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May 31, 2007

so i dont write much.

thought i'd say hello. i'm not dead yet.

i'm slowly pulling myself out of a deep rut. i'm getting there. tomorrow is friday, and full of meetings and crap, but today was a good day.


i might even graduate BY the time i'm 34. slim chance, but even if i don't, i should still at least only be 34 when i take my last class as an undergrad.

now wouldn't that just be crazy? to graduate sooner than i expected? i'd do a happy dance, and try to decide whether to go to europe for a few weeks, like my aunt says i should.

my aunt who is going to be in pittsburgh next week, and i need to decide whether to go see. 4 hours is still a crap drive, but it beats 14 hours. i could stop at the parents' on the way.

i've got lots going on with the alumni society too, but i've been too busy to address it this close to the end of the quarter.

i've gotta email my advisor tomorrow, too. partly to say thanks, and partly to send him my revised plans. the man is a godsend, really. "no no no" he said, "your previous advisor told you all wrong. this is how you do it." and i felt like he did indeed know what he was doing.

friday! woohoo. bill paying day.

sleep time now. time to dream of anthropology, design, and marketing.

May 16, 2007

I believe in Net Radio

Long ago, I was both a dj and an exec at a campus radio station. That station just celebrated 36 years of broadcasting and moved into new studios in the new student union, which were dedicated to the founder last month.

I have a lot of pride in what we accomplished, and I think we left an important legacy which the current staff are trying hard to continue building. It's rough -- the technologies we used to broadcast are now gone, and new technologies are changing audio broadcasting faster than anyone could've imagined.

Unfortunately, big corporate lobbyists are killing Internet radio, just as big corporations are killing personality-driven "terrestrial" radio in favor of holding the airwaves hostage to automated playlists.

To find out more, and to be part of the solution, go to savenetradio.org. Call or write your legislators. Stand behind the little guys. Make your voice heard.

May 11, 2007

cant wait for casa

omg, casa is calling my name, but we get catered breakfast lunch & dinner today. *sigh* and shitty hotel coffee vs donkey or perks. bs is still asleep - we have to leave in 30 mins. he's not used to getting out of bed until long after I'm at work. bastard.

again, amazed by cheapness of a-town. love it.

May 9, 2007

kid, meet candy store...

There's a special surprise waiting at home.
It's 30" wide and makes a wheezing/groaning sound.

Get your mind out of the gutter, Jay.

May 4, 2007

goddamn i cant wake up

So, last night, we drove to East Cowlandia and back. well, Chloe's dad drove. I rode in back and laughed as Hawk's mom fell asleep and CD made fun of her. The funeral home gathering was nice and small, as expected in such a tiny town, and KC and her mom were doing ok. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday for burgers (um, not as good as expected) and then came back.

But seriously, I can't get movin today. I smell pancakes, too. I forgot my griddle, and got a heavy guilt trip from the person in charge of the breakfast today. My boss said I wasnt allowed to go home and get it, which was fine with me.

Coffee aint helping. I need sleep. Which is ironic because I slept pretty well.

May 1, 2007


this week has been hard on generation w (x-1). within minutes, i heard about one friend's parent passing and another one going to be gone in the next couple days. i was thinking, while i walked to the soda machine, having heard the news of the first, that "holy crap, it has REALLY begun," only to return to my office and hear a coworker talking about heading home this weekend.

seriously, friends and neighbors, get your shit together because you don't know when it's coming.

this serves as my reminder to talk to my insurance agent to bump up my life insurance... and to call my lawyer to get my will, trust, and living will in order. and to keep in touch with my family better. they might not be around much longer.

wind power... cool!

I remember my dad talking about wanting to add windmills for energy collection on top of the hill on our farm. Unfortunately, they're still fairly cost prohibitive, so he tells me. This engadget article talks about adding them to highways. Neat! (via chris @ prosaic)