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photo fun... not

My online photo gallery is staying with flickr for now. I'm not sold on the unified authentication to even test zooomr (since nobody has gotten back to me, plus it's a "beta" and to me that sounds like "asking to die and take your photos with it"), and picasa just plain sucks for features and flexibility. I'm implementing a tool called "Gallery" on one of my domains, just for testing, but I can also tie it in to the message board system I use there, and cut out one level of complexity for my users. That makes sense for that application, but not for others.


I hadn't heard of Zoomr before, I'll have to check it out. I love flickr. I also use fotki. But flickr is just SO addicting. :)

oooooh, tricky. I could't figure out why I saw a different site in Mozilla than I did in Firefox (for zoomr). It's cuz a domain squatter got zOOmr.com, and the photo sharing place is 3 o's, zOOOmr.com. I hadn't noticed that. I wonder how many problems that's gonna cause them.

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