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ok, another revelation

My friend, Hawk's Mom, just ran a 5k in Athens a couple weekends ago.

5k? That (according to MW) is about 3.1mi.

3.1mi? I can do that!

Seriously. I can. It should be an easy training goal to go from a comfortable jog on a flat treadmill to a (faster) jog over hill and dale.

So, my training goal in the next month or two will be to get so I can run 5k easily. Then, as spring approaches, start running with Hawk's Mom and Chloe's Dad. And maybe Jamie and MW.

You heard it.

I've been trying to eat healthier this week, and so far (aside from yesterday's pizza) have been doing much better, making healthier choices at work and at lunchtime. Of course, that goes out the window tomorrow, when I'm making Easter dinner.


How dare you imply that pizza, the food of the gods, is unhealthy.

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