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wiki spaces

I had a realization thanks to the classes I've taken this quarter... wikis are cool, and perfect solutions to some things, while not being solutions to every collection of information.

For instance, a cooking and recipe website with a wiki engine back-end could be a very useful tool. As members try the recipes and tweak them, the changes could be tracked, and the evolution of the recipes could be noted. The recipes could be discussed in detail, tagged with other information (like which brand or ingredient types work best, where to find them, etc), and the collection could really grow organically. For instance, my great-grandmother's cookie recipes change dramatically depending on whether you use blackstrap molasses or light molasses, and whether you use bleached or unbleached flour, and the consistency changes completely depending on whether you use organic peanut butter or mass-produced el-cheapo peanut butter with added oils.

Since I am the keeper of the family recipes, I really want to make them easily available to the rest of the family, and putting them online makes a certain amount of sense. I save the money needed to publish them, and allow immediate access.

Now I just need to register that domain name.

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