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July 31, 2007

more news from home...

Nothing quite as exciting, but I did see something I didn't realize: Capitol Music Hall had closed, and is now being bought by 3 local businessmen. That's great news, as they've already begun lining up acts, and started talking to the symphony again. However, they'll still have to bring the place up to code with sprinklers, and that costs lots of cash.

The Capitol was HUGE when I was younger -- it's been mostly a country music venue, but I've seen lots of different acts there, including plays and musicals. It's known mostly for its "perfect acoustics," and had attracted many big names year after year.

Secondly, undocumented workers arent just hitting the big city -- four Hondurans (some with fake Soc cards) were arrested after code enforcement found them working at a job site. (Two of the workers had been arrested before.) They claim to have crossed into the country in Houston and Phoenix, and have obtained documents from an unnamed source who spoke in only Spanish and "did not ask for any type of documents to verify the residence or status." The workers were being provided lodging and transportation by the company they were working for.

Laws in the village allowing for fines against businesses who hire undocumented workers were enacted in April after a similar incident.

Ah, more crazy news...

This makes me laugh. Out loud.

Eleven adults were fined $300 each and sentenced to jail and to perform community service on Monday for their part in what was described as a large party involving Amish community members.
Complaints made to the ... County Sheriff's Office regarding loud music led to the mass arrest Sunday night of 21 Amish folks in ... Township.
Sheriff ... said several complaints were made to his office from residents in the [eastern part of the] County -- all of the complaints described a loud party with loud music coming from a wooded area.
deputies confiscated five coolers, a generator, lighting system, two boom boxes, three 12-volt batteries, some beer and ice ... the sheriff's office investigates Amish parties on a regular basis, however, arrests of this magnitude are rare

Hey, Jebediah, get out thine glowsticks and let us taketh some E!

no turkey for you.

I've started a habit of reading the hometown papers online... it's such different news than here in the Metro Cowlandia area...

One of the convicted men ... has been banned from hunting and fishing for life. He was ordered to pay $2,500 in fines after being found guilty on 54 charges related to poaching ... will also serve 60 days in jail and will be on probation for two years ... is prohibited from applying for any permits or participating in events administered by ODNR or affiliated sportsmen’s clubs or organizations. While on probation, he is not to possess any deer or turkey parts.

Ok, did you see that? 2 months in jail, banned from fishing and hunting FOR LIFE, and can't even have any venison or turkey for 2 years while he's on probation.

[Another person] was given one year of probation, plus 30 days in jail with 27 days suspended ... a five-year suspension of hunting, fishing and trapping privileges and is not to possess any turkey or deer parts while under suspension ... is also prohibited from applying for, or participating in, any events administered by ODNR or affiliated sportsmen’s clubs or organizations.

No turkey or venison for 5 years. Man, Thanksgiving's going to suck for these two.

July 27, 2007


that's all i'm saying.

4pm hit, and my back is killing me. my shoulders too. it's the same pain i get when i'm stressed. but i don't think i am.

yeah, ouch. want to go home.

Death Cat LOL

Death Cat LOL
Originally uploaded by bryanstroud

My friend Bryan found this one... explanation @ Flickr.

July 25, 2007

free black kitten

I got a call from my neighbor early (EARLY) this morning, asking me to meet her outside. In her arms, she had one scared little black kitten, whom she had just bathed, after having rescued it from her dogs.

She needed help finding a place to keep it safe while finding it a home. So, as I did with Baby Kitty, I dug out the Hoont's old kennel, a plastic bin to use as a litterbox, and some litter, and a small bag of cat food, and took them across the street.

So, if anybody knows someone who would like a kitten (kind of friendly, mostly scared) let me know. I've talked to a bunch of folks at work, and via email, to no avail. I don't want the neighbor to have to take this guy to a shelter, but I suppose that's the option if nobody claims it.

Update: Apparently, both Hawk's Mom and Chloe's Dad (or is it vice versa? I never remember) found parents for the kitten, so it's all good.

July 11, 2007

not sure how...

Not sure how I'm going to get all of this done. Last night, I took 22 more bins to storage, and then got groceries, and I was gone till midnight. Today, I'll probably take care of the outside light and the kitchen. And I have to make soup. And a cake. Tomorrow, I'll try to take care of the living and dining rooms (hopefully).

1. Scrub every bit of the kitchen top to bottom.
2. Fix the back yard light again.
3. Take the toys to storage.
4. Clean the dining room, vacuuming and dusting
5. Clean the front room, vacuuming and dusting + the stairs up to the landing.

July 5, 2007

going away

yep. the summer is always a slow time, and between moving and vacations, i almost never have time to write.

i freaked out a couple weeks ago when i found out that this site was at the top of the list when searching for my name online, when I never ever used my name here! some jackass linked my site using my real name, and it forced it higher on the search engines.

so, i'm pretty sure i'm closing down this site. at the very least, i will be depersonalizing it. i had planned to close it down, and move to two separate sites, one professional and one personal, but i'm not sure that's still in the cards. it's like the battle with my 10 year old email address... i've had it forever, and that's where my friends know to find me. but, that's also where folks who i don't want to speak to can find me, and that's not cool.

i'm torn. this site was where i got to vent about things relatively uncensored, and that is no longer the case. i still need that, and i still want to stay in touch with friends (and allow them to stay in touch with me), and i still want to write... but not here.

all the old school bloggers who are still around still use their same domains. they don't run from cyberstalkers or even seem to worry that their names are out there. but they also aren't venting about work, or that sort of thing.

so maybe it's time to wipe the slate clean here and start again, moving the more personal, damaging stuff to another location, password protected and unseen by the world at large.

whatever decision i make, you'll see something change here in the near future.