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money and software and laptops

I think I have decided to kill the idea of a new laptop, software, and new glasses. I don't need em, yet. I can use the same laptop I have been using at home, and do homework at the lab. Or work.

A new laptop would be $800 minimum, and the software I need to do my homework at home is $300+. That's $1100 I don't have. Glasses (lenses) are $120, so now that's $1220.

I've got three trips coming up, quickly -- Cinci -- $250, Athens, $250, and Chicago? Chicago, I've already spent $150 on concert tickets, with another $225 coming, at least. I can see those canceling each other out. All three are conference-related. At least one is tax-deductible.

I think I'd better plant a big garden full of lettuce this spring if I'm going to afford to take Nala on vacation this fall.


Fie on lettuce, all of the real money's in carrots and tomatoes these days. Why I've not been able to grow lettuce with money in it for nigh-on a generation.

Well, I really meant for me to eat, not sell...

Nala can't eat raw tomatoes, so I rarely do anything with them, despite they fact they grow pretty well.

Carrots! Aye, the Hoont eats them daily, and they're something else I can grow, rather than spending $2/lb.

I'm also thinking of pole beans and cucumbers, and maybe squash, if Nala will allow.

What concerts?

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