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domain names and work names

The new guy doesn't start at work till the 12th, so I'm off the hook there till then. He and I can discuss it further when he starts. I'm glad I've got seniority on the name, but even so, I know what work-names can do to a person, which is why I'm not caving to changing mine yet. Let the new guy suffer through being a "JJ" or "3J" for a few years, if at all possible. Those memories for me are cringe-inducing.

As for domain names, I've killed off two of mine this month, and KP Duty, the TikiPalace, and I-palindrome-I have all moved over here to this one, and been encompassed in my single installation of M0vableType. The move was fairly painless, thankfully. Later this year, between two and four more domains will fall off into the ether, and I'll be free of some poorly conceived ideas.

However, I'm still thinking of moving my own personal (and private) space to a different domain. My cousins have become a bigger part of my life, and as our family gets closer on the Internet, I don't want to share every single part of my life with them. I write here because it's fairly anonymous... I can kvetch and bitch and moan about almost anything that bothers me. Including family.

I've almost decided on a name. It's a variation on an old joke my family made while I was in high school and still dreaming of a career in architecture. Since my cousin was already going that route, they thought we should start a firm together, and give it a silly name. Since I'm not sure I want my last name all over the net, I'm dropping that part of it, and using the real joke as the domain. My uncle already has an email address which is a play on his full name. It's really well done, you might say. Too well done, I'll tell you. It's crafty, and memorable. Just like the domain I've chosen.

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