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wow. topsy turvy.

lately, i've been (as my mom would say) "snippy".

i've had a bad day today, that every minor bad thing has compounded against my mood till i was an angry, rage-filled mess by noon. and then i alternated between that and just wanting to go home and try to adjust back to what I consider "normal"... but that is not to be.

i lost my whole lunch hour by running an ill-fated errand based on what a technician told me to do to fix a problem.

i nearly lost it there, and then i screamed and stewed all the way back to work. and then my mood went from anger to sadness because i realized i was helpless to fix the issues which kept compounding all day.

i haven't yet vented about the last thing, because i seem to be readjusting to the levels of adrenaline coursing through my veins, and I'm in a current state of relative calm.

and my day is only half over.

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