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thursday blues

despite the sun, i'm in a bizarre state of mind today.

i feel like i'm spinning wheels, not getting anything accomplished. and for the most part, that's true. i tried to get a lot done this morning, but ended up not getting anything tangible completed. i tried to get more done at lunch, and failed there, too. i couldn't find the piece of the puzzle i needed to be able to complete a project, so i wasted a trip home.


I've only ever caught glimpses of myself laughing. 3 years ago, in California, someone took a picture of me and Fab J. I thought the wrinkles were a fluke.

I was wrong.

This morning, while shaving, I made a similar face, and much to my horror, I caught elephant skin looking back at me. Laugh-lines, sure... I can handle that. But this? This is more serious. I've seen it in my hands, too. My mom fought it off for decades... me, it seems I've either got to fight it now to "hold the line" or just give up.

Frankly, I'm set to just give up.


Mr. Pickles and Kelmeister are coming over tomorrow to celebrate Kel's new job. Hooray! Bad movie night! And, since it's Easter, potatoes and ham, and a cake! Mmm, cake!!


Work crap has got me upset, too.

Dammit, I just want to get something done.

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