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June 18, 2007

crazy lists

ok, so I need to go to the bank today to pay my car payment... and then hit meijer for some mulch. and this afternoon i have a dental emergency to take care of, too.

then, i'll be generally cleaning the kitchen, and moving some furniture around to prep for cleaning. i'll be potting some plants, and throwing some more stuff in the garbage. and, it seems I have a buyer for the table legs. hooray.

now if i can sell the desk and maybe the filing cabinet and a magazine rack... i've got to box/bin a few more toys and get them moved to storage, as well.

i delivered a box of pokemon to my coworker for his daughter -- who still LOVES pokemon. she's 5, so that's nice. nice to be rid of one more box!

June 15, 2007

not much to say.

work is ok, i guess. lots going on.

did i tell you i went to see morrissey? he kicked ass.

running around frantic, cant stop.

just wanted to say i'm still here. just busy. not much else to say.
oh, and i ran into two old friends online.
going to dinner with one tonight, the other lives in PA.
had dinner last night with the neighbors, who rock, with some kick ass burgers and corn.

oh, and yesterday was kelmeister and mr. pickles' 4th anniversary.