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as usual

You've seen me at Thanksgiving, right?

Yeah, well, picture me with only 4 people to feed, but with pastels and bunny cakes. And ham-related food items that I wanted to make "better". I've got a list of things I want to get done, and I'm really cutting things close, time-wise. I have no fear, everything will be fine. Gotta make sure I have antacids on hand, tho.

SO, anyway, happy belated St. Pats, happy Easter, happy new job to Kelmeister.

(And happy birthday to the SwedishElf, who turns 28 on Sunday).

Now, how much liquor will I need to make Ghost Rider bearable? Eh, who cares, with Kelmeister there, I'll be laughing so hard I won't hear the movie! :)

And before I forget, happy birthday to Naladahc! Whether he's grumpy or not :)


Happy St. Eastrick's day.

We're having about 15 people over (would have more if I could). Ham and deep fried turkey.

We're also making some hungarian/polish/eastern european thing called Easter Cheese... you heard of this thing?

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