generation of my grandfather's family, and in her late-80s, nobody could say she hasnt had a nice long life. She's an icon of the AT, and my friends who hiked it even got to meet her.

I just dont know what to say. I suppose a "get well soon" card with a note would probably be nice for her.


November 12, 2005

a quickie

i simulteneously hate and love working on the weekends. love, because i can get shit done without interruption, but hate because i'm so tempted to do other crap.

of course, i got one feature added to the site i'm working on, but can't remotely connect to the server (post security patch) to debug.

4 more features to add, and then some formatting issues, and it'll be ready for Monday's beta. I'll be working tomorrow, too, sadly.

November 10, 2005

as expected...

i lost "hottest chili" to the absolute worst chili in the contest. yes, that was the consensus from the judges. the hottest chili was also the worst. mine was second hottest, and, mine literally made me sweat. the winner's chili, while hot, didnt seem to be all-over hot, but only hot if you actually ate the pieces of jalapeno.

mine was kick-you-in-the-head lingering hot. numb hot. but extremely edible. paul seemed to like it, and i'll admit, while it was hotter than I like, it did have good flavor.

my friend ann won people's choice for best, since the guy who usually sweeps that category pulled his out of the running. mike s. won judges' choice for best, and he, like the guy who won hottest, threw his together before work this morning.

the best thing about chili powders? they seem to be a good appetite suppressant.


i only made one pot of chili for the cookoff today, and there's some ground beef thawing in the fridge for me to make another batch today.

i am gonna lose again, i can feel it. i watched another cook doctoring his chili this morning with jalapeno sauce, and where i used a few glugs, he used THE WHOLE BOTTLE. my only hope is, like with the chili powders, once you hit a certain level, there is no more heat, and that i'm at that level.

but, i tried, and that gets me at least one attaboy coin, since we do this all for charity.


still working hard on the project that is kicking my ass, and causing me to work late. i see code when i close my eyes. not fun. i have 6 hours today, and a couple on Monday, so I must work fast. which means shutting up and getting to work.

November 9, 2005

sometimes, unions are da best

i got thinking today of the way vacation benefits worked for my dad in his old job, and wishing they were structured that way here. you see, there, you could choose to take optional pay instead of using vacation days.

here, if you don't use, you lose. and getting folks to approve vacation when you're constantly bombarded with deadlines and critical projects? ha.

so, i have 7 days I must take before March 1, or I lose em. I've already got Dec 23 - Jan 2 scheduled off. i'd love to go somewhere with nala, (and we really should visit my parents sometime in the emotional suck that is Southern suburban retirement hell), but i dont know what his vacation schedule looks like. And I know he would hate Florida even more than I do.

and of course, having time off and money to enjoy it are two totally different things.

November 8, 2005

techno to do list...

you know, for when i have a computer and some free time...

1) update the MT install at the new alumni site, importing all the archives.
2) attempt another message board db move to the new alumni site.
3) transfer alumni domain to dreamhost.
4) kill OLM and phpwebhost accounts.
5) apply the new Tiki Palace theme to Jay's Tiki Palace.
6) apply my red theme to all my archive templates.
7) work on new template and features for alumni site.
8) work on new template for kpduty
9) create new blog for evebird.

there. done.

voted, etc.

it's tuesday. i voted. i dont feel good about it, other than i did my civic duty.

i worked late last night. i'll work late again tonight. the damn jerkoff i work with didnt take the day off today. *sigh*

i want to be done with this project and then take a couple days off.

November 7, 2005

ugh. monday.

so, it's monday.

i'm making myself get busy on the housework. i've put off things far too long, and to catch up is going to take a long time. so... i've gotta get workin.

additionally, i'm in hell this week at work. i will likely have to work extra hours today and tomorrow to prepare for a demo on Wednesday afternoon. i'll also probably have to skip comics and lunch on Wednesday.

Of course, Wednesday night, I also need to make chili. They've moved our chili cookoff to Thursday, because Friday is Veterans Day, and nobody will be here. Which reminds me I need to ask Nala if he's working Friday. If the thrift stores are open, it might be a good day to go.

*sigh* so much to do, and i havent even started talking about web work for myself that needs to be done.

Who's up for chili on Friday night? anyone?

November 4, 2005

what I cant say at work

STFU you stupid ____.
STFU you stupid ____.
STFU you stupid ____.
STFU you stupid ____.
STFU you stupid ____.

a note to moviegoers

new movie starts at drexel grandview tonight:
The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

i watched the trailer, and it looks simultaneously painful and true to smalltown Ohio. only with prettier people.

dumbass tolerance level reached, too.

yep. same goes for dumbasses.

i'm calling one now, and he'd better have a good explanation.

asshole tolerance level reached.

i have reached my asshole tolerance level for the week.


no more (perceived) assholes better cross my path.

November 3, 2005

inspired searches of the day

the top 10 search queries for yesterday were:
flowers filetype:png
names address and numbers of winners in megalotto from march 1 to 30 2005
flipping hades
gay 666
johnthan brandis
jlu target exclusive
80s party
dirty dad
cubefarm animated gif

last month's full list:
isobel stevens
what to wear to an 80s party
[my name]
redneck costume
mister slave
gas lol omg wtf
jl unlimited
crotch grabbing
gas lol
william patrick jon tom peter
snake dies after eating alligator
chester the molester
jamie bamber workout
kid wykyyd
gay redneck
what to wear in the 80s
dont drink and drive
itec ipod

November 1, 2005

but the cat came back...

so, as i'm laying in bed half asleep, i hear "fuck" come from downstairs as nala looks out the door. "what?" i query, thinking someone has trashed our porch or something. "that kitten is back. they must let him out at night."

and, wouldnt ya know, 2 hours later when i finally left for work, she was out front again, chasing squirrels and wanting in my house.

the door to the kennel was open, too, which was odd. i closed it again, and told the kitten to "watch out for traffic. and bigger cats" before I came to work.

must. not. worry. about. kitten.